Tuesday, May 31, 2011

deep breaths...

Welcome back kiddies! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing three day weekend.  Even though baby sister, Stinkerbelle, hijacked the weekend, it was still pretty nice.  It would have been nicer laying on a beach somewhere...somewhere tropical...somewhere where they don't speak english... somewhere where no one knows your name and the drinks are cold...but I digress.  I came back to work from my four-day-weekend-high to find...well...work.  Not only is the high now gone, but the loathing and panic attacks have set in and I've come to the realization that I need out. O-U-T.  Out of my life. Out of my comfort zone.  Out of DC.  Out of the country. I feel a year in Paris or London would do me a world of good. So let's start working on that immediately...

I have something hard to tell you, but I let you down this weekend.  I plum out missed the Killing (it never even crossed my mind), missed Game of Thrones (even though its on my iphone) and only watched about 20 minutes of Jersey Shore: The Geriatric Edition  Real Housewives.  The reason for only 20 minutes was due to Teresa's squat, tanned, gerbil of a brother and his sex drive.  I just couldn't take anymore.  But I'll make the commitment and suffer thru it tonight on the DVR.

Please tell me some of the fun things you did this weekend so that I may live vicariously through you while I sit at work and contemplate slitting my wrists.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

honey badger don't care...

Just like the honey badger, I don't give a shit either.
Best lines:
*hey watch out says that bird.
*thanks for the snack, stupid.

today is my friday

Sorry kiddies for the absence yesterday.  This j-o-b of mine is requiring some serious commitment and dedication.  Neither of which I have enough to give and its pretty rough for a commitment-phobe like me.

I thought today we could do a random post...or everything that's in my head that's random.

*The movie Goonies was on last night.  I caught about 5 minutes before turning it, but it made me smile thinking about how movies from your childhood can make memories appear.  The same thing happens when I walk through Barnes and Noble children's section.  One glimpse of a Richard Scarry book and its like I'm 4 again.  I love me some Lowly Worm.

don't even pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about...
*Did any of you watch Happy Endings like I told you to?  The season finale was last night (already?!) and was another classic.  Catch up this summer please so I can have some discussion here.

*The Cougar Town finale was also on.  This show continues to make me dead.  And their term for drinking wine.."pound grape"...well it makes me dead.  And anyone that wants to go get a drink should say "bunny - lets go pound grape".

*Also from Cougar Town last night, Grayson (who is brutally hot) said a quote from a movie that has become underrated over the past 10 years.  He clapped his hands and said in a perfect Clump voice "Hercules! Hercules!"  Let's PLEASE bring that back.

*Don't think I forgot it was Thursday...therefore it's Lagerfeld Thursday!!
"Apparently, I am very scary. But if you get to know me, you see I am very nice. Happily, I don’t look like I am." — Karl Lagerfeld

*Should we check-in in Paris? I was correct that Nadal would win against Isner, but the match didn't go down like I thought.  Johnny Isner went down with a fight, winning two sets, and making Rafa play a five set match which he hasn't done in years.  Right now, as we speak, Rafa's playing Pablo Andujar and he's up one set. Novak Djokovic won his match yesterday after his opponent retired in the middle of the third set. Sometimes you just don't feel it (like me at the gym yesterday).  I kind of wish life was that way...after working for a couple hours you say "screw you guys I'm going home" and you come back ready for the next day.

*I am obsessed with my nail polish, Mad About Mango.  I would say its new, but I've been wearing it for about a month and I get so many compliments on it.  The other cool thing is it smells!  Like grapes. So good.

Tired and overworked and in need of a new show,

PS - I hope you all have something exciting and fun planned for this weekend.  "What are you doing Bunny?" you may ask...well I gotta go to the RIC for the baby sister's college graduation.  Yes, Stinkerbelle is all grown up.  Maybe now she will stop being a 'gitchy-grabby'. Just kidding...that will never stop.  So yes, I'm in the RIC all weekend long (boo) meaning the posts will be sporadic at best.  But don't give up on me! I'll be back hard on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

weekend getaway?

If you haven't seen the movie Bridesmaids yet, then I'm ashamed of you.  But if you did see the movie, then you know that it takes place in the metropolis of Milwaukee, WI.  I don't know about you, but I was shocked as shit to realize the images they were showing on the movie was actually Milwaukee and not Canada or something.  It looked more like Chicago than Wisconsin. But after doing some research, it seems like Milwaukee would be a nice weekend getaway. From DC its just 2 hours away...and the plane tickets are $69 each way.  Also, just look at the pictures! 

Who wants to go??

they both have money in common

Oh kiddies...your mama is tired. Like exhausted.  And when I woke up it was raining and the apartment was cold...it was perfect sleeping weather. But never fear.  I made it to work just so I could catch you up on last night's shows.

Too Big To Fail or how Warren Buffet is the shit:
Even if you don't care or understand the financial crisis that america went through 3 years ago, this was still a great movie...with amazing casting.  Though I have a bone to pick...the part where Paulson took the plan to Congress to review and vote on.  Sitting at the table were about 20 congressional leaders.  If you are a nerd like I am, you could instantly recognize the players - B. Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi.  However, when "Senator Richard Shelby" started speaking, I almost fell off the couch.  Good lord - that was the worst casting I have ever seen.  Totally ugly and looked nothing like the real Shelby. Granted, I'm probably the only person in world to have a crush on Shelby, but he really should sue.  And this actor's "southern" accent was appalling. And that's what hurts the most.

There were definite winners and losers in the movie/life.  Winner: Jamie Dimon who came off looking mature and smart.  Loser: Dick Fuld.  Lehman basically went under because he couldn't keep his ego in check.  Winner: Warren Buffet.  How sick is it to be the guy that BANKS call when they need money.  I am humbled and amazed at the money the man has.  And to think, while the world was collapsing, he was eating some DQ.  A man after my own heart.  Loser: Dan Heyada as Barney Frank.  Look, I understand that playing Barney is a hard, disgusting job.  Really - I understand.  But Dan should have called up my friend Ballou who does a killllllller impression of the slob.  He even spits while talking, just like B. Frank.  Winner: Tim Geithner.  I was impressed with little Timmy's role in the whole situation.  And I was impressed with how well he and Paulson worked together. Loser: SEC chair Chris Cox. What in the world was wrong with him?  I couldn't understand why he was being so apprehensive, but then I remembered that he was pretty new to the SEC role, coming straight off the Hill.  That's why he was afraid to do anything...he still had the congressman mentality of "I'm not pissing anyone off because I need to be re-elected in two years".

Best quote from the movie: "The British just grin-fucked us".

Did anyone watch?  I'm dying to hear what others think.

Real Housewives of Who Cares
Second episode into the train wreck that is New Jersey.  It's halloween in Franklin Lakes, NJ and you know what that means...another reason to dress slutty and pretend its all for the kids.  I flew through this episode for two reasons. 1. I was exhausted after my nerd rage with Hank Paulson and 2. I just don't care enough.  I didn't think they could find someone vile enough to fill Danielle's shoes after last season, but this new girl Melissa is working hard to fill those Jimmy Choos.  The jealously! The tempers! The fights! Who-whee. These eye-talians are crazy.  We start at the marble mansion of Teresa, or Super T, as she would like to be known by.  Just a nice little afternoon, carving the pumpkins, drinking some cider, discussing the brawl in the christening.  See, gossip travels fast around this part of jersey and everyone has heard the story from the god party.  So some uncouth person brings it up at the pumpkin party, and T starts to tell her story. I really didn't pay attention to what was being said as I got distracted with Caroline's amazingly orange Hermes scarf.  But T said blah, someone else said blah and ten people died of boredom.

Melissa and her beefcake of a husband went over to Kathy and her greasy, Jeff Goldblum of a husband, home for a simple little dinner.  Beefcake didn't dress up as he looked as if he had come straight from the gym.  Melissa however, had come straight from Rue de la Whore in Paris with her bedazzled beret.  And the only topic they can think to talk of is Teresa and all Melissa wants is an apology.  I'm not sure for what exactly though.  I ended up fast forwarding thru this part.  I just couldn't even deal with the beret.

See, the whole story line revolves around the Posche fashion show. It's like a real new york style show, except its not. And its in the Brownstone. To me, Posche looks like some little dumpy store inside a dumpy strip mall, but damn they have some clients. To the dismay of pretty much everyone, Kim D (owner of Posche) and the awful, disgusting, satan of a human being Kim G have returned. Annnnnd instantly Kim G is into the shit. She takes 3 steps into the store, finds someone new to prey on, and instant friends all because Teresa called her old. Um...Kim G you ARE old. And you are disgusting. And you need to act your age. If she was my mother, I would be mortified. So Melissa and Kim G become besties and because she tried on a dress, Kim D asked her to walk in the show. Melissa was all...but I can't, I'm not a model and then 10 seconds later she was all ohh I got this shit.

 Halloween night is here...everyone dressed up their kids and went looking for candy.  Teresa's kids seriously are adorable.  Baby tutti-frutti with the gym teacher outfit? Hysterical.

Beefcake decided to dress up like snooki - though all he really needed was the wig, because the dress was obviously his wife's.  Kim G and Kim D were invited because Melissa thought it would be cool to hang out with old people.  They weirdly talked about Teresa in the bar.  Anyone know what Kathy was supposed to be?
So if you will remember, last year's Posche show is where Danielle got her weave ripped out.  What amazing antics will happen this year, you ask.  Well the tension was whether Teresa would even talk to Melissa - which she did, because she is an adult - but she didn't apologize, so the shit was still going down.  Melissa brought her 2 wicked step sisters and Kim G and the lot of them were hooting and hollering like it was a pig calling contest. Stupid Melissa thought she was something reallllll special and so she walked the runway twice, looking like a damn fool. It was all pretty boring until Kathy decided THIS was the perfect opportunity to ask Teresa why she hadn't apologized.  Now I agree with T on this.  I'm still not sure what she did that caused such animosity.  But when you bring up T's kids - well you have done brought a fight. How DARE you say she left baby spumoni alone. How dare you.  She went running to her mother and her step mother for back up.  It was then that Melissa realized that she was not the center of attention and tried to make haste to the showdown. Caroline, watching quietly from the sidelines, finally had enough.  Mamma bear stepped in and shut the shit down. Dunzo. Over. After everyone had left and mamma bear had cooled down, she thought quietly to herself..."this is it. this is the last season. I just can't handle the drama anymore." And she wept silently wishing Albie was home...because Albie makes everything better.

Best quote of the episode: "Pretending as if we didn't just have an explosive christening."

So glad I'm not from Jersey,

Monday, May 23, 2011

nerd rage

Is anyone else excited about tonight's HBO premier of "Too Big To Fail" or is that just me?  Having lived through the crisis in an industry that was directly impacted, I'm kind of pumped for it.  Also, the casting is brilliant. I mean spot on.  Paul Giametti as Ben Bernake? Flawless.

they could be twins...
Bill Pullman as Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan
I have to say here that Jamie is actually better looking than Bill.

Billy Cudrup as Tim Geithner
winner: Billy. Obvi.

my favorite! Dan Heyada as B. Frank
winner: toss up
B. Frank is a disheveled mess and sounds like a muppet.  I hope Dan brings it home.

Ed Asner as Warren Buffet
Another amazing casting move...
winner: Warren. Just because he's Warren.

Evan Handler as Lloyd Blankfeld, CEO of  Goldman Sachs
Winner: Charlotte's husband, Harry.

James Woods as Dick Fuld, CEO of Lehman Bros.
Winner: Jimmy Woods because his company didn't destroy the american economy.
 Ayad Akhtar as Neel Kashkari...you know the 38 year old that was in charge of the $700 billion
Winner: neither.  Both are citizens of uggsville.

Peter Hermann as SEC head Chris Cox
winner: chris cox as HBO was being severely generous with this cast

Monk as John Mack, CEO of Morgan Stanley

William Hurt as Henry Paulson.
Winner: toss up.
Topher Grace as Paulson's CoS Jim Wilkinson
Winner: Topher. Because his name is Topher.

Cash rules everything around me,

Photo credit: HBO

in case you missed it

Goodness y'all. Sunday night seriously is the new tv night.  We had the Billboard Music Awards, Game of Thrones and The Killing.  Let's start the recap in case you missed it...

Number one:  how is Beyonce not even 30 years old?  I don't think so.
Number two: Why was on Barbara Streisand on the Beyonce video?  No way in hell she even knows who B is.
Number three: Wow. Neil Diamond is OLD.
Number four: CeeLo's act was pretty amazing.  I thought about that piano all night.  How did they do that??
I was going to do a recap of celebrity outfits, but I thought every one looked pretty good last night.  Even Ke$ha dressed up-ish. Nothing too crazy.  Sad.
Game of Thrones
There is a reason I didn't recap last week's episode.  It was severely gory and the only time I should see a severed horse head is when I'm watching The Godfather.  It was also totally disturbing.  I never again want to see a grown kid on a woman's breast. And putting the "recap" of that scene in the first couple of minutes - unnecessary. But this episode was great...and I'm so glad that blonde boy is gone.  I hated him. But the way he died...brutal. I kind of laughed when his head hit the ground and the sound it made.

Did you know that if you have HBO, you can sign up for HBO Go on your iphone or ipad?  Every episode of any HBO series is on there.  Also, they put next week's Thrones on there if you can't wait a week.

The Killing
I don't even know what to say about this episode. About 45 minutes into it, I was declaring that this was one hell of a disappointing show.  And then...well holy shitballs y'all. Holy. Shitballs.  I did not see that coming. I blame girl cop for this.  She should haven't have been so vague with Mitch. I understand that she has crime to solve and you don't want to give too much to the parents, but Mitch jumped on the teacher bandwagon and girl cop did nothing to calm her down. Of course she is going to be angry that Stan had the teacher and then let him go.  She thinks he killed her only daughter.
Some thoughts:
*I hate Richmond (the mayor, not the city).  I think he is totally stupid and I'm surprised he has made it this far in politics.  And what's the big deal with his dead wife?  I'm sorry she was killed by a drunk driver, but why is she special?  I think we missed a conversation or something about this.  And once again I will say that I think it is ludicrous, LUDICROUS, that he has like 60 people working in his campaign office.Not to mention that he has vehicles to give out to staff.   And wtf with the $5 million dollars. It's a mayoral race. Am I on glue? Did I miss something? Having worked on a campaign for a job higher than mayor, I'm astounded at how stupid the whole campaign story line is.
*Was I the only one who thought that Mitch might have killed the boys in the scene where Stan comes home and hears her crying?  I thought for sure they were in the bath tub.
*Brief appearance by the sister this week...but looks like she's back next week.  However, will I be back?  Jury is still out.
*WTF will the "Bilko" character?  Why was he in the background punching the rock? I get that he was all hopped up, but a rock?  That shit was bound to hurt.
*Boy cop was hot when he was in charge.  And I thought he was super funny this episode.  But honestly, please change your clothes.  All I can think about is how much you must stink after 9 days...same for you girl cop. Find a new sweater.


ps...of the 2600 songs on my ipod, please tell me why Miley Cyrus' "7 things" played THREE times this weekend.  I guess the bigger question is why that song is even on my ipod, but none-the-less...for your monday viewing pleasure:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

horse country afternoon

A weekend without any social engagements was supposed to be spent packing the apartment (don't worry kittens, I'm not going far) and cleaning.  But that damn E! television and their running of Sex and the City non-stop destroyed my Saturday.  I sat down briefly to watch the "american girl in paris" episode and two hours later got off the couch to hit the gym. So I didn't get much done.
Sunday, The Grand Duchess and I, took off for Middleburg, VA.  "TGD", as she will further be known, is obsessed with horses - particularly hers, Chadwick - and has been riding for years.  Middleburg is about an hour outside of DC and a world away.  You almost don't even realize you have entered into tranquility until you realize there are no sirens, no buzz of the helicopters, no traffic due to motorcades.  Just silence.  And some of the most beautiful country you will ever see.  Middleburg is the playground to some of the wealthiest familys in the area - Melons and Kennedys, real estate developers, old money - and is where the most serious of the horse people ride.

After watching TGD strut her stuff on Chaddy we went to the next town, Upperville, for a delicious British pub style lunch.  We drove back to the burg for some shopping in some of their adorable shops. We just happened to stop into Lou Lou Too when I saw this...

it looks amazing in person
 YESSSSS!  A knock off on the Chloe Marcie bag.
Now, normally I am not one to buy knock offs of any sort or size...and my credit card bill will attest to that fact. But this...well this just HAD to come home with me...and of course TGD is never one to talk anyone out of a handbag purchase.  So home it came! And I can't wait to strut it...especially in front of my boss who dropped a cool $1600 for the real thing.  Sucker.

Much love to The Grand Dutchess for her friendship, her wisdom, her stubborness, and her "maternal" instinct.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

when I'm old, I hope I'm....

this is exactly what I hope to look like when I'm old
these pants make me dead
 Iris Apfel.  Have you ever heard of her?  If not, you should be ashamed of yourself.  She, my friends, is amazing.

She was born in the early 20s to a Russian mother who owned a fashion boutique; her father owned a glass and mirror business. Married in the 40's, she and her husband opened a textile firm and ran it for over 50 years.  She's worked for 9 presidents....NINE...helping them redo the White House after they had moved in. Her home is featured in the latest Architectural Digest. And its as crazy amazing as she is. In it, she says:"Diamond necklaces don’t appeal to me at all. I prefer fun jewelry with big stones—so large they would be untouchable if they were real. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate Daddy Warbucks–size stones, like a big, flawed emerald. I love stones that are inherently flawed: rock crystal, turquoise with big veins. It’s like Rodin once said, 'More beautiful than a beautiful thing is the ruin of a beautiful thing.' I think that’s a great observation, and most of the time so very true."

Ok...so I'm not as warped to not want the diamond necklaces, but I like where she is going.

She is the cutest thing in the world and she has her own line of jewelry coming out on HSN in September (can I wait that long??).  Check out some of the pieces:

 you know that scarf will be added to the collection immediately

Just in time for Christmas.

Friday, May 20, 2011

well you asked

I'm answering reader questions...just what you always wanted...more of my opinions.

Dear Bunny:
As soon as the weather turned nice, I've seen a plethora of badly dressed people.  Enquiring mind want to know...what is the rule for white pants. Can I wear them before Memorial Day?  What about seersucker?
-Yankee gal

Dear Yankee gal:  Thank you for asking this question!! As a southerner and very opinionated girl, I am truly old school when it comes to white question.  The rules are simple: it is completely appropriate to wear white on Easter.  And its completely appropriate to wear seersucker.  In fact, I love a cute white cotton dress or a traditional blue seersucker suit in honor of the baby jesus.  But I'll only give you one day. After you are done searching for the eggs and eating your potato salad, the white and the sucker need to be put away. I don't want to see them again until Memorial Day weekend. But beware because they have a severe expiration date.  You get 3 months..thats it. Sorry I'm not sorry.  Come Labor Day I better not see a drop of linen, sucker, or white pant or I will openly mock you.  I also include in this list of no-nos, Jack Rogers and Rainbows. However, I have been guilty of wearing Jacks already this year.  I know I should be ashamed, but they really went with the outfit. Which reminds me...I need new white jeans asap as the season is about to start!

next time: what do you say to a business associate that is more boring than a slice of white bread?

je voudrais être à paris...le sigh

Translated:  I wish I was in Paris. Like right now. Like right this second.  The weather forecast is 70 degrees, bright and sunny.  And Paris in the spring?  Well there is nothing like it.  The vegetation is perfectly green; the flowers in bloom. It's truly beautiful.

I'm craving a patisserie, an actual french crocque monsieur and a chocolate chaud viennois from Angelina's. Maybe a trip down Saint Honore...through Hermes. Perhaps Chanel. I'm feeling very "stroll down a Parisian street" right now. They just opened a "Paul" on Pennsylvania Avenue, which is a great little french bakery.  Check them out...www.paul-usa.com

Another great reason to be in Paris right now?  Roland Garros. Yes, mes amis Rafa is back after winning the Italian Open.  And for the first round, he's matched with John Isner from Greensboro, NC - holler! Should be a good match though Rafa will destroy him.
there is nothing better than a dirty Rafa
dreaming of LaDuree macaroons,
Le Bunny

stop. fashion time.

I'm all over the map today in wardrobe. This is what happens when you read InStyle right before bed. I saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress in the mag worn by Paris Hilton.  While I didn't think it did much for her, I really liked it.  Then I realized it was the same dress Michelle Obama wore back in early spring when she jetted off to somewhere great and I also realized that  I really want a private plane...
It's the shorty version, but totes adorbs.
If I was bohemian, I would wear these Tory Burch as they fit into my French themed life:

Bags I need...the following McQueen's:

conservative day time...

bitchin' night time

And I seriously need this cute little Lanvin just for walking the streets...

See...I told you I was all over the map today.  Anything cute I'm missing in my life?


Thursday, May 19, 2011

like a care bear but better...

I almost forgot about Lagerfeld Thursday!

KL Steiff bear is perfect for every occasion...ya hear me?

orange is the new pink

I admit it. I was me. I was the one who caught the disease first.  And I was the one who passed along to my co-workers.  And I am the one still suffering from it...and probably will be through the summer and maybe into october.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen...My name is Bunny and I'm a tanorexic.

For years I have suffered at the hands of god because of my coloring.  Every summer my girl friends would roast to a golden brown while I burnt to a crisp after 15 minutes.  The only thing keeping me going was praying that the freckles would form together to hypnotize me into thinking I was tan.  But all that changed about 8 years ago when sunless tan became the rage.  Everyone was making a cream or handi-wipe that could instantly make you tan.  Don't think I didn't run out and buy every single product.  I tried L'Oreal, Clarins, Jergens - you name it, I tried it.  They streaked, stunk, turned me orange, one even stained my hands so bad that I thought about calling out of work so no one would see me.  Eventually, I gave up.  I decided that in the long run I should be happy with what I have.  Wellllll, all that changed while walking through Target a couple of weekends ago.  It was a rainy Sunday and I was bored, walking up and down each aisle when I discovered this:
"What the hell" I thought and I purchased the brown one...yes, I know it was over reaching, but honey badger don't give a shit.  And voila! I finally found something that works.  The smell is minimal; the color great.  I've had no sheet staining on my white sheets and it lasts pretty long. Even sweating at the gym and showers don't seem to wipe the base off, which I really like.

But the body dismorphia has set in...and I can't stop reapplying...and I can't tell that I'm tan.  I wait with baited breath to hear someone ask me "have you been on vacay because you are so tan!".  It happened 3 times last week and it was like a bit of heroin every time.

the contrast between my arm and my leg
I can't wait to show off my tan next weekend!
I've told everyone I come in contact with, to purchase the lotion immediately...which is why everyone at work is now tanned and bronzed.  It has become an epidemic.  An epidemic that I started. Just like the pied piper...

sun kissed Bunny

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

today i'm obsessed with...

ohhh la la!
the new bamboo stud-embelished Gucci bag. Are you dead because this just murdered me.  And at $4200 it will also kill my visa.  Has anyone found me a benefactor yet?

needing that bag asap,
XOXO Bunny

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

what if we were to suddenly have good timing...just for an hour...what would that look like?

SQUEEEEEELLLLL! I had been waiting a whole miserable week for the Good Wife and Josh Charles to return. And last night did not disappoint. I tried to write the post while watching the show, but I was taking attention off of Josh and that wasn't going to work. Then while reading over it this morning it didn't make much sense. Sentences like "whooo love that" don't mean much in the daylight. So I'm going to try and salvage what I wrote last night and add some more now that I've thought about it.

I thought the episode in general was pretty good. I liked the story line, though the whole time I was yelling at the tv "just go makeout already!" I thought it was introspective into Will and it made me a little sad. The way he longingly looked at the husband, wife and kid in the court room. The sudden flash of realization that maybe he had chased the wrong priority in life. And when he told Alicia "women like me until they discover the real me", it broke my heart. The other thing that broke my heart was the GIANT tornado warning that was flashed over Will's face during the bar scene. Damn weather men. I also thought the 'proposition' scene was fantastic. But it made me laugh how there were no rooms available, then the full elevator, then the elevator that had every floor pushed. Every time those doors opened you could see Alicia starting to think of the ramifications. It was excruciating. I was so happy that Will just jumped her. If it wasn't for the tornado warning I would have watched over and over again.

some random thoughts...

Brother Owen is back! Yeah! He's the only person on the show that can make Alicia think 'what if'. Eli is back! Yeah! I love the relationship Alicia and Eli have had over the past couple of seasons...from a mutual hate to a mutual respect relationship. And you know his head is turning about trying to run Alicia for political office. When the DNC guy laid out the plan, saying Peter was a "Kennedy" with her, you can see his whole career flash before his eyes. But I'm interested how they will blend the political/lawyer aspect next season.

The scene with Peter and Will where they were discussing chain of evidence was intense. Ooooh boy the tension. Peter looked so large and in charge compared to Will (didn't he look small there??) and I still can't figure out if he wanted to screw Alicia or Glen Childs.

Can someone please explain Galinda to me? So is she sleeping with men or is she sleeping with women? I wish for two consecutive shows that they would make her the same sexual type. And for the love of god, please change her outfits. What is with the boots??? And Cary - one week he is great, the next week he's a little weasel. I also wish I could figure out what his absolute hatred for Alicia is. I get it that he thinks she was sleeping with Will, but really dude let it go.

Did anyone else see the black screen with voices after the credits rolled? The conspiracy theorist at work seem to think Will and Alicia are being recorded, but I think it was probably the news with a weird feed. Thoughts?

4 months until a new episode...le sigh.


Mrs. Bunny Charles

cause no one's harder than a new england gangster

An oldie but a goodie on this excruciating long Tuesday afternoon...


I'm international bitches!

I'm still only about 80% sure of what I'm doing on this blog. I still haven't figured out how to add a video off of youtube (help please?) and I'm still playing with fonts and color schemes (comments appreciated). However, while searching the tabs last week I came across a "stats" tab. After talking about the stats with Benihana, we both were impressed about my huge Alaska following. Then I figured out that Alaska counts as USA and no one in AK is reading me...yet.
But whoa boy...check out my numbers from Germany, Singapore and India...and to my black heart's delight, the UK. Yes y'all, the british have invaded and everyone knows how I love a good high tea. However, this all could be explained by my friend Snepp in Afghanistan (HOLLER) because their server rotates around the mid-east and europe. But maybe not...maybe I'm catching on with my write ups regarding the teevee, though I swear I do more than lie around watching the telly. True story.

If I'm not reading this right, please tell me so I don't make a fool of myself anymore than I've already have...



Monday, May 16, 2011

welcome to new jersey y'all

Let me just make this statement loud and clear, Jersey's here.

Yes, yes y'all Jersey Housewives are back...and with out Danielle, the trash, you almost were excited to see how this group of wop geniuses were going to handle all the free time they had while not pulling hair, or flipping tables, or dressing their children in the most ridiculous shit you have ever seen. Bravo lured us into a false sense of security....it almost looked serene. No drama. A nice couple months in Jersey in the fall...which is a lovely place to visit if you don't have to stay too long. They even have some of the finest winery's - like Chateau Seacacus. Taste like motor oil, hair gel, and EVOO.

Let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start

A 90 minute special ...the same way every event in NJ starts - at an overly lavish christening and after party. As a catholic girl with younger siblings, I don't remember these parties. We got some lame ass candle and a sterling cup. Classy. After about 10 minutes of the party starting, and the 14 trips to the bar we meet new guido (name forgotten). He starts stalking smack about Teresa and when viewed face first, you realize with a sudden knot in your stomach that there is something familiar in this guido's voice and face...and with the realization much like finding out you are dating a murderer, we find out that this ball of hair jel, fake tan, and bad eyebrow waxing job is Teresa's brother - AHHHHH! Quel horreur! We also find out that baby brother also has a temper and likes to slam tables. He also is very upset that his daddy doesn't love him as much as he loves Joe Guidice, Teresa's bulldog of a husband. Seriously sibling rivalry. And baby brother is pissed. And he demonstrates this to the camera by screaming in Italian...in front of hundreds of people there for his child...all while trashed out of his mind.

You see baby brother (not to be confused with baby boy) married the woman of his orange dreams, Patti Lupone, and they had 3 children in the 5 years they have been married (woof) - prosciutto, Coppola, and lil moredello. I mean what are with these people and their kid names? But more importantly, why are you taking pictures of your babies in ghetto thug outfits? That baby in the christening hat? He looked like the Stay Puff Marshmallow man...just not quite as cute.

Baby brother's wife is a horrible, tanned, yetti named Melissa. And I will tell you kiddies, that if the words God, Jesus, Lord, Heaven, or Kingdom came out of her mouth one more time, there was going to be some furniture moving up in here. When she asked that baby if he was ready to come into god's kingdom, I wanted to vomit. I don't like super religious people, but I respect them. People who pretend to be super religious to win some approval, well I loathe them. And Mama Celeste is pushing her lord a bit hard for the first show.

The other new person introduced to the show was Kathy. She is a cousin of Teresa and baby brother. From what I can tell, there is no good reason she is on this show. She doesn't look particularly wealthy, her husband looks like a wet rat (seriously, stop with the hair gel), and her kids are semi cute and not obnoxious. But when they showed the Glamour Shots of the daughter hanging on the wall, I almost fell off the couch laughing.
Kathy did give the quote of the whole show: "what you put in your mouth is important". Sing it sister.

We were briefly taken into the home of Strega Nona - the mother of all housewives - Caroline. Man, I do love her...and her son Albie. Nothing much to report here other than the boys are moving out (finally.) and her daughter, Caroline II - the Revenge, is still painting war paint on people's faces. They made a dinner of "southern food", which consisted of biscuits and chili (sure...I guess you could call that southern), the brother that is not Albie tried to speak Cajun. It was bizarre and they were super boring.

Also super boring was Jacqueline. Can I just call out the fact that her nasty ass daughter, Ashley, is working for Lizzie Grubman? That's amazing. And it goes to show you just how far Lizzie will go for some PR. It almost seemed that Ashley had done a bit of growing up, but when Jackie made a surprise visit to Ash's work, she turned into a 12 year old. Why in the world would she bring up all of her problems with her mother AND start crying about it while her BOSS was standing there. Obviously she isn't a WASP, because feelings are not to be displayed in public and you never bring up personal matters to outsiders. Sometimes I wonder if my mumma and daddy weren't secretly episcopalian.

I think the whole Real Housewives franchise teaches us one thing: while they might have shit ton of money, money does not buy class. Words to live by y'all. XOXO

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the only killing going on here is this show on my nerves

Um...okay...well...sure I guess. If that's where you want to take the show AMC - down the drain - then yeah, let's continue on that course. Dear readers and devoted watchers of The Killing, I am here to say that the only thing on this miserable show that's been killed is the writing and the viewership. How in the world does it create such hype in its first weeks and a true fan base when coming down the tracks is a giant pile of crap...horse shit if you will. I just don't get it.

We reminded in a very odd opening scene depicting a child's room, that we are exactly where we left off last week. Girl cop and Boy cop are laying on the floor waiting for the FBI to clear them. The stuff in the room is white, pink and girly. Much like a 12 year old would have. How old is Rosie supposed to be again? IDK and it doesn't matter. Now they think she is involved in terrorism. WTF. Girl cop completely shuts out boy cop because she is sure as shit that he is a bad cop, doing illegal stuff and after getting her ass handed to her by her boss, she decides that she just has to follow him. And guess what she finds ya'll. She finds boy cop at AA. Or in his case NA. Now, what episode are we in? 8? Didn't I have that plot line wrapped up back in the 3rd episode? The money in the mailbox was for his family I said...so swap out wife for sister. And now girl cop has a new appreciation for him. Great girl cop...glad you could finally jump on board. She still cant get in touch with her fiancee, and its probably because he's out murdering small girls, but she does get in touch with his assistant - Emmie - which was a new little twist. Who the hell is Emmie? And girl cop's lack of wardrobe, makeup, and her ratty hair are making me dislike her with every passing minute.

Oh and girl cop...even though your son plays video games, I doubt he is old enough to look at graphic crime scene photos...that you just happened to look at while he was sitting behind you. And I told her that during the scene. Not my problem if she didn't hear me. But him releasing them to his friends was not cool, but one of those little bitches gave it to the press. And I think that's the most offensive crime here. You never talk to the press. Unless they are asking for autographs.

The dude running for Mayor turned dirty - SHOCKER. He and his 2 campaign aides are creeeepy and I hate that whole story line. AND, don't you think you could have shown a better character at the drunk driving hearing? The woman looked like she was sweet lil Betty Crocker. I can only imagine her back story...she apparently killed your wife after she guzzling down martinis at the Rusty Anchor looking for a sailor to take home to her uh...port. Too much?

Good for Stan for taking down Rosie's room. They have 2 other children that are going unnoticed and Stan finally took a stand. YOU GO GLEN COCO. Mom is still off the rails but we were once again reminded that we are only a week out from the murder. And when Mitch blames Stan for letting her stay that weekend...and then he blames Mitch for being to strict? Ut-oh...the blame game is going to start and it never has a happy ending.

Also - the sister, Terry, was back in this episode and was I the only one getting a strange, sexual vibe between her and Stan? Obviously it turned to fear and anger after she told him that Mitch had almost asphyxiated their remaining children. We need more info on her STAT. And where the hell is Jasper's father. I want more of him too and not just because he is handsome.

As the last minutes start wrapping up the show, we enter the Ahmad house to find Bennett speaking Somalis into his phone while his scared, pregger wife stands in the hall. Passports are coming tomorrow he says...no the cops don't know anything. Oh Bennett. They do. Because my boy hot cop is listening in as we speak. One thing that did stand out was the end scene - there is a cop car driving one way but we are obviously in the other car. So either where are we going or who was in the other car? Does anyone agree with that?

Sleepy, confused and praying for a good dream involving Josh Charles,

thank god I'm a country boy

There are some days when I thank the lord for being Southern. It could be something small like hearing a familiar accent or seeing something on a menu that reminds of home, home cookin', or my childhood. While I appreciate my yankee friends growing up with lobster, chow-dah, and other delicacies, I almost cry for them being deprived of sweet tea, fried chicken, and okra but most importantly: cheese and tomatoes sandwiches. There is seriously nothing better in the summer than a perfectly fresh, juicy, ripe tomato. I could eat nothing else all summer long. But when you add it with some mayo and cheese (I prefer cheddar), on some white bread....well, it's just "smack your mumma" amazing.

My grandmother, who is creeping up on her 94th birthday is amazing for many reasons but I will highlight three of them. ONE: She has lived thru most everything - wars, depressions - and she is sharp as a tack. She can tell you basically anything that's happened in those 94 years, except for how I got the scar on my finger (it still remains a mystery, though I swear it had to do with chocolate pudding and a glass bowl). TWO: Ever since I can remember, she has had a bourbon and water every day and because of this she can drink your ass under the table. She makes my 26 year old brother, who's profession is to drink, look like a 12 year old girl. THREE: She loves nothing more than good, southern food. I called her the other night after seeing she had left me a voicemail, dinner on the table - a tomato and cheese sandwich just waiting to be eaten - the first of the season. When I asked her what she was eating for dinner, she replied that she too was eating a tomato and cheese sandwich. When I laughed and told her I was eating the same thing, she didn't seem to think that the 100+ mile synchronization was amazing, but the fact that this was the first sandwich of the season. She seemed to sneer and be disappointed at me over the phone...at the same time...that I hadn't been on the same time table as the tomatoes. Though she agreed with me 100% that there was nothing better than THE sandwich.
So, for my yankee friends, run out immediately and purchase white bread, mayo, tomatoes and Kraft singles. Cut tomatoes rather thick (so they don't slip) and stack on bread. Add cheese and mayo - cover liberally with salt and pepper and enjoy. You can thank me once you have tasted and realize you have found a new favorite.

And also for my yankee friends, remember that a plantation isn't nothing but a farm but it just rolls off the tongue a little sweeter.


Bunny the Belle

sunday confessional

The saying for women is, you slowly will turn into your mother. I have fought this saying all my life. Not that my mother isn't great, because she is, but because she is a touch crazy. Sometimes more than a touch. The realization came this afternoon at the grocery store. After brunch with the girls, and a pretty good workout, I decided that I should fight the voice in my head telling me to get MickyD's chicken nuggets (*see below) and I would be responsible and buy healthy food. Now, I personally hate the grocery store. There are too many selections and too many choices and it makes my mini panic attack start to rear it's ugly head. But my mother, well she is a sight to be seen in a grocery store. She can literally spend HOURS at the store. She buys things that you would never think of, but you can't live without. Well today was the day I kinda, sorta turned into my mother. I went up and down ever isle, reading every label, adding the 'points' that each serving would cost me and when I left the store, I felt like a damn champion. Like I was finally in control of the Giant. However, if anyone ever wants to grocery shop for me, I will literally pay you to find food and create meal lists for me....but you also need to come cook it too. So basically I need a maid. Or a nanny.

Sidenote, let's quickly discuss McDonalds' chicken mcnuggets. I haven't eaten at a McD's in years and it was only due to a tiny midget who was sick of chik-fil-a (blasphemy!) that I reluctantly ate there. You will be surprised what a 3 year old can make you do. But it wasn't Mason's fault that I didn't order a salad, that I decided to get the "deal" of 20 nuggets for $5. And what a deal it was...they were totally delicious but were they worth the week of work outs it took to get rid of them? I'm still weighing the options. The problem is, now I have a craving for them - like a disgusting, nasty crack head. I'm probably going to need an intervention to get off of them. Someone call A & E and set my appointment on Intervention immediately.


Friday, May 13, 2011

please be kind and rewind

Goodness y'all. Blogger has been down for about 24 hours and I was starting to get a little irritated, because I thought of about a million things I wanted to tell you. But now, now that its back up, I don't remember a thing. My early Alzheimer's is just awful.

Speaking of awful...let's talk about the week. It was a nasty one for me. Thinking of quitting my job on Monday, crying at my desk on Wednesday, almost killing myself in the car while trying to talk on the phone and email at the same time....well it can only mean one thing - we had CEOs in town. But it's all good because the stress of the week litterally made me lose 3 lbs - glory be to god.

Let's do a quick weekly rewind:

*Is anyone watching one of my new favorite shows, Happy Endings? It airs after Cougar Town on ABC and I have to tell you that I think its one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It's a Friends-esque show with 6 young people out on the town in Chicago. There is the married couple: uptight, pretty white girl Jane and her husband the funny as hell black guy, Brad, who also happens to be Damon Wayan's son. Then there is the couple that was going to be married but the bride left him at the alter - Alex and Dave. Elisa Culthbert is pretty funny as the runaway bride and I love the dynamic between her and her jilted ex. And we round it off with Penny and the gay guy...who are my favorite characters. Penny is sometimes too much and too loud, but its her friend Max, the gay, that really brings home this show. ABC has all of the episodes on line and I tell ya, you need to watch. The episode where Penny lures a guy by telling him she's Jewish...well, its mashugana.

*After Modern Family this week, I am wanting a french bulldog even more than I was before. Actually, I want two of them - one named Jacques and one named Francois.*Baby Boy was in town, and like the Lord Jesus Christ, he has been reborn back into my life. He even wrote me a love note. Swoooooon. How long did my self imposed exile last? Like 2 days? I'm so pathetic and amazing at the same time.

*Cannes Film Festival has started. Woody Allen is selling his new movie, Midnight in Paris, hard core. While I'm not a Woody fan, I am definitely a Paris fan and I think it looks cute. Check out the trailer: http://www.sonyclassics.com/midnightinparis/. Also being viewed are Kung Fu Panda 2 (seriously? We needed 2 of these movies?), Puss in Boots (jesus.), and Mel Gibson's new movie The Beaver, which doesn't actually look horrible. Don't get me wrong - it looks bad, just not horrible.

Looking forward to a weekend of nothing - DVR has been cleaned out, TCM is not running one single movie I want to watch, and my 'stories' don't come on until Sunday. What am I going to do?

Dreaming of Baby Boy,



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hermes on my mind...

Like when is Hermes NOT on my mind...but seriously wanting this Twilly. "Brides de Gala Bayadere" in blue (which this picture just happens to be the right color!) for those wanting to get me the perfect, small pris-prize.Or the perfect, mid sized pris-prize, Concours d'Etriers (also in the perfect color):OR if you are feeling really generous, a super-duper large size pris-prize:
Just saying...

Wishing for that damn Birkin,




Whooo hooo y'all! My boy Rafa made it to the semi finals in the Italian Open. He beat Feliciano Lopez and needs to beat Fish or Cilic to keep his #1 title or Djokovic becomes #1.

I will be the first to admit that I kind of jumped on the Rafa train early last year but have been a faithful follower since. He's just so damn cute and I think deep down he is very humble even if some people don't agree with me. I love his "ready" stance....legs so wide apart that most people would fall over and right as the ball is thrown for the serve, pitter pat, he gets those legs a-going. Totally adorbs. Then he puts his hair behind his left ear, fingers wipe across top lip, put hair behind right ear or pick butt, hair behind left ear, then smell fingers. Very 'Mary Catherine Gallagher'.

So wish him well this weekend. And maybe even do a little chant for him: lets go Rafa, clap, clap, clapclapclap!

Waiting to ride the real Rafa-train,

photo credit: AP

Lagerfeld Thursday!


The holy trinity. Daphne Guiness, Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld. Are you dead yet?



photo credit: NYTimes

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it's all the rage

I mean I get it, but I don't get it.

The nude shoe. I get the appeal. It's supposed to make the leg seem longer...like your legs actually never stop - they just go on for years. And while I appreciate this phenomena for the vertically challenged ladies, its now become a mass hysteria.
Last night at a truly southern event - Alabama tornado relief fundraiser - no less than 30 of the nude pump made an appearance. Ladies of all shapes and sizes wearing them, dresses of many colors worn, like an amazing technicolor dreamcoat if you will. But as I stood watching this fleshy shoe, I started to get angry. Did I miss memo? Am I supposed to purchase a pair immediately? Because I'm tall-ish, can I wear them? These questions remain a mystery. They will go with everything - true, but they just seem so blah and does everyone REALLY need to wear them? The exception to the rule is these 3 pairs...which I might need immediately.

these Louboutin make me DEAD.

wishing the heels were different on these Modcloth, but loving the ruffles.

very Debbie Reynolds in Singing in the Rain.


Nudeless in DC