Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"the fortnight" has begun

It's the little things in life that make me happy.  A cold frappucino on a hot day, a smile from the cute Goldman Sachs guy in the gym (this hasn't happend YET), Justin Bieber being made fun of on national television by David Letterman. Multiple shots of Carlos Costa in a blue suit and crisp white shirt watching Rafa win his match before noon? Well that makes me beyond happy...like cold shower happy. It's a damn shame that the summer of weddings seems to fall strategically during the american tennis season. I'm going to hold out hope I make it to NYC for at least one match.

Here's your cute for the day...and he even curses! Swoon.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

you're what the french call....gross

I've sat on this photo of Mary Kate Olsen and her french lover, Olivier Sarkozy for a couple of days. Partly because I'm a little jealous of her man...but mostly because it made me throw up in my mouth a little. Yes, I know it was me who professed my love for the couple just awhile back, but now....now that I see that little stringy haired Michelle Tanner, all hugged up on him and his ill fitting pants, I just can't with them. I get that he's French and that their way of relationships is a bit different than Americans, but this just seems so wrong to me. To be introducing your, what looks like sweet, baby faced daughter to this munchkin disaster this early in the relationship gives off a "danger, danger will robinson" vibe to me. She looks more like MK's playmate then his girlfriend.

And I honestly cannot stop staring at his pants. Are they ill fitting as I originally thought or is he just weirdly built? Seriously, MK - stop smoking and leave your hair down. Oh and for the love of god, eat something.


photos: daily mail

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a total coincidence

When I attend anything Rafa is at, I always joke that I should Thomas-Crown-like steal that Richard Mille watch he, Toni and Carlos Costa wear. You know the one - the absurdly expensive, $375,000 watch that Richard lends to the Nadal camp to promote the brand. Because if you love Rafa, then you will definitely love telling time on this unimpressive looking watch that costs as much as a home.

I preface this story by saying that I was home last night. There is no way I left Dulles on the 5:40pm, arrived at CDG at 6:40am, and returned back in DC by noon. No chance. No way. Just making that point clear, ya hear me?

But it seems some ingenious, Bunny prodigy was in Paris last night/this morning and hoovered the watch right out of Rafa's room. Not only would be getting to Paris be a trek, you can bet your sweet ass that IF I was in his hotel room, I absolutely wouldn't have left so damn quickly and with so little.

Paris police say no one broke into the room. Are they accusing the staff of having the knowledge of the cost of such a watch and then stealing it? I have this feeling that Raf must have misplaced it. In this telling video, it seems like Toni and Carlos seem to be sporting theirs....

Carlos looks amazing at the end.


Monday, June 11, 2012

best day ever?

Yes, yes ya'll! We have a winner! And he is the adorable Rafael Nadal. Seven French Opens won - the most in history defeating Bjorn Borg six titles. I woke up early and watched with baited breath until the dreaded "rain delay" happened. But, I should have realized by now that rain delays only help Rafa...mostly because he is like a little rainbow. I was up early to watch today as well, fighting traffic to make it to the office by 7:30 so I could watch. Who knew my little man would crush it so fast? I barely had time to settle in before he won. My problem is I love Novak too - maybe not as intensely as Rafi - but pretty bad. I actually loved watching him throw his racket and beat up his chair. I like fiery emotion.  The one thing I didn't like was there were no shots of Carlos Costa until the very end when Raf jumped up in the stands. ESPN/NBC only showed up close face video of Toni, never zooming out for a glimpse of CC. Incredibly sad...but not to fear - this AP photo at least shows the back of his head filled with all that illustrious hair. Sigh. Wimbledon starts at the end of the month, so you'll get a nice tennis reprieve for a couple weeks.

In other news, no it's not Thursday, but my other boy, Karl Lagerfeld was honored in Germany with a wax figure at last week in Hamburg at the St. Pauli Panopticon, the country's oldest wax museum. I'm going to let you figure out which one is which. It's pretty hard to distinguish basically because the real Karl might be made of wax too. I still don't believe he lost 90 lbs eating fish and drinking Diet Coke.

And the piece-de-resistance to a sunny Monday, my favorite summertime drink Bud Light Lime (don't laugh...it's refreshing and delicious) is blowing minds with this new delicious goodness - Bud Lime-a-Rita. BLL and a margarita mixed into one can? Holy amazing. Filthy McNasty - we're going to need about 1000 of these for the beach. Get on it immediately.

Daydreaming about booze, Rafa, and the beach...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

oh-la-la-la flirted with a cool french dude named Antoine

The sun is shining, there is no humidity, and the panic is starting to build. Yep - it's that time of year again where my board CEOs come to beautiful DC for visits with Hill members. Just 31 members (read: white men) who aren't at all needy or hard to please (read: major sarcasm). Sigh.

But there are a couple of stories that needed attention, so CEOs be damned, I need to blog.

I wonder what they are cheers-ing? Perhaps the down
fall of the Euro?
First up, Mary Kate Olsen and her alleged relationship with ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy's brother Olivier Sarkozy. Olivier's ex-wife labeled this relationship, "grotesque". Um...bitch please. This is amazing. Now that Nicky is out of the Palace, she's the new Carla Bruni. It's so very 'Le Divorce' starring Kate Hudson and a red Hermes Kelly bag. MK, best known in Bunny world for her award winning song, "Brother for Sale, only $.50", has even dyed her hair brown to appear more grown up and sophisticated.

I love this couple. It's very oh-la-la French. I bet they have dirty, filthy sex. Can't wait for this sex tape to make its rounds.

Second, more evidence that my life sucks. Karl Lagerfeld's kitty, Choupette, has 2 maids devoted to her. TWO MAIDS. Please. I can hardly get mine to call me back much less clean my apartment. Not only does the little hairball have staff, she also takes all of her meals with Karl at the table. And, she now has a Twitter account, which is hilarious. Of my favorite tweets, I like the fact that she sleeps in last season's Chanel. As my father always says, "life isn't fair"...I'm starting to get that.

Third, Rafa made it to the French Open semi-finals. He plays fellow Spaniard David Ferrer who has beaten him before. Eeek. Just send him your love and support....and me too. These people will be the death of me.


Monday, June 4, 2012

happy 26th birthday rafa!

I hope you all celebrated Rafa's birthday better than I did - which was a trip to Target and cleaning my apartment. Yay...happy birthday.
What you can't see in this picture is the Tour de Eiffel on the left hand side which was incidentally cut out. But what you can see is a gorgeous and tan birthday boy and my main man Carlos. God, I love Europeans and their effortless chic-ness.