Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bare with me for a minute...

It's day 3 of the US Open.  Are you watching??  If so, you probably saw a good match (well, an okay match) last night with someone vs. my boy, Rafa. My boy pulled out a win, but it took a long time.  As I've been saying for weeks, something is wrong with him. He is sweating too much. He seems to get real depressed half way thru the match.  Uncle Tony was interviewed last night about not being with him in Cincinnati, and he said point blank "he played bad". But I promised to ease up on my talk of least in this post...but that doesn't mean I can't talk about Carlos Costa.  Well, not so much talk about him as just post pictures. Enjoy!
man...I love that hair.

Isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen?

the dude in the middle was in Cincy, ignoring my boy the whole time


why hello officer

Anyone remember Daryl Hannah? Yeah, I didn't think so.  But she once was a famous actress and starred in some of my favorite movies...Splash, The Little Rascals, and my second favorite Mandy Moore movie, A Walk to Remember. My favorite: Chasing Liberty (and it's yours too - just admit it). 

So anyhow - Ms. Hannah was arrested outside the White House yesterday, protesting something. Blah, blah, one cares.  But what I DO care about is this picture:
Great day in the morning! How come I never encounter any cops like this? And who is he? He was nice enough to use the plastic handcuffs...which means he's probably kind.  We all know how the metal ones rub....don't pretend you don't. And those boots? So stylish.  He makes me want to go protest something real bad.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hooker heels

With NYC Fashion Week around the corner, I feel we need to pump ourselves up and get ready for the spectacle. First up, these Christian Louboutin "Alex" Paw shoe.  You recently have seen this shoe on SJP
this week at the premier of her new straight to dvd  movie. She wore them with a long gown that really didn't show off the shoe, but here is the thing. This is a shoe that you really could only wear once. Any more than that and you become the animal shoe freak.

While I appreciate a good shoe - especially one done by Mr. Louboutin himself - I feel that his shoe designs are a bit unrealistic. Seriously. Already at 5'10 if I were to wear these shoes, I could play in the NBA. And I would probably break my neck on these teeeny tiny stems.
I would wear these houndstooth peep toe all fall/winter long. Houndstooth is in like flynn.
A friendly reminder, that in less than 24 hours, Karl's Macy's collection debuts. I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel sick (cough, cough) and might have to take the day off. See you at Macy's?
is this a karl necklace? I NEEEEEEED that.

Monday, August 29, 2011

so long, farewell.

Well this time next Monday I will be saying goodbye.  Goodbye to my vast Jack Roger collection...maybe I should have an intervention buying you because you really aren't that comfortable, but damn you look good on my feet. Goodbye to my amazing white jeans...I think I will miss you the most. Goodbye white Longchamp bag that I bought in Paris and pull out at 12:01am on Memorial Day.  Goodbye white Hermes wrap bracelet that I never seem to wear enough of (thank god you reverse to brown).  Goodbye to my white, Chanel looking, blinged out watch. Or I have to say goodbye to the white watch?  While I'm sure a lot of you are saying that the "rule" about wearing white after Labor Day is outdated and not followed, I am a lady from the South. Even during an Indian Summer, I believe that white pants are not to be worn. September 1 marks the beginning of fall and white jeans are not fall wardrobe attire.

So, let me hear your thoughts on the white watch. Yeas? Nays? Please don't let me walk around looking like a fool.  Well, more than I normally do.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm so sick of rain.

I hope everyone is safe and sound during this hurricane. I thought the news said the storm was going to be "hitting" near DC around mid afternoon today, but it didn't seem as if it hit until tonight. All I know is it's been raining since I woke up at 9 and hasn't stopped.

Yeah, I'm back from NYC. In a moment of brilliance, I decided to cut my trip short and switch my train. Probably the smartest thing I've ever done. I guess I learned something from the road trip I decided to take during a blizzard when it took me 8 hours to go 100 miles.

My 21 hours in New York was pretty amazon tho. I met my friend steve on the train (he was already on board), and off we went. First order of business - to hightail it 3 blocks to Macys to see my pretend BFF, Rafa Nadal. Our train was late (shocker) and I made steve run the 3 blocks, but after tracking Rafa down in the smallest corner where no one would have ever thought to look, I found him. He looked great (Obvi), but cut his appearance by 30 minutes. WTF. I'd say there were 100 people-maybe.

Then we hailed a cab. Actually I should say I hailed a cab and steve just stood on the street. I guess being from a big city I was better at it, which is fine because I'm a take charge kind of girl. So about 10 blocks into our trip (no, we didn't get the cash cab dammit) we pull up to a light. I look to my left and about 4 inches away is Jo Wilifred Tsonga, the tennis player. I look at him and say "HI TSONGA" and waved...with the window down. He looked at me like was half crazy. Ohhhh Jo Wilifred. If only you knew.

We made it to Ash's and took off to Serephina for dinner. And guess who we see there. Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I can spot an earpiece a mile away and knew someone important was on their way when we entered. In he walked with his girlfriend I think. No one seemed to care, so I didn't either. I just wanted a non political figure, since I see so many of them all day long.

So we headed home where I promptly fell asleep because wake up call was 5am for the Stevie nicks concert in the park. We were set with our VVIP brackets MD our backstage passes. We stand in line and realize that we were in the freak show line. No really - there were goth people all dressed up. At 6am in the morning. We made it over to the VIP line to find out that we were the ONLY VIPs for this event.

We got front row, center - and judging by the amount of people texting, emailing and calling - I was very visable on the tv. And I should have been, because the concert venue holds 7500 people but only 400 people showed up for Stevie. She made a couple of comments about how small the scene was, but with the impending hurricane and the fact that her fans are mostly older, I think it was fine. Hopefully this video will work.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

late night tv

Late yesterday afternoon I heard a mention that Rafa was going to be on Letterman.  As soon as I got home I set the dvr, because this was something I obviously wanted to watch over and over.  As midnight approached, I decided who needs sleep? And onto the couch I plopped. Whoa...I had forgotten how unfunny I think Letterman is. And Paul Schaeffer is the pits. Sorry I'm not sorry. The first interview was Ashton Kutcher. Ugh...also speaking of unfunny. I started flipping channels and happened upon Leno....and guess who was on there. Novak Djokovic. Oh and the robot that is Katie Holmes.

Watching the dueling interviews, I have to say personality wise, Novak wins. He was so funny and so out going. He even did a little serbian dance. Precious. Watch him here.

Rafa was adorable and came off looking a little boyish. I, of course, was totally smitten. I saw this morning that he was concerned of his english, but I thought he did really well.  He also gave a shot out to my boy Carlos for being one of his idols. Watch my sweet little man here.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a lying liar that lies.

I told you that I wasn't going to write about Rafa anymore until the start of the open, but I lied.  I went one day though, and I feel like I need a round of applause for that.

The first reason for this post is because once again I was wrong.  The Rafa Berry Smash is actually a non-alcoholic drink to promote responsible drinking.  Boring.  But Rafa doesn't really drink, according to his new book (seriously ya'll I need this book asap).  He also doesn't like cheese, tomatoes or driving fast. But anyone who knows me knows that I love some booze, cheese, and tomatoes. I also have the need...the need for speed. So obviously we aren't compatible, but that's okay because I really just want to be friends with him.

Speaking of friends and the second reason for this post, take a look at this cool, relaxed, handsome man that is Carlos Costa:
God, I love a good pair of driving loafers. He is so effortlessly handsome-chic. While he wasn't in Cincy (sigh), this picture confirms that he is in NYC.  Which is fantastic. And you want to know why its fantastic? Cause I leave for NYC tomorrow for the weekend! And why, you might ask, am I going to NYC? Cause mfing STEVIE NICKS is going to be on Good Morning America and my lovely friend Ash has hooked me up with VIP passes! AHHHHHHH! You know you are so jealous.  It's Stevie Nicks. She's like a white winged dove that sings a song and sounds like she's singing whooo baby whooo baby whooo. Then I plan to stalk find some Spanish tennis people. Good thing I know where they are staying.  I've also got the scoop on Federer's home away from home.  Hope you all have some bail money set aside for me.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I thought I was over medicated, that was interesting. 5.8 earthquake in DC. My friend who works across the street in the Capitol thought the building had been hit.  It was pretty strong. So much so that my building made an awful groan as it was shaking. I instantly had flashbacks to 9/11 and all the evacuations at the capitol where cops with machine guns would scream "incoming plane 2 minutes. run for your lives." Working there probably took 10 years off my life.

Most buildings were evacuated, but it seems that everyone is okay.  Government apparently shut down at 3. This is funny to me because it can snow 14 feet and we are still open, but one tiny earthquake and they shut the shit down. The epicenter was in Mineral, VA - right outside of my hometown of Richmond.  This is probably the first exciting thing that has ever happened in Mineral - true story.

Now everyone is worried about after shocks and the traffic (which is completely stopped on Constitution).  I'm just hoping the gym and the mall will still be open.

Hope everyone is okay!

let's check in with hollywood

I don't know about you, but I could give two shits about the Kardashian wedding. $10 million dollars for a black and white wedding? While I understand the monochromatic scheme, what bride in their right mind has women wearing white gowns to their wedding? Did you see her mom? She was practically wearing a wedding dress herself. The first picture I saw of the wedding before I knew the color scheme was of La Lohan and all I could think of is 'whoa - get a bra'.  The second thing I thought was 'whoa - go easy on the collagen in the lips'.
She looks like a stripper. The child is so trashy. And now, she is suing Pitbull for using her name in his song "Give Me Everything". What's with this girl? Get over yourself. You made two good movies - the parent trap and mean girls. That's it. No one cares about you.

Reported this morning, Will Smith and his girl Jada are breaking up after 13 years. You know, I'm not clairvoyant or anything, but as soon as I saw their Architectural Digest spread last month, I knew it was only time before they divorced.  They tried to hard in public to be the "it" couple and its been rumored for years that one of them was gay. I'll let you all take guesses on which one you think it is.

If you have taken a break from Suri's Burn Book, then now is the time to get back on it.  The person who writes this is beyond hysterical. And I love Suri's pretend feud with Violet Affleck.  Its funny because its true.  And now there will be another Affleck to have a feud with because Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck are having ANOTHER damn kid.  I guess that puts the end to the "Ben/Jennifer Lopez getting back together" rumor.


Monday, August 22, 2011

I was meant to be a lady that lunches

After a whirl wind 72 hours in Cincinnati, Lady Lala and I are back. We had a fantastic time and I can't thank Lala's amazing parents or my contact at Western & Southern enough. Our seats were amazing and the hospitality tent was clutch. Not only did they serve beer, water and soda, but also food which was great because I would have made myself sick eating Skyline all day long. Should we go down the list of players we saw? Nadal, Fish, Murray, Federer, Monfils, and Djokovic. All so great and so handsome in person. Especially Andy Murray, who we ran into at the airport security line.

Speaking of airports, can we please talk about air travel.  Someone explain to me why they don't load the plane back to front? I hate walking over people to get back to my seat.

One funny thing to mention about Rafa (or Rafi as he is now being called by me), he went out to a Japanese steak house one night while he was in Cincy and burned 2 of his fingers on a "hot plate".  The gave a quote that he didn't know why they didn't tell him it was so hot.  So then all weekend Lala and I were trying to replicate how he might have actually burned them so severely to have little mummies on his fingers.  I'm guessing that he got so distracted at the onion ring volcano that he placed his hand on the skillet...its the only thing I can figure out. 

US Open starts next weekend, so barring any major news about Rafi, this post will be it for awhile.  I need to let the obsession die down a little bit. BUT, if you happen to be in NYC tomorrow, he will be at FoodParc (29th St and 6th Ave) at 4pm to introduce a "Rafa Berry Smash". I'm guessing its an ice cream? Ahh... I love him even more.

UPDATE:  In case you were wondering, the Rafa Berry Smash must be a Barcardi drink. The event he will be at is Bacardi Limited’s Champions Drink Responsibly campaign.

photo: AP

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Checking in...

Its been a long day. We got to the stadium about noon and left around 10pm. But we saw some interesting matches staring the worlds #1, 2, and 3 players. If you saw his match on Thursday, then it comes as no shock that Rafa lost today. He played Marty Fish and would have good plays followed by massive mistakes. I wanted to yell at him "calm down!play smart. It's fucking Marty fish for Christ sakes. Lock this shit up and leta go make out!" but I didn't because I am a lady. However his for buddies that work for him showed no interest in his mat h and I felt that poor Rafa could see that. It was very frustrating.

Same thing with federer's match. He just couldnt get it all together.

Seats were awesome; weather...well, hot. But you know who didn't get burned? This girl.

Tomorrow is Fish and Andy Murry or as I like to call it "the battle of who could care less". But let's go with fish.

Picking Djokovic for the win over berdytch. Novak to win it all.

Friday, August 19, 2011

blast from the past: thanksgiving 2006

You didn't think I would leave for Cincinnati and not leave a post, did you? That would be mean and I've gone 2 weeks without being mean.

Since the post about Lala's birthday and the now infamous cookie disaster, I've heard from a couple of you to please post the seriously famous story about Thanksgiving 2006.  So in my absence, I leave you this story.

Picture it. November 2006. A lot of stuff has just happened. First being I had just lost my job. Actually, hundreds of hill staffers had just lost their job. The constituents of my state had just voted to not send my boss back to the senate and many other senators were in the same boat. The shock of losing, coupled with the fact that I now had to find a job and I would no longer see my amazing co-workers everyday was starting to hit hard. Maybe closer to election I will regale you with the story of how the mighty fell, but back to the story at hand. Second, my mother was in the hospital having back surgery. This is key because she loony on pain killers and pretty much unavailable. These 2 incidents put me in a precarious emotional state.

I worked on the hill for 5 years.  In that time, I met some fantastic people.  You are brought together by politics, by office location, by the member you work for, but mostly by the ridiculous hours. A group of about 15 southern transplants formed a supper club. We would get together once every couple of weeks to eat southern food, talk about life and trade gossip...and because the group was made up of senate staff, house staff and white house staff, the gossip was ahhhmazing.

In a stroke of genius, I commented on how supper club needed to have a Thanksgiving meal - thinking this might be the last for some of us - and I volunteered the house, mashed potatoes and the cooking of the turkey. I must have been high. Seriously...that's all I can think of because I can't cook worth a shit. Ask anyone.

The time, date, and place had been set. Being all domestic, I went to the grocery 4days before the dinner and bought a frozen turkey. I pulled recipes off the internet and called family friends to ask how they made their birds. I was so prepared...I was in charge. Except, I didn't realize that I needed DAYS to thaw a turkey. So when I pulled that bad boy from the freezer 48 hours in advance, my resident advisor - my grandmother - laughed at me. There was no way I would have enough time to thaw and cook. I was better off running back to the grocery and buying a non-frozen bird. So I headed out days before Thanksgiving to find a turkey that had not been bought.  At my third attempt, I found one, at Whole Foods.  It was 18lbs - which is huge - and I bought it all the little chef hats to go on its legs. It's about 10pm when I get home, so I put it in the fridge and head to bed.

It's now 20 hours before the dinner party for 15. I head home from a very long day at the office and start preparing my stuff to cook this damn thing. Except, I didn't get home from work until after 8.  And then I was told because the turkey was so large, it would need 6 fucking hours to cook. At this point, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I stared at my roommate as he told me this.  Obviously, I had missed something on the internet because that could not be right. As we discussed a plan, I came up with a couple of options. I could cook it for three hours tonight, and then three hours the next day.  Vetoed.  I could cook it all night long.  Vetoed because you have to baste the damn thing every hour on the hour. I would just need to leave work early to come home.  Case closed. But it wasn't that simple because while my boss had been relieved of his job, there was still a ton of work that needed to be done.  I wasn't feeling very hopeful about the situation.

As I got into bed that night, I turned on the tv.  And that's when God spoke to me.  On the set was a commercial for Popeye's and they were advertising a cajun turkey that you could buy at the store. PERFECT! I was a man with a plan.  Or a woman with a plan.  And like the A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together.

I called Popeye's the morning of the dinner party, reserved two turkeys to be picked up at 6:30pm for an 8pm dinner. Nothing could go wrong. I fly out of work and go to pick up my meat. I arrive at Popeye's, tell them my order and when they hand me two FROZEN turkeys, I lost it. Seriously. I started crying. Sobbing. In the middle of Popeye's. With mexican people speaking spanish to me and trying to comfort me but I can't understand what they are saying and they can't understand me over the sobs. SOBS. I told them I lost my job, that I had to feed 15 people that were arriving within the hour, screaming "what the fuck am I going to do" over and over. Finally the woman petting my hair speaks brilliance. Head to the store up the road and buy some roasted chickens. Your friends will never know the difference.  I stopped crying, nodded and walked out, sans frozen turkeys and headed for the store.  I bought two roasted turkeys and returned to the house to welcome my guests.

The first person to arrive was my friend Lawrence. Poor Lawrence.  As soon as he walked in the door, I broke down again and told him the saga of the last 48 hours. Bless his heart, he concealed his laughter and made a plan to slice the chickens instead of presenting them with their little hats like I had planned. No one will know, he said.

Everyone started arriving, bringing their contribution to the dinner and the table looked amazing.  Everyone was starving and starting devouring the supper. Well...until my friend Thomas spoke up and commented on how delicious the turkey was. He'd never had turkey that tasted so good before.  And soon everyone was nodding in agreement.  And I couldn't take the shame anymore. These were my friends....they would understand. So I told them the long, painful story and showed them the 2 turkeys both now in the freezer and the crying in the popeye's. Fucking Popeye's.  Everyone looked on in amazement as the story continued with its twists and turns. And then the laughter started...and to this day the 15 of them still laugh at that fateful Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, it has become part of Bunny folklore.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


I know I sound like a broken record, but its another post about Nadal. Sorry I'm not sorry.  Did anyone just witness that match? That 3 hour and 37 minute match? It. Was. Excruciating. I almost made myself sick watching.

The good news is he won. The bad news is there something is wrong with my boy. He seems depressed. His fingers are blistered. His foot still hurts from Wimbledon. The Rafa we saw today, is not the Rafa we know.

He plays Marty Fish tomorrow which will be a good match to watch.  And watch I will in person.  Plane leaves in 3 hours and I'm ready to get to the root of Rafa's problem. Because this has to stop...for him and for me.  I now have a headache from praying too hard.


if it's thursday ...

"The world is not there to please you. It's up to you to please the world." - Karl via the Tweetsies

Speaking of Karl, Macy's has just signed the next designer to do a line for them.  Are you sitting down, because this one is amazing.  Giambattista Valli.  Like Karl's collection, it will be in limited release and on the web.  It debuts October 26th - which is just about the time where I've gathered some money after the massacre on my bank account known as KarlSoni (for the Lagerfeld and Missoni rampage).

Not to be ignored, H&M has also released their new fashion collaborator and it is one of my favorite DJs - Leigh Lezark - from the Misshapes. I'm interested to see what she designs, because her clothes are all over the place.

In less than 10 hours, I'll be in Cincinnati.  I can't even convey how excited I am.  Rafa's next match is today in 15 minutes (airing on ESPN2 - the deuce) should anyone want to watch and cheer him on.  It's okay not to...just make sure you chant in your head over and over "please win for bunny".

XOXOXO (lots of love today!),

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the september issue is here

The new Vogue showed up on my desk this morning with the following note, "You should thank the lord...I brought you the bible."  So true. And at 758 pages, I will do nothing tonight except post-it note and drool.

Speaking of fashion, the full Missoni look book is out. And it is beautiful.

In other news, hot jesus (Feliciano Lopez) lost today. DAMN. I hope he sticks around and doesn't head off to nyc and the open. Rafa won his match today! Keep on with the good vibes and please let him make it until Friday.


do you think this is true?

I wonder when I read the Telegraph and the Daily Mail whether the stories are actually true....something about the way they are written just screams fake to me. But, in anticipation of the Cincy trip, read this adorable little article about my boy R, "written" by the women in his life.


Monday, August 15, 2011

the countdown has begun

3 days until Cincinnati. Have you been following the action at the Western and Southern Open?  Who ever is doing their twitter is pretty amazing.  In fact, I would like for them to stop for a minute and take a breath. They post constantly. It's exhausting.  Speaking of exhausting...the twitter is not all its cracked up to be and after this trip, I'm off. I didn't realize how much people update their twitter.  I also didn't realize people got in fights. I'm following Josh Malina (who was on the west wing among others) and he is creating fights with people.  Bizzarre.

Speaking of the @cincytennis tweets, they posted this video of Rafa heading to his first practice.  Holy shitballs. This is out of control. How does the poor guy not have a panic attack...because looking at this makes my skin crawl.  And I'm already sick of those large tennis balls.  How/Why do you walk around with that all day?

It's Lady LaLa's birthday!!

Some fun facts about Lady LaLa:
*She loves bears and wolves.
*She smells like pinecones and has a face like sunshine.
*She loves Roger Federer, though we won't hold that against her.
*She is the Gretchen Weiners to my Regina George.

And today is her birthday!! Yea!! Send her lots of love and good wishes (and if you need to throw in good vibes about Rafa, do that now too).

I am not a cook....or a baker. But in honor of the Lady's birthday, I thought I would try something a little different and make her a chocolate chip cookie cake. Yes, this was brave of me and a little crazy, but I thought - what the hell. How hard could it be?  I bought a giant vat of cookie dough, bought a couple cans of frosting and got to it. Seemed simple enough - just pound it out and put it in the oven. I baked it for about 18 minutes and noticed the middle didn't seem cooked through.  Back in for another 5 minutes.  Not done, another 5 minutes. Then another 5 minutes. Arrgh...I was getting frustrated. Finally, after 30 minutes it looked done.  I pulled it out, let it cool, and then started my magic of transferring said cookie onto its platter. As it came out of the pan, I noticed it stuck a bit to the bottom...but no worries. Yet. As I flipped it top down on to one platter, a huge chunk of the bottom came out.  Eeek...maybe it wasn't done after all.  Then as I flipped in right side up to the final platter - splat.  It was like teflon or some shit.  The cookie went flying off the plate smack onto the floor...and when it hit, it sounded like jello.  It obviously was not done.  Not in the least bit.  As I stared down at my kitchen floor and the mounds of chocolate chips that were now everywhere, I immediately thought - where the hell is that bitch Mrs. Fields when you need her.  I stared at that dough with hatred. I probably stood there for 5 minutes just looking at it. I then looked at the clock - 8:30 - put on some shoes, grabbed my keys and headed for Harris Teeter to buy a real cookie cake.  Why the hell didn't I do that in the first place, I will never know.  I came home, cleaned all that cookie up and noticed that I had some dough left in the bucket, which hadn't been used. I baked them up, packed them up, and brought them to work. Food always goes pretty fast around work and the cookies were the same.  Until FannaWintour told me they tasted like soap.  And then I realized that after picking up cookie bits all over the floor and washing my hands, maybe I didn't rinse as well as I thought. Eeek.  No one seemed to notice though.



Friday, August 12, 2011

Walk the Moon

Little monsters,

Bunny's been yelling at me (why is she always so mean?!) to write a new blog post and today I had some inspiration! I'm sure this won't surprise you, but I was very cool in high school. So cool, in fact, that I was in the marching band. Seriously, you wish this was you:
Well for some reason I can't quite figure out it's been really hard to convince people that marching band was awesome at my high school, but for ser it was! The best by far was our FIRE SHOW where we played Stravinsky's "Firebird" and "Light My Fire." We had a flame thrower and people juggled fire, and I think one of the flag girls even had her hair singed. It was glorious. I played the flute, which is surprisingly difficult to march with because you have to hold your arm up for the entire 10-minute spectacular. And this is a blog so I know you can't see me, but the uniforms were immensely flattering on my 5'0" 120 lbs (*cough cough*) frame.

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you about this is because one of the coolest things about being in band is that you may actually cross paths with someone who is truly talented. In this case one of our trumpet players has gone on to bigger and better things, and made MHS proud last weekend at Lollapalooza with his band Walk the Moon. Congrats to Eli for getting signed and heading off on a European tour. And Happy Friday to everyone. Hopefully you love Anna Sun as much as I do:

missoni for target

I really love it that all of the big designers are doing more affordable lines. Target has been doing this for years with some pretty big names - Rafe, Loeffler Randall, Isaac Mizrahi, Erin Featherson.  Those are just the ones I can remember because I have some piece of theirs. The next designer, Missoni, hits stores September 13th and will have over 400 pieces of clothes, home goods, and even a bicycle. However, because I will probably waste a paycheck at Macy's buying Karl paraphernalia on August 31st, I might be broke by then. Anyhow, take a look at the pictures. I think they are amazing. Truly Missoni...and with Margarita Missoni as the face of the target line, I can't imagine she would have anything less.
a little boho, but if you split it up - adorable

ooo - even the men get a little pretty. Fancy Nancy - this is your christmas present

I love this Mr. Roger's cardigan

the big print is great

a blankie for the couch...guess it will do until the orange Hermes blanket arrives

those shorts just murdered me.

every single one of those scarves is coming home with me


one week from today

We need to get serious here for a minute. On Wednesday, my most beloved athlete and pretend BFF, Rafael Nadal, lost in the first round to someone ranked #41. This is devastating on many levels. One being the fact that he thought he played well during the match.  Homeboy, I love you. Truly, I do. But losing the first set 1-6 is not playing well. Where the hell is Uncle Tony? Where is Carlos? How are they letting this go down? But I am really concerned about one thing.


Thanks to the giant stalking machine known as the twitter, I know that he is in Ohio practicing for the Western and Southern Classic, which Lady Lala and I will be attending. BUT...we will not be there until Friday.  The tourney starts on Monday. Which means that he needs to play well enough to get to Friday so that I can see him play. My fabulous boss and her equally fabulous husband are headed out Wednesday for the games (and get to do a coin toss!!) and they are under strict instructions to think happy put positive vibes out in the make sure, above all, that he does not lose.

And in an act of selfishness, I need to ask you to also to think happy thoughts. Pray if you have to. Pray to the lord baby jesus himself. Pray that he is still in the game when we arrive. Because if he isn't...well...let's not even think about that....because it wouldn't be pretty.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

lagerfeld thursday?

I can't find any useful knowledge about Karl in the news. Sorry boos. I guess that even genius has to take a break once in a while.

But since I'm into the tweetsies, here is one of his sporadic posts: "I only go to places if I have a professional reason. I'm not a tourist."

This is the word of Karl.  Let us rejoice and be glad.


ps: because it's thursday and because I'm in a dancing're welcome

guess who's back?

It's me! It's me! Whoa...I feel like I've been gone forever. That "quick" beach trip wore me out ya'll. I am exhausted. And I got stung by a bee. On the bottom of my foot. In a car. I thought maybe I had stepped on a rock in my Jack Rogers, until my sister screamed "BEEEEEEE" and then I knew that he had violated my body. Do you think its true that after a bee stings, he dies?  Well I do. And I hope he thought my poor little foot was worth it.

Well, what can I say about vacay?  If you love white trash people then Virginia Beach is for you. If you like laying on a beach, relaxing, reading a book with no one around, then this is not the place for you. Ugh. After I left I felt like I need a bath of purell. But it was nice to be on the beach, under my little cabana.  The only thing missing was the cabana boy with the spray Evian. I knew I forgot to pack something.

So what did I miss? Other than the economy collapsing? All I wanted was for a quiet August with no traffic. Congress is out of session and these should be the days of 10-4, the lazy days of summer. Le sigh...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm on fire.

Well the beach trip has been cut short because the beach is on fire. Not really, but sort of. A bad storm came through Sunday night and the lightening caught some woodlands on fire. But the smell has now reached the beach and the air is so thick with smoke, along with the 100 degree heat, and it's like standing in a fire. And on top of all that, the military base must be doing maneuvers with f-16s. Seriously, it sounds like we are under attack.

Good news is I got some good sun and ate some good food. The people watching was amazing and I got to see a wedding at the hotel. On a Monday night. Her dress looked like a comforter taken off a bed and stapled together. It was uber trashy.


Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm at the beach and you're not

Aw! Don't be too jealous. It's not like I'm in the Hamptons or something amazing.  Just a quick trip to get out of the city for a few days...and hopefully see my sister get eaten by a shark. Kidding.

In the mean time, I've set up timed posts so you're never really without me.  Yay!

Let's talk about this Josh Charles interview and what you think about it. 1. The pictures are very nice to look at, but I'm concerned about his eating. Or his lack thereof.  Just because you are dating a former ballerina doesn't mean you shouldn't consume anything. 2. His hair looks great in this article. 3. There is something just a little off with his face.  I can't quite put my finger on it. Thoughts?


Friday, August 5, 2011

this just in...

After withdrawing from Legg Mason yesterday with a pulled something, Jurgen Melzer is just walking around DC today...and probably will be for the weekend.  He said, via the tweetsies, he thinks his next playing opportunity will be Cincy which is in two weeks.  So, if you are out and about and see this guy, give him a holler for me!

I'm in a bad mood

I know its stupid, but the fact that Rafael Nadal is no longer writing his facebook posts has me on the edge of depression. Not only that, but he finally caved to I caved to twitter and actually updated my account that has been dormant for about a year.  You can follow me... @bunnydunn ...but I promise you it will be nothing like the blog.  I mean, what the hell is a hash tag anyways? But back to Rafa. The new person, and it has to be a girl, who is updating the post uses emoticons. WTF. Rafael Nadal would never make this ;)  (and that literally just took me about 3 minutes to figure out how to do that). If you are a man, you should absolutely never make those. If you are a guy and send me a text with a smiley, you have already lost points with me. Once upon a time, I worked with a guy who once sent me an email and ended the note with fifteen smiley faces. I instantly hated him.  And it was my subconscious alerting me to  his douchebaggery.  Because in the end, he was a DB. And everyone hated him. And everyone was jealous that I knew he was a DB before they did.

So to my dear, sweet Rafa, please...for the love of god, fire the new girl and hire this girl. Your posts/tweets would win awards. They might also win restraining orders.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

its beginning to look a lot like I'll be broke for christmas

Ooooh look kiddies! Karl made pretties!

Damn you Karl Lagerfeld and knowing exactly what I want before I know what I want.  Everything for his collection at, gag Macy's, is classic perfection. Black, tweed, sheer - these are not pieces that you will need to throw out after next season.  But you can throw them out if you want, because homeboy actually *did* make them affordable.  The highest priced item is $170. Mere chump change.  I definitely want the Karl tank top, all the tights, the black dress with white collar, the large sunnys, that killer scarf at $49 (take a lesson Hermes), and that high collared white shirt...because I want to be just like Karl.

Say - isn't that one of the Kardashian babies modeling? And that flowy pink dress looks like it came out of Katie Middleton's closet, doesn't it? 


Sorry the pictures look screwy - they are perfectly lined up on my screen.
Photos: Macys

lagerfeld thursdayyyyy

I should record how I sing "lagerfeld thursdayyyyy" so you know how cute and adorable I say it. I should trademark it, its that amazing.

Quote of the day - Karl speaking about his new line created for Macy's:

"To me Macy's is the perfect department store in the US where everybody can find what they're looking for without ruining their budget." - Karl Lagerfeld

To those who don't speak Karl's language, let me translate. "Macy' is a dumpy, poor, nasty, dirty store.  And Americans are dumpy, poor, nasty, poor, fat, poor, fashion challenged and poor. So I created a poor line because I'm rich and I was bored. Macy's is so demode." - Karl by Bunny

You're welcome.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fifty nifty united states

When the "New Girl" moved in, we were all concerned about how she was going to fit in to the group.  When she ordered a 1950's huge cork board, we all were a little concerned, did a gasp and bit our knuckle.  When the wall sized map of the United States showed up....well...we knew she was crazy and did what one does with a large oversized map and started defacing it.  It all started out with a bright orange post it saying "baby boy" located in Milwaukee. Over the past couple weeks, the ridiculousness of it has grown exponentially. Today I walked in to find a new "bunny" sticker located below the map...somewhere in Mexico aka "hell".

Trust me when I say that when I'm at work, I'm already in hell. But thanks for the vote of encouragement.

Speaking of hell....My never ending campaign to attend my work annual meeting in Orlando is not going so well.  I want to go for a couple of reasons. Number one is the BB. Yes, we broke up but I obviously want him to see me walking around a strange hotel all tan and gorgeous. Two, I want to visit Harry Potter World. And I want a picture of me with a gryffindor scarf, drinking a butter beer, feeling up Draco Malfoy.  Is that too much for a girl to ask for?  The other thing I would do, is drink margaritas with this guy and find out how its acceptable for him to walk around with no pants. I bet you he gets trashed on tequila.
Could you imagine the amazing stories you could tell that start with..."So when in Orlando, I got drunk and hooked up with the mexican donald."? Do you think BB would be jealous at all? Yeah, me neither.