Monday, November 26, 2012

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One of my bosses has been out of the office for paternity leave of his first child. It's great in so many ways - first, the baby is adorable but, more importantly, he's out of the office and leaves me alone. However, he has learned to work his new iphone and now knows how to text. So when he's home laying on the couch he texts me piddly little "the guy on channel 4 looks like a guy you'd like" or "did you watch Marco Rubio on cspan tonight" or tries to get caught up on the goldman/ispy saga. But in the middle of the mindless back and forth he mentioned a show he'd come across that he couldn't stop watching. I held my breath for a minute, kind-of sort-of hoping he would be talking about the new show I was obsessed with but couldn't talk/admit to anyone I was watching because it is that bad. And guess was. He very stupidly asked..."do you know this show 'made in chelsea'?" Um...hell yeah I do! If you are not watching you are missing out. Let me run down the deets before I hit you with the good stuff....Monday nights (yay!), 2 one-hour episodes, style network, 8-10pm ET. It's a poor mans version of The Hills set in England. Tonight will be episodes 5 and 6. Don't worry can get caught up pretty easily.

The cast of characters:

She is basically the English Lauren Conrad. The show loosely revolves around her and her friends who she might have said 'hi' to a time or two and now does a whole show with them. She is a makeup artist or something, she is the one person you have to have at a party, she sings, she has a raspy voice, and is totally in love with...

Ladies, I do not get it. Spencer gets some major tail in this show and I think he's a total douche bag. Update: when researching Spence, I came across that he is the heir to the Eden Rock Hotel. Now I get it. And now I want him too.

Spencer and Caggie have known each other FOREVER - since they were 18 (which for those counting at home is like 3 years ago) - and there has always been this attraction, but the other one is always tied down when one becomes available. So they have suffered in strife for YEARS. But even though Spencer is shacking with someone and has a happy life, Caggie just feels the need to bat her eyes at him. Thing is...he feels the same. You know who doesn't feel the same and who constantly calls out Caggie? Spencer's live in girlfriend...FUNDA. She is some sort of model/dancer and carries around a small, ugly dog. She's super boring and will not be getting her picture posted. Which leads us to Spencer's best friend...

WHEW LORD. Hugo is where it's at. I know the picture isn't giving you much, but watch the show for 10 minutes and try to tell me he isn't the best person on the show. We love Hugo because 1. He calls Spencer out on his shit and for being a dick to Caggie and Funda. 2. He tries to hook Caggie up with other guys to get her mind off Spencer. 3. He's really cute. Like really cute. Currently, at this present episode, he is dating...

I approve of this relationship between Hugo and Millie because they are cute together, they have crazy sexual tension, and her real name is Camilla. Millie is besties with Caggie. They hang around all day with each other because no one has real jobs on this show. They drink bloodies and gossip all the live long day. I want to go to there. Millie is having a show down with her friend who also likes Hugo....

Rosie is a sweet girl and does have a job. It's not really her fault that Hugo throws eyes at her. Who could resist him? Rosie looks really good in the picture. On the show though, not so much. She's very pale with super red lips. She has a dog who she takes to a pet shrink who asks "when was she last mounted?". True story. She doesn't offer much except for this 3way. She is friends with....

Short for Francheska. She runs a blog or writes for a magazine or something. She reminds me of a young Camilla Parker Bowles. I'm normally distracted by her roots and her raspy voice. She doesn't offer much either, except that she is friends with....

Ya'll. This bitch's name is Binky. B-I-N-K-Y. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am that my name isn't Binky. I have half a mind to go get knocked up and name my first born Elizabeth and call her/him Binky. It is so major.

Binks is a free spirit. She and Cheska just hang out, shop, and travel on the fly to Chamonix to hang in onesies and drink champagne. We LOVE her. Which leads us to her best friend....

Obviously, I saved the best for last. Oh...Ollie. What's to say about good ole Ols? Well, when we first meet the first 5 minutes of episode 1...he is standing outside of a club with a clip board. He is in the tightest jeans known to man and he's flipping his girl hair all over the place. After awhile, we meet his girlfriend, Gabriella. Yeah...I said girlfriend. Not like heyyyy girlfriend, but like going to pound town girlfriend. She is hopelessly in love with him and wants to do nothing but cuddle and profess love all day long. He looks like he's in pain every time she opens her mouth (which, side note: what's with her bite? It's like her jaw doesn't close right.) It takes 4 episodes (FOUR) for him to SPOILER ALERT: come out. Listen. If you didn't figure that out in the first 5 minutes, there is something wrong with you. Just wait till the Chamonix episode and his ski outfit.  

There are about 45 other people in this show including Francis the polo-playing entrepreneur, Fredrik the model who wears nothing but spandex and rows, and Francis' ridiculously good looking Sweedish intern who throws herself at him but he resists to pick up ugly girls at an art gallery. I would write about them, but this post has already spanned into 3 hours.

Hope you all will watch tonight and be ready to discuss tomorrow!


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