Thursday, June 30, 2011


Big news boys and girls....I got some baller tickets for the Western and Southern Open! Who gets to see Rafa? This girl!  So excited and its perfect news headed into the long weekend.

Anyone have any plans that will make me jealous?  Benihana is headed to Charleston and I want to pack myself in his suitcase.

Well, behave this weekend and I will try my best to post some stuff.  Courtesy of facebook, I leave you with some Rafa words of wisdom:

"I’d like to share with you an advice to win all matches of your life. My friends, drink responsibly!"


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

tennis time

OHMYGODYALL.  Have you been watching what happened at Wimbledon today?  Well, if not then you have missed out.  First thing first - Federer lost.  LOST.  To #16 Jo-Wifried Tsonga from France.  Tsonga has been a strong player consistently over the past year and played very well against Nadal in the French Open.  But this is a shocker, to say the least.  And I'm sure that this lost have people talking about retirement again for poor Federer.

The other crazy match was Novak Djokovic against Bernard Tomic from Australia.  Tomic came out of nowhere this year at the Australian Open.  He is 18 years old, looks like a mon-chi-chi (so cute, and soft, and cuddly), and plays like he's been doing this his whole life.  And he gave Djokovic a run for his money. I don't think he was in jeopardy of losing the match, but you never really know.

Playing on a bum foot, Rafa beat Marty Fish, the only American to make it this far in the tournament.  What is up with American players?!  All we have are Andy Roddick and poor Marty Fish. Rafa will go on to play...Andy fucking Murray.  I've said it before and I will say it again.  I just don't like Murray. He seems like a cry baby.  And I also don't like him because he beat Feliciano Lopez.  Has anyone seen this guy?  He's like a hot jesus.
I told you. So any predictions for the final match? I'm guessing it will be #1 and #2.  However, the winner?  In my heart I say it's Rafa...but who knows.  I'm just so happy that Federer lost.


photo credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

hello kiddies

Watch this and see if it doesn't make you a little happier:


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

is it true that only boring people get bored?

I know, I know. I'm sorry for abandoning you for the past 24 hours.  There really was no excuse.  I started to write an entry on the randomness of True Blood, but about half way through it, I was bored. In fact, I've been getting bored with all of my tv shows and have actually uttered the phrase "I'm bored" a lot lately.  A co-worker said to me recently, that you really have to try hard to be bored in DC.  But I am. What's wrong with me?  Maybe I need more stimulation in my life? I'm sick of my routine of work, gym, home.  I've done the museums. I just need something more. Anybody taking an classes?  A new Bar Method place just opened up.

Let's do some random bullet points, because I feel like I have a lot to tell you, though I'm not quite sure what exactly.
*I found a gray hair this morning.  That is not unusual.  But what is unusual is the hair was half gray, half red.  For some bizarre reason, I kept it on my desk all morning.
*Last night a group of us went to Chef's Best to benefit Food and Friends, which is a program which delivers food to people in need and unable to make it out. The event was held at the Hilton Washington, which is referred to in these parts at the Hinckley Hilton, because it's where Hinckley shot Reagan.  The set up was a bit overwhelming with different chefs from restaurants around town making little bites for you to try.  What was overwhelming about it was the sheer number of people attending.  And the fact that I ate my face off. I truly thought I was going to be sick.  But the one thing that stuck with me was the delicious tiramisu cupcake from Hello Cupcake. It was soooo good.
*I have no cable right now, until Comnasty comes and hooks it up tomorrow. Which means I've had no Wimbledon coverage for 2 days. Which means I missed the Nadal/del Porto match yesterday where Rafa thought he broke his foot.  But thanks to the Facebook updates, he did not.  He was practicing this afternoon and will play tomorrow.
*In other tennis news, this was sent to me from FakeAnnaWintour.  I'm on the fence on whether this makes me like Novak more or less:
*Some music for this lazy Tuesday...
An upper:

A downer:

And for the hell of it:

I'm outtie.

Friday, June 24, 2011

If Jimmy Choo and Metallica had a baby...

To die for...

The lovely Lady Parras
Dead. Dead. DEAD.

B-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-B go Bayside.

lagerfeld thursday, part deux

As I mentioned previously this past week, the Grand Dame that is Poodle, spent the past week hanging out with his pals, Prince Charles and Cammie. I can only imagine how he ended up at Claridge's every night, eating $80 cheese plates, wearing a bearskin hat from one of the Buckingham Palace guards, batting his eyes coyly at a certain gentleman. You see, I can only imagine because my friend is all of a sudden is very mum.  And you know how much I love the gossip....and he knows how much it is killing me.  Well...anyways, he sent me this amazing picture when he got to London and was upset when I didn't post it yesterday for Lagerfeld Thursday.  But let's be honest, everyday is Lagerfeld Thursday in Miss Bunny's World of Useless Stuff.

yes virginia...they do exist
If you are a faithful reader, then you know one of my first posts was about these coke bottles. If one of them  didn't come back with you Poodle, there will be some hair pulling up in here.


there once was a little girl named C...

Ugh kiddies...your mama is feeling rather unwell this morning.  It might be that new disease that's going know the one...Idranktoomuchsangria disease. But I should be used to it now, you know me being a booze hound and all and the fact that this type of sickness occurs on this date every year.  And it's because we celebrate the birth of our little lord baby, Flezizzle.
no....that is not anthony weiner on the left.
The baby Flezzani was born on June 25th as part of a couple. Because everywhere the babe goes, other people are bound to follow.  Obviously, she was baby A. The babe likes wine, smokes, Andy, tennis, music and beer. She has crazy roommates, which make their house the best party place. She makes a delicious macaroni and cheese, which is lovingly called "Flezac and Cheese". She is the proud new owner of an Hermes H bangle (hateful). She is partly to blame for my drunken haze for about 2 full years. And so to honor her, I give you this.  The only instruction is to turn it LOUD and jam it out.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

I don't care if you are sick of my tennis posts...

Wimbledon is in its 4th day and my DVR is on overload. So I thought I would nerd rage a little and talk about my favorite players for men and women....yes, I have more than just Rafa and Djokovic.

Jelena Jankovic
I like her not only for her great playing ability, but also for rocking a super tight pony.  Fancy Nancy and I got to watch her last year in Paris at the Hotel deVille. We were there the same time as the French Open.  She seems kind of mean, which I like.

Kim Clijsters

The last name is pronounced, clysters.... but I like to call her, Kim cla-jisters. She was once engaged to Lleyton Hewitt and left tennis to have a baby.  Now she is #2 in the world. Not bad for being 28.

Francesca Schiavone

Schiavooooneeee lesbeeoneee.  She terrifies me. She has a wart in the middle of her chin.  She looks like Mrs. Gulch from the Wizard of Oz.  She grunts so loud on the court. Her arms are tiny but all muscle.  But whoa, can she play.
So, I was going to list my top 5 men and women, but I only have 3 women I like. You won't see on this list Andy Roddick, Venus and Serena Williams, and Andy Murray. Sorry to the Brits, but I can't stand Andy Murray.  It's a fairly recently dislike. It started at the Australian Open when he felt that the title was owed to him.  Blech. I hate the Williams sisters and I hate their stupid costumes. So there.

Jurgen Meltzer

I fell in love with Jurgen last spring in Paris.  Poor boy is now 30 years old and considered a dinosaur in the world of tennis. He's had a rough couple of years, but he's coming back, now ranked at #11. I wish he was just a touch better, but I guess once you hit 30, it's all down hill from there.

Gael Monfils

He is bananas. He is currently #1 in France, #8 in the world.  He is a smart player and never seems to tire. He is also very energetic and when he wins a point, you can absolutely tell.
David Ferrer

Like my boy Nadal, Ferrer is also from Spain.  Nothing really to report on him, but the picture is for Matt.  Enjoy.

At this point everyone knows I love Novak and Nadal, so I won't post anything about them.  But I want to add, that while it is sad, I am a 'fan' of Rafael Nadal's on facebook.  He doesn't have a twitter and his camp keeps his FB updated pretty well - posting video's, updated statuses, and pictures.  Take this one for example that ended up on my news feed tonight.  Don't think I didn't squeal a little.  GODDAMN Carlos Costa. I wish I was sitting in that empty seat....and now I want pasta for dinner.

Photo credit: Getty images, Rafael Nadal Facebook

lagerfeld thursday?

So today isn't as much about Karl, but about another famous designer that doesn't get so much attention...  Azzendine Alaia. You might recognize the name from the american cinema classic, Clueless. "You don't understand this is an Alaia. It's like a totally important designer."

Alaia gave an interview Virginie Magazine and the interviewer, Eric Waroll, had some tough questions...

How do you feel about Karl Lagerfeld?
I don’t like his fashion, his spirit, his attitude. It’s too much caricature. Karl Lagerfeld never touched a pair of scissors in his life. That doesn’t mean that he’s not great, but he’s part of another system. He has capacity. One day he does photography, the next he does advertisements for Coca-Cola. I would rather die than see my face in a car advertisement. We don’t do the same work. And I think that he is not doing a favor to young stylists who might think it works that way. They’re going to fall before they retire.

You have some problems with Anna Wintour?

I said it before. She runs the business (Vogue) very well, but not the fashion part. When I see how she is dressed, I don’t believe in her tastes one second. I can say it loudly! She hasn’t photographed my work in years even if I am a best seller in the U.S. and I have 140 square meters at Barneys. American women love me; I don’t need her support at all. Anna Wintour doesn’t deal with pictures; she is just doing PR and business, and she scares everybody. But when she sees me, she is the scared one. [Laughs.] Other people think like me, but don’t say it because they are afraid that Vogue won’t photograph them. Anyway, who will remember Anna Wintour in the history of fashion? No one. Take Diana Vreeland, she is remembered because she was so chic. What she did with the magazine was great, with Avedon and all the great photographers. Vogueremains while its fashion editors come and go.

Okay...well he kind of as a point with Anna.  I, too, think that she dresses rather plainly for her position.  But I think thats because she wants to deflect more to the magazine for trendyness than herself.  As for Karl, he speaks blastemphy.

You can read the whole article here:


I'm still not over it.

I hate to tell ya'll this, but I have writers block. I'm having a hard time trying to write posts of substance and wit. Help a girl out and throw some ideas my way please.

Today is Thursday which means it's been 3 full days since The Killing was on tv, and I gotta say that I'm still angry. A co-worker stopped by my desk last night to say that she had heard things around the office (shiiiiiiiiit), that she read the blog (double shiiiiiiiiit) and that she heard I hated the Killing (okay...I'll give you that one).  She whole heartily disagreed with my assessment of the show.  She actually LIKED the whole season and will return for season 2, so congrats retained one viewer.  As she pointed out, this was supposed to be the un-cop, cop show.  We were supposed to dig deep into the story and into the characters to find out the real them.  Sounds a little too hippie for me.  We were given one question on day one: "who killed rosie larson?"  That's all anyone wanted to know.  Who killed this little bitch?  The writer, now taking heat like you wouldn't believe for her stupid story lines and her poor writing skills, reminds us that she never promised the answer to the question.  She never said she would wrap the story line up in a little bow.  But what you have to remember about The Killing is this is a remake of a very popular Danish tv show.  And guess what...the Danish answered the question.  Because they knew it would be rude to lure your audience in and then basically kick them in the throat, calling them stupid.

As I sat at a dinner last night, congressmen droning on in the background, I started to think through the show and wonder if said colleague might be right.  Maybe I wasn't supposed to get so involved.  Maybe I should have paid more attention to the struggle of losing a child, of losing a friend...the relationships that come with that.  But then I stopped hallucinating and started to become angry again.  Let's start with the night Rosie disappeared.
10:00pm - Rosie leaves the dance alone while her supposed bff is getting gang banged in the basement.
10:30pm - She arrives at Bennet Ahmad's house to return the Koran? Random.  He wasn't there however and was let in by Mohammed.  BUT wasn't Rosie covered in chemicals that are found in Bennet's house?  If she was just returning a book, how would those chemicals end up all over her and under her nails?
11:00pm - Rosie leaves Bennet's to head to ferry to the random indian casino.
11:45pm - Last ferry leaves allegedly with Rosie on board. She's seen in the ATM camera.
Now let me ask you a question....why would homegirl take the LAST ferry out with no way back to the main land?  She obviously was being picked up by someone or staying overnight. Maybe she met a gentleman caller? And she seriously couldn't find an ATM closer to her house to deposit money?  She was running all over Seattle with loads of cash?
4:00am - Richmond arrives home wet....cancels his escort service account.
The time line doesn't even make sense. Didn't the opening scene with Rosie show the sky with some light?  Like right before sunrise? Making it what...5-6am?  Richmond would have been drying off at that point. IDK.

Let's now start on the story lines that make me angry:
*The whole high school part.  We never see Jasper, Chris or Sterling after the first 2 episodes. While I don't mind not seeing the boys, I think its odd we never see Sterling.
*Sterling's alleged nose bleed.  No fucking way that little child bled that much out of her NOSE.
*The random custodian who threw himself out of a window because he saw some kids getting it on.  Weird.
*The campaign cars. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it does.  It's a goddamn MAYORAL race.
*Gwen and her ugly face.  Who cares if her father is a Senator?  There was no reason for that.
*The indian burial ground.
*The terrorist sub-plot and genitalia mutilation.
*Reggie - who we never really get a good back story on, who up and leaves with her boat.
*Why does Richmond, who is from upper middle class Connecticut, care so much about under privileged Seattle kids playing basketball?
*Richmond's dead wife.  Did she take off from that party because she knew of his indiscretions? 
*AHHHH - the one that drives me the most crazy: Aunt Terry, the whore, and Jasper's hot father.

I'm just so over it....I really need to rid this show from my brain.

So bless my co-workers heart.  I admire your courage to stand up and go against the grain. However, you are wrong, the actors stink and the show is horrible. XOXO


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

to the new girl at work...

You flirt with my man and you end up in the burn book.  You have been warned. XOXO


Monday, June 20, 2011

...this just in...

The BBC will be broadcasting the finals of Wimbledon on their HD channel in 3D. 3 goddamn D.  Do you know what this means?  I would be like Rafa being so close that you could feel the sweat he wipes away from his brow on you.  It means when he does his backhand, you could almost feel the wind.  It also means that when he bends over to pick his butt, you will about 3 inches from your face.  And to that I say HALLELUJAH!  If this doesn't make the case for me moving to London, then I don't know what will.  Also something great about this 3D stuff...when the camera pans to the crowd, there will be a 3D Carlos Costa. GODDDDAMNNNN.

Today was the first day of Wimbledon, and than you to ESPN-the deux for providing 6 hours on my DVR for my viewing pleasure.  Rafa played Michael Russell, the American from Florida.  Russell has been around forever, and while he plays well, he doesn't play like the top 10.  He was super energetic; diving for balls all over the court.  He came out with a plan in the first match and almost took Rafa, but one stern look from Carlos and Uncle Tony and rrrrrrrrrafa was focused and back to win.

Speaking of London, my bestie pal Poodle is over there right now.  Having been to Royal Ascot and had dinner with the Royals, I can't wait to hear all of the deets. I hope he gets his tight little ass back here stat.


ps: please pray to the little lord baby jeese that Lady LaLa and I secure those tickets to attend the Western and Southern tennis tournament in August.  Its a glimmering beacon of light in a summer that is rather dingy and dark.

pps: someone please kick me for letting those AirFrance miles expire.  I seriously need a vacay somewhere.  Even a mini-vacay. Anyone interested? Pretty please?  With a cherry on top?

million dollar decorators

So right now there is a bomb squad in my building.  OHMYGOSH! you say...what are you still doing at your desk? you say.  Both are interesting points.  Who knows...once again with Capitol police on the scene, you never will get a straight answer. But while I have a couple of minutes to ponder my existence before I die, I want to share my new Bravo obsession: Million Dollar Decorators.  Ya'll...the shit is bananas.  The show follows 5 designers in LA.  All are crazy, all are amazing. Let's start in alphabetical order...

Martyn Lawrence Bullard
This picture was obviously taken about 20 pounds ago, as we found out in one episode, he is addicted to chocolate.  Like addicted.  Like made love to the chocolate. It was quite horrific. Martyn is the decorator to the stars...and doesn't mind throwing their names around.  Elton John, Cher,  the Ozbournes.  I haven't seen much of his designs, but what I have seen seems to be red, black, white, and chrome. He also spends $25k on a Beatles picture.  PICTURE.  Not memorabilia, but a picture. One of his clients is the esteemed Joe Francis, of Girls Gone Wild fame.  Little Joey has bought an amazing $25 million dollar estate and can't seem to keep the help.  The reason for this is his temper. Whoa boy.  His temper is out of control.  He fires people just for breathing.  He fires them for no reason at all.  Suffice to say, homeboy is a dick.

Kathryn Ireland
Kathryn is from England.  She has 3 sons that like to kid around.  She is bohemian.  She says the word "darling" a lot.  She loves to drink wine.  She's totally fine and lovely. What makes her the best, is her french cook, Jacqueline.  I can't even describe her other than to say, I want to be her when I grow up.  Except for all the cooking.

Mary McDonald

Of all the designers, Mary is probably closer to my aesthetic than any of the others.  She's all about glamour. She has no concept of money or budget or minimal.  Her poor assistant Kathy just stands by, shaking her head quietly chanting "no, no, no". She talks non-stop and is BFF's with....

Nathan Turner

I love Nathan, but there isn't really much to say about him.  He's kind of boring. The first episode he introduced us to his crazy client who couldn't handle any dust.  She was just sooo stressed that she spent $100k redoing her patio.
Jeffery Alan Marks

I've saved the best for last. Actually, I lie. JAM gets on my nerves like no one else. His life is just *so hard*.  He feels that he is more important than the, he actually said that. He spent $100,000 on a desk.  And not a desk that you have a computer on or sit at, but just a desk that goes in a window.  His business partner is also his boyfriend...the bitchy, hateful, hot South African named Ross. 
Yes, he looks pretty but he is a nasty ass.  He doesn't care who he offends as long as he gets his way.  Now, I'm not sure how he can live with someone, work with someone, and go to the same gym with someone and not get sick of them.  Because to be honest, I get sick of them very quickly. And his hair drives me crazy.  Either grow it out a bit or just cut it.  There should be a rule on this show that he can only do scenes with his shirt off.  Word.

And that, my dears, is million dollar decorators.  Get into it because while a bit trifling, it is fantastic. 


thirteen weeks of .... nothing. nothing at all.

Hello kiddies! Mama is back.  Again, I apologize for my absence last week.  I really do need a guest blogger to keep up appearances when I get busy. Everything went well...everyone survived and I didn't kill anyone, which is always a plus.

I missed a lot last week.  I missed recapping the NJ Housewives and Game of Thrones, I missed Lagerfeld Thursday, and I really didn't give a lot of energy to the Weiner as I should have. But in the spare time I did find a new show that I love...Million Dollar Decorator. I know there is a specific niche that watches this show, but seriously I think everyone could get into it.  If only for the money spent alone.

 But I'll get to that show later.  Let's discuss the awful, horrible, train wreck that was The Killing.  First, I want to apologize.  I want to apologize for all the people that I bullied into watching the show.  After the first hour, I couldn't imagine watching anything on Sunday night.  And I was a faithful viewer...with maybe strong opinions on how the show was headed.  Lady LaLa told me in the beginning that she was a little skeptical when she found out the writers were the same as Cold Case, a show which I couldn't stand due to the main character's hair alone.  I'd say it was around show 5 when the story line started to stray for the Killing.  Episodes 6-11 were bad if not painful.  I was the first one to say the show needed to "put up or shut up".  We needed something more.  And it seemed like maybe we were onto something at the end of the last show...with previews promising an explosive ending.

I'm not quite sure what to say about tonight's episode.  I was interested merely for the fact of ending the show.  I still don't understand Linden or what her relationship to Richmond is/was. I thought it was bizarre that she had gone to his house twice asking about suspects, but showing up at the campaign to yell in his face?  I felt like I missed an episode connecting their past lives.  She got too emotionally upset in the office scene I thought.  And her scene with Gwen it felt like jilted lovers standing on a pier, staring out into the vast ocean of black, sharing a common thread.  Oh Gwen.  The way they showed her so morose, lurking behind corners, devastated that her lover was cheating on her.  What exactly pushed her over the edge? The revelation that he liked whores, or the part where he lied to her face saying he hadn't been with them in months? Which ever one it was pushed her hard because she told the story of him coming home wet that fateful, 2 weeks later?  Why would Richmond have been wet?  He drove the car into the river and then swam out an open window? No way.  He would have tied Rosie up in the back, shut the trunk, put the car into neutral and pushed.  Linden was so desperate to believe that she didn't even see the first ridiculous lie. And I can't imagine Gwen not asking questions especially when they find a dead girl in the back of a campaign car, DEAD and drown, the same night as your creeptastic boyfriend was missing in action,

So much of the story line wasn't wrapped up, but I'm glad they visited the teacher in the hospital so we knew whether he was alive or dead.  Poor Chrissy Seaver still hadn't delivered that baby though she was due 4 episodes ago.  And wouldn't all this stress push her into labor?  I mean, what do I know.  I have no children.  Which is why I guess I stopped relating to Mitch and her sad doll routine.  Leaving those two adorable boys.  So amazingly selfish. Watch with Season 2, Aunt Terry moving into the home taking on the roll of mom and shacking with Stan.

So, what do we believe? Was it Aunt Terry,  Was it Gwen?  Was it Holder?  Was it cash money millionaire? Was it the current mayor? Holder told the lie about the pictures, but did he kill Rosie?  I would say that I was a bit confused, but as I had been watching the clock, I knew they were about to screw us.  And Bilko....poor, poor Bilko. It goes to show you that words hurt just as bad as violence, sometimes even more. If Mitch hadn't been a bitch maybe he wouldn't have been pushed over the edge. If Aunt Terry and apologized earlier and maybe showed him some of her whoreish ways, this could have been avoided.

Oh...and by the way. The Tony Soprano ending has been done AMC.  Give me something a little more original next the goddamn killer.

Question though:  The made a great deal about that damn butterfly necklace and Linden was leaving for a jet plane. Was someone wearing it and I missed it?

Recommendation for Season 2:  Eat shit and die, AMC.  I can't imagine you retained any viewers after tonight.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

weiner pulls out

well....I guess I say "I told you so", but I was a week late.  Wow...Rep. Anthony Weiner has resigned and has left nothing but a trail of bad puns on his name and a social media awakening for congress.  While I have a twitter (which my grandmother lovingly refers to as a 'tweetsie'), I actually have no idea how to use it.  I've never understood the hashtags, and what a re-tweet is.  The only thing on twitter I actually read is BaltimoreJosh (Josh Charles) and Lilmisspeedlet (my lovely and adorable friend Peed, who posts some funny stuff!). However, I'm interested to see how Congress uses this lesson going forward.  I wouldn't put money on it, but by September we see some new congressional scandal.

Hell week is almost officially over and it cannot end soon enough.  All of my stuff went swimmingly, thankyouverymuch, but I'm ready for some R and R...or packing and moving.

Thanks for your patience this week!

Oh and PS...I don't know what happened, but after I posted the picture of the amazing purple Hermes, it disappeared off Hermes' website.  If one of them doesn't arrive in the mail to me asap, there is going to be trouble.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm interrupting your life for this....Can I just have a moment to die?  I know I've been on a Hermes kick lately, (and really, when am I not) but the jerks that they are sent an email today for Father's Day and I noticed a new scarf....

OHMYGODYALL.  It's like a discotheque, a laser show, and class all in the same scarf. And it's even got a little picture of the Kelly bag! How fucking amazing would I look in this scarf?  DEAD.  Forget the Twilly I promised myself if I made it through board week...I want the full 90! can go back to your lives now...

my neck needs something pretty


"It is a fashion, a way of life inspired by the very homeless, the vagrants, the crack whores that make this wonderful city so unique."

When I saw Prada's new handbags, the only thing I could think of was the above quote from Zoolander, and this quote from Clueless: "Well at least I wouldn't skin a collie to make my back pack."

Am I on glue?  When did I miss the fur-handbag revolution? Thoughts?  I would probably name mine and continually pet it, so this probably isn't the fashion for me.  However...the Prada Madras bag is!
Man, I love me some orange. It looks like those plastic key chains you would make over the summer for your friends. J'adore.

Much love to faux Anna Wintour for the scoop!
Photos: Saks

Monday, June 13, 2011

the perfect concoction

One part Josh Charles:
Plus one part Bradley Whitford:

A dash of Carlos Costa:

And a sprinkling of Jeremy Northam:

Mix in some Midwestern values, a wink and a smile....And you have an adorable and delicious Baby Boy!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Are you kidding me with this AMC?  Seriously?  At any moment during Sunday night's The Killing, I was expecting Sarah Michelle Gellar to jump out with a fish hook. I know what you did.  I know what you did too....and it was waste my time.

Boys and girls, lets start it off here.  Aunt Terry is a whore. Literally.  Men purchase her for sex. And while that is illegal in most states, dear auntie didn't think to mention that to the police the 100 times they asked her about the damn shoes?  Or the fact that your only niece drown, but yet you were able to concoct the story about a john trying to drown another girl.  So Jasper's father purchased her services?  If so, of course he wouldn't talk to you in 1. a public place and 2. with his wife.  This whole story line reeks and watch next week she be the killer after they took you on a 10 minute who-done-it 8 episodes too late.  Just thinking about the terrorist sub-plot makes me angry.

Stan Larson.  Poor Stan Larson. His story line broke my heart. His wife Mitch has officially gone round the bend.  She pushed and pushed for him to do something about Rosie's murderer.  She knew his past, she knew he didn't like that side of himself, yet she pushed.  And eventually you break.  And that's what Mitch did to him...she broke him.  I was happy that he finally stuck up for himself.  I said it in an earlier post that I thought Terry had a crush or something going on with Stan. Everyone shot me down on that, but look at here...who is the one picking him up from jail and posting bail.  Not his wife. As soon as they told Stan he was able to leave, I knew Terry would be waiting in the car.

*Why did they introduce Linden's baby daddy 12 episodes in to a 13 episode run?  I don't want any new characters at this point.  Just wrap this shit up and go home. That way I can forget I ever watched this shit and return to bed at a normal hour on Sunday night.
*The pool party. So I'm assuming that cash money millionare guy has "partied" with Richmond before, because he knew his taste was teenage girls?  Ew. I guess what I'm confused about is not that they didn't run background, because when someone gives you that amount of money, why bother.  In fact, are they not regulated by McCain-Feingold? Maybe he mentioned that tonight when he said he gave to the committee?  Why, if you are running for mayor, borrow money from your friend who is into underage girls.  18 and over is fine, its the young ones that will get you every time (holler Weiner).  There is just something odd to me that they had no idea who was handing over money like that or why they would hand over that much.  $5 million for a damn mayoral race? Am I on glue?
*Why was the comment about drowning pulled down off the server for the hooker-girls?  It in no way mentioned Richmond. And the "french" hooker was scared why?  How come she didn't speak up immediately when Rosie died?

If these 13 episodes line up and point the finger to it did in episode one...without an actual cohesive story, I am going to be one mad Bunny.  How did he end up with the campaign car that had been stolen days before? His wife was killed by a drunk driver. Did the drunk push wifey into the water where the cause of death was drowning and not accident?  It's like all the pieces could be there if everyone brings their a game to the last episode. I know I will and maybe I'll bring a little bubbly and wish this awful, stupid show Bon Voyage from my tv and dvr.



Cash rules everything around me.

I've always joked about how I wished my parents were more over achievers.  This comment comes when I see someone with a new Mercedes or when I spend time at friend's beach houses.  Truly, it's always materialistic. I've been very blessed and have wanted for nothing....except for that Mercedes. But I digress....

Today I spent a lovely day in the country.  Back in horse country, Virginia, it was a very hot and sunny day.  I met the dutchess and her adorable and very tolerable hubby at the barn.  We then headed into Upperville to watch a horse jumping show.  It's called Upperville because everyone that lives there is on uppers. True story. The smell of money is in the air. No longer just old, rich, white guys...but young, rich, white guys as well.  And lord, the gays.  Also, a plethora of overly skinny, overly plastic, blond trophy wives.To my left was a very old Robert Duvall.  To my right, a beautiful orange ostrich Hermes birkin.  I have never felt so inadequate or poor in my life. Yes, I joke around about my Hermes obsession, and sometimes I say that I would give away my first born for the elusive ostrich birkin, but it is mostly joking. Mostly.  But seriously...look at this picture and tell me you wouldn't kill for this bag:'s real.

After the lady with the birkin left, the day was pretty much over. All of a sudden, the winds picked up, it dropped 25 degrees and a storm came through like you have never seen.  Trees down all over the place; stone fences which have been standing for years, destroyed.

But it should be noted that I sat outside in full on sun for 3 hours and no part of me is burned! Hallelujah.

Some more photos from the outing:
don't you just love Chaddy's little hat?  So fashionable.

That's Robert Duvall.  A hot, sweaty, and old Robert Duvall.

Nothing but miles and miles of this.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm here, I'm here!  No need to fret little pets. There was a lot to do today, including watch some poor guy be arrested outside of our building. You know how much I love to be in other people's business, so I instantly ran to the balcony and watched with binoculars in hand. Alledgedly, he was carrying a gun, but I didn't see any evidence of that.  Ahh...DC in the summertime.  Smells of urine and the tourist walk 5 across and can't drive worth a shit.

For once, the Senate is actually doing something good with their time.  I'm talking about S. 978, a bill that would criminalize lip syncing. As Fox News states (ugh, I know, right Fox Article), "The bill would criminalize individuals -- slapping them with up to five years in prison -- for “publicly performing” copyrighted material without the permission of its owners."  The picture they show with the story is that of Keenan Cahill, a 16 year old, creep-tastic kid who has dominated youtube with his lip-synching parodies.  Personally, my favorite is the David Guetta mashup...mostly for David (he is just so damn adorable). 

But the kid does scare the beejesus out of me.  Now Bunny, you say, the poor child has a disease.  Yes, I know...but honey badger don't give a shit. The way his face is all up in the screen is just visually over loading. But I have to hand it to the child...he is doing the damn thing. Check out his website and the celebrities he's had come to his room. However, it makes me laugh that he has a manager...because he makes videos in his room.  Does that mean that I need a manager for the uhhh "videos" I make in my room?  Ha...kidding.

Let's briefly check with Wills and Kate:
GODDDD DAMNNNNN. The hotness of these two seriously makes me green with envy. Kate looks killer in Jenny Packham, but I'm going out on a limb here and say please kate, please for the love of god, eat something.  Even if its just a cube of cheese. If she turned sideways, she'd disappear all together.

That's it for me ladies and gentlemen on this fine Friday afternoon.  Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

another day, another dick

Can we just briefly discuss how awesome this photo is???  Someone called him "Yertle the Turtle" the other day and I practically DIED.  Like Anthony Weiner's dick just jumped out of his pants, beat me to death, jumped back in, had a picture taken of itself, and then watched me die.

George Takei, who is someone I don't know but I think he was on a show called Star Track, wrote this amazing twitter post which I had to share:
"If your name is "Weiner" and you hold public office, don't tempt fate with internet pics. #AreYouListeningBoehner?"

Ahhh...I do love a good congressional scandal...

I need fingerless gloves

It's hotter than a goat's butt in a pepper patch* in DC today.  Some reports of 104 degrees.  I wouldn't know anything about it because I have stayed my grown lady ass inside all day. I bet you have too.

Guess's another very special edition of Lagerfeld Thursday.  In today's news, the genius that is Karl has teamed up with glass makers Orrefors.  I am lucky enough to have a couple of pieces from this company and I can't wait for christmas to get a couple more.  I hope someone out there is keeping track of my christmas list!

While the glass is nothing spectacular to write home about, Karl has some good quotes in this video. And what kills me is his invention of a glass surface to sit glasses on so it doesn't sweat. love...its called a coaster.  And while yes, it's a touch pedestrian, I don't know anyone stupid enought that is willing to pay $80 for one...especially with your initals on it, except maybe for me.

Check out this video of how they make the glass and some gems from KL himself. He's just so cute!

The Bunz
*Quote is from Lady Lala's grad school teacher. Lord help her.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

weiner wiener

My dearest kittens:

I'm sorry ya'll that I have been out of pocket today, but bare with me.  The next week and a half are killer for me at work...and add that with the move...and well my nerves are fraz-zled.

Have any of you seen the new Weiner wiener shot?  The one that is fully exposed? Because I am a lady I will not post it.  But I will tell you to head over to Gawker to gawk. And while you are at it stand up and give this guy a round of applause. Mostly for his junk, but because by week's end there is no way he will be a sitting member of congress.  There is just no way.  One of the ladies he was "talking" to is a porn star...and he told her to lie to reporters and use his PR team if she needed it. Honey, if you have a PR team then let them try to do their job. And even lying won't get you out of this I'm afraid.

Do I think he did something illegal? No. Do I think he did something immoral? Questionable, but again my morals are askew at best.  Do I think he did something severely stupid? Absolutely. How stupid do you have to be to take pictures of yourself at work with pictures of your wife in the background?  And should we even discuss why his shirt was off in the congressional office. Thinking about that makes me want to vom.  Hello men...Did you not learn anything from Tiger Woods, Rep. Chris Lee, Jesse James and countless other idiots?  Delete, delete, delete. Stop keeping the evidence around. In fact, just stop sending it.  I know that you think its a turn on, but its not.  The only person turning on is you.  Just watch some porn or something and stop filling up my inbox.

This is the word of Bunny, let us rejoice and be glad.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

he always in the air, but he never fly coach

It's starting to get hot and steamy in DC and not just because Baby Boy is in town.  I think today might be the last of the nice days because the 99 degree heat hits tomorrow.  And the humidity does nothing for my tan except make it run.  Speaking of tanned and gorgeous, yes Baby Boy has arrived and we apparently matched our outfits today.  Its all very precious. We were so meant to be.

To honor the Boy and because I'm swamped, here are some of the jams I am listening to.  Don't judge me.
And for my British fans...
More later...

Monday, June 6, 2011

"gobblefellas" is the best title ever for a tv show

Is it just me or are all of the Real Housewives franchises starting to suck? I've completely given up on the OC and NYC, which used to be my faves.  I still watch the old reliable ATL and NJ, but I'm having a hard time staying faithful.  You see, when Danielle was on the show, it was like watching the devil incarnate walk around earth...or his natural habitat of new jersey.  But now, its Melissa and her whole God-thing, and her whole praying thing and every time they show her in that pink dress with her fake boobs popping out, I just want to do physical violence to her.  Like punch her in one of her purple eyelids.

It's apparently Thanksgiving in NJ, Teresa forgot half her shirt during her "friendsgiving" and blah, blah, blah. The whole damn show was insanely boring, but made me want turkey and stuffing real bad. The standout from this show was baby portabella other wise known as Melania.  While she has always been my favorite, to watch her PULL the hair on Gia's head made me smile an evil smile. A comforting smile.  A smile that only a sister can of peace and revenge.  A Grinch smile if you will. The little meatball had had enough. Fuck all this "I'm thank full for..." bs. She was having none of it.  She punched poor little cannoli, who I always feel sorry for because she looks like she doesn't belongin this family - like she was taken hostage, right in the face. That one didn't make me smile as much as Gia's mishap, because that little know-it-all had it coming, I'm sure. It makes me smile now just to think of it...and I can't wait to see my sister soon and try the same thing.

Joe and Melissa. Guido and Guidette. The level of gaudiness on this show is so over the top, its almost like a high you have to come down from. There is so much marble, and gold plating, and just awful furniture that you can't really divert your eyes because its everywhere. It attacks you from all sides. But never the less, the devil Melissa could not be outdone by Teresa with the thanksgiving show, and her beef kabob of a husband could not be outdone by his wife.  So as a special surprise...and what woman doesn't love a surprise on thanksgiving when you are cooking for 25 people...he brought in a ....wait for it...waiiiiiitttttt forrrr inflatable rodeo complete with bull.  Niiiiice, classy and real smart because every one of those women were wearing stilettos.  Nails on a pillow filled with air. Lord have mercy. I was waiting for the whole thing to go zipping around like a balloon that has lost air, but no it got worse.  Beef kabob thought his wife would find it so sexual to be on a bull in front of her 20 guest and want to get it on.  Dude...calm down. Get a mistress or something.  One woman's sexual harassment is another woman's night off.

You are probably wondering why I'm not covering what happened before or after these two story lines...and, well its because I don't care.  I really don't.  Somewhere along the way of watching Gabriella get her face knocked in and the chocolate turkeys, all I could think about was how ridiculous this show is and how ridiculous I am for watching this stupid show. Andi it also made me think about mashed potatoes and green bean casserole,so I had to cut it off.  However, if Kathy ever wants to attend any party I throw with all of those patisseries and goodies, then holler at your girl B. Man, she worked it with that tiramisu didn't she. 

Baby boy arrives in town tomorrow morning and I need to look impossibly fresh and adorable, so I bid you all adieu until something ridiculous happens tomorrow. 


well, well, well

Anthony Weiner, I told you.  You should have kept your mouth shut and your face off of tv, because jeepers creepers this situation is getting worse by the second. The ladies are coming out of every crack and crevasse.

Today, every one's favorite NY pencil-neck jew admitted that he has been having on-line relationships with 6 women for as many as 3 years...and that his wife knew about it...before the marriage.  Listen...I am not the worlds expert in relationships and I do have questionable morals, but while this is definitely a PG scandal, it's the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  As I always say, "go hard or go home". For one, he isn't hot. In fact, he isn't remotely cute.  Second, to the wife - you are intelligent, you are smart and in no way did you need this crap. As soon as he said he hasn't had sexual relations outside of his marriage, he walked into it.  By week's end there will be a story about how that isn't true.  Just you's the Washington way.

Now, how come Congressman Christopher Lee resigned after his one g-rated picture came out on Gawker, but Weiner with his many pictures is still standing?  I don't get it. And why is his neck so small?!?

To the following Congressmen, you don't have to send pictures, just give me a call:  Rep. Tim Ryan, Rep. Ron Kind, Rep. Jim Himes, Sen. John Thune.  Oh and Rep. Aaron Schock, both Poodle and Fancy Nancy would like a go at you.  And when your scandal comes out (hahaha...literally and figuratively) try to keep the chit-chat to a minimum.

Soon to be Mrs. Bunny Ryan

Lord have mercy y'all. Sometimes I wonder who these writers on these tv shows actually are.  Or if they even have a remote clue about what they are talking about. My typical Sunday night shows were a damn bust last night. B-U-S-T.  Game of Thrones was...well gory. I still don't think I'm 100% sure of what exactly is going on in any of the story lines.  All I know is I really dislike Prince Joffrey and Mayor Carcetti...actually other than Ned and his cute little daughter, I don't really like anyone on this show anymore.

Speaking of other things I dislike...let's talk very briefly about The Killing.  What. The. Hell. with this stupid show.  I have never wanted something to be over more in my life.  Another hour of my life wasted...and for what?  So she could feel what its like to have a child go missing?  Um, ok, sure, I guess.  I just thought it was completely unnecessary.  And while I liked how Holder and Linden got to know more of each other, I just didn't understand why it would be in this episode...2 from the finale. PS - did you like how I actually used their names instead of girl cop and boy cop? You should be proud of me.

I don't know if you know this or not, but when your thumb is horribly disfigured as mine is, it is hard to do basic things. Such as put on a bra or go to the bathroom.  But never fear, it has no effect on my typing.

My boy Rafa won the French Open yesterday and for a hot moment I was in freak-out-mode because I thought Federer might be closing in.  Did anyone else watch?  The crowd was about 95% behind Federer, which made me so angry, but one of the announcers was saying that recently the tide has turned against Nadal and people are cheering for his opponent.  To these people I say HISSSSS.  I don't how you couldn't possibly like him! He's just so damn adorable and one hell of a player.  And his calves...well they are huge and I like them.

And on this Monday I want to say thank you.  Thank you all for reading this piddly little blog that has now had over 1200 hits in the month I've had it up and running, many international (holler Germany and the UK!).  You all make me feel loved, though I wish you would comment more and help me out with entry selections. So again, thank you.

lots of hugs and kisses today, Bunny

Sunday, June 5, 2011

hello darlings...

I hope you each have had a wonderful weekend. Mine was ...uh... well it would have been fine had I not cut half my finger off late Friday night.  Or decide to store my iphone in my bra during the Race for the Cure 5k Saturday morning. But after 8 hours sitting in rice, the phone seems to work!  And it looks as if my thumb has stopped bleeding!  So maybe things are looking up.

The men's championship for the French Open are happening right now.  After a heartbreak loss for Djokovic (mostly heartbreak to me), Federer much to my dismay made it to the finals to play my boy Rafa.

Did you know that:
*Rafa has only lost 18 matches on clay in his professional career, playing something like 1000 matches?
*That Federer/Nadal have only played each other 4 times in the last 6 years?

This should be a good match, which is why I am up at 9am on a Sunday.  So while I get in my exercise by yelling and jumping around at the telly, I will leave you with some of my pictures from Paris. was one year ago today that Fancy Nancy and I were strolling around Les Halles, eating at Le Table des Gourmets, and visiting with friends. Ahhh...memories.  I wish I was there right now sans Fancy Nancy and replaced with Nicholas, a waiter from Chez Jenny in Republique.  If anyone reading this is near there, please go and remind him of our brief, but remarkable love affair.

the view from Tour de Eiffel

the view out of Jacques' windshield going around the Arc...where 12 lanes merge all at once.  Fancy Nancy almost wet himself.
And for my tennis friends...this old video of Novak Djokovic doing impressions of players. DEAD ON.

Wishing Rafa luck and big kisses,
Mademoiselle Bunny

PS - has anyone checked out Google homepage today?? It's Richard Scarry's 92 birthday and they did a google doodle of Busy Town...with Lowly Worm! Its like Google is reading my blog...

Friday, June 3, 2011

let's talk about sex baby

Weiner's wiener. Weinergate. Lord, I love a congressional scandal! The congressman's dong is rocking the nation...well at least inside the beltway. It started this past weekend when this picture was tweeted to a girl in Seattle who once said that the congressman was her "boyfriend".
After the picture appeared on Twitter, it was removed and Weiner posted that his account had been hacked. He met with press twice on Tuesday but never confirmed or denied the allegations.  Then he got angry they were asking questions and ran back to his office.  Yesterday he said that the picture may be his.  So which is it big man?  At dinner last night, there was a detective dick discussion had by Fancy Nancy, The Dutchess and I.  Fancy Nancy pulled the picture up on his phone and gave an in-depth presentation about how erect the penis was and how you could tell that Weiner had been which I replied, of course he's cut.  He's a jew. But one should never argue about dick with Fancy Nancy because girl knows his stuff.  now the congressman is calling the po-po for reporters that show up at his office. Dude...let me break it down for you.  STOP TALKING. Stop making your press secretary have panic attacks. Stay in your office. Take that pencil neck of yours and disappear for a public appearances. The story will die down because someone else in the political arena will do something worse...its inevitable.

Remember to keep it in your pants,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

two days, two posts, one man

Yes kiddies, I was teasing you with that hide-and-seek picture of Karl yesterday. It was Wednesday. But today is Thursday and you know what that means! It's Lagerfeld Thursday! The question was brought up last night over drinks at CPs (side note: where I ran into a man that was a mix between the infamous Baby Boy and Josh Lyman from The West Wing (Bradley Whitford).  It was amazing!), "Bunny, why on earth do you love Kaiser Karl so much?"  The answer is...I don't know why.  To me, what's not to love? He's bat shit crazy but in a lovable way. There is something not quite right about him, but then who of us IS quite right?  He creates beauty.  He creates elegance.  He creates want. He's eccentric, he's a hoarder, he is brilliant. I have an addiction, its name is Karl and if loving him is wrong then I never want to be right.

So back to LT...Lagerfeld Thursday...

Last night my crazy as a fox silver fox, was asked by Elle about his biography and who might write it at The Gordon Parks Foundation event in NYC.  He said, "Whoever has time, because I couldn’t care less. Today nobody’s really found the real story…I don’t have too much consideration for the poor people who try to write that book. It’s interesting that people in fact are lazy. If they worked hard they would find interesting things. Nobody finds it! So I’m in a position to say, ‘Fuck you, you’re all lazy pigs.’ And I certainly won’t help them!”

Man he is an asshole, but I like it.
Le Bunny

gone to carolina in my mind

Rhett Butler once said, "I'm going back to Charleston, back where I belong. I want to see if somewhere there isn't something left in life of charm and grace."

Flipping through the newest Vogue last night, I came across a spread that blew my mind away.  The lighting was amazing; the subject was perfection....and after I finished the article on Novak Djokovic (tee hee), I came across a "dress thru the US" spread.  They did outfits from California, Maine, Texas...and Charleston.  Now, if you know the Bunny, then you know that my true home is Charleston, South Carolina.  I love everything about it.  The people, the sweet tea, the manners, the Battery.

don't mind if I do
I love the charm, the elegance, the grace.  I love the food: she-crab soup, shrimp and grits, fried tomatoes.  All staples of good, southern cooking. There is something about the city that almost begs you to dress respect the history of the Queen city.
But don't let images of the old Charleston fool you.  The C-town of today is uber chic and cool.  The city is now home to some of the most amazing shopping and restaurants. If you are a "foodie" check out 39 Rue de la John, S.N.O.B - Slightly North of Broad, or Magnolia's.  Anywhere that serves pimento cheese as an app has got to be amazing.  And for shopping, well you just got to hit up the Copper Penny for the perfect pair of shoes.  Speaking of shoes, I just received the most adorable pair of Jack Rogers yesterday! Charleston is where I purchased my first pair back in the day...
breaking in new Jacks should be a full time job
Airfare is hit or miss.  Sometimes you can find a weekly saver if you are lucky, but most of the time you are looking at $400 for a quick weekend romp.  But let me tell you, it is so worth it....and its close to the beach! Isle of Palm is nearby and has great sandcastles.

So who is ready to go with me? Not all at once, now.

Bunny the Belle
Oh...and in case you were is that photo of Djokovic from Vogue.  Eat your heart out Rafa.

Number 2 in the world, number 2 in my heart
Photo Credits:  Charleston Real Estate, Charleston Tourism, Randy - sandcastle king, Vogue

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"ahhh gardener...I think you missed a spot"

I wish he would hide in my hedgerow.

Photo credit: The Associated Press

better late than never

I tried. Seriously kids, I tried.  I dutifully stopped by the gym (thanks Dutchess for the motivation), sweated out my leftover tan from this weekend (ya'll I looked GOOD) and rushed home to watch some tv.  Ok...I may have stopped by Chipotle for a delicious treat that completely negated my workout, but whatever.  Honey badger don't care.  I jumped on the couch, reached for the remote and pulled up the first show in the que....The Killing, ready for the redeeming episode that people have been whispering about in my ear all day.  And I have to say, not bad AMC.  I kind of see it now.  I see where this road is headed though I'm not quite sure where the hell you took us for the last 5 episodes...teachers, and terrorists, and beatings oh my! Let's pound out some bullets here:
*When Stan walked in the house with those bloody hands, he knew what he had done was wrong.  The moment got to him. For days people had been around him, egging him on with questions on why the possible killer was still teaching. But I thought it was kind that he called 911 ( would have been kinder if you hadn't bashed his head into a rock).
*Belko. Oh Belko.  That scene broke my heart. Born to a woman obviously a lot later in life as she said she thought she was ending menopause when out he came.  Her special boy (yuck). Stan probably saw this kid and took him under his wing.  I get his affection for the family and for the home - neither of which he really had...especially when mom was shacking with every man in Seattle.
*Boy cop was sure of himself this episode.  He knew what he was looking for and was making nice with girl cop, who still doesn't have her miserable life together. And on that subject,
*Your friend, Boat Lady (Reg I think?), tells you that your son is acting out.  He did A, B, and C.  He is screaming for help.  Girl cop doesn't punish the kid.  Nope, she wakes him up and takes him to a classless joint on the side of the road.  Good parenting.  Oh...and then to come home and find your ex-but-not-really-your-ex boyfriend sitting outside your door, begging you to come back despite your many issues, you can't.  You have to follow this case thru.  I did find it interesting that he said something about sitting in front of white walls every day.  Has she been in a psych ward?
*After 10 days they finally figure out where Rosie went.  Atlantic City.  Well, ok...not really...but close.  Some off shore Indian gambling casino. Random. 
*After 10 days they find a picture of Rosie with the Mayoral candidate with the mostest - Skeezeball Richmond. Just like Bill and Monica sans the beret.
*Did anyone think it was weird that girl cop went to Richmond's house?  She could have called.  I don't know...maybe she felt it needed a face to face.  But her and that scotch...reminded me of my friend Ballou and his sip and its gone.

I'm interested to see where this is headed for the first time in awhile. I have the sister in my head as the killer. There is just something off with her. And if they don't give me more on the situation with her and Jasper's dad, I'm going to be angry.  There has to be something there.

Game of Thrones
This too, was a good episode.  I've said it before and I'll say it again....I hate Mayor Carcetti or whatever his name is on this show.  I think he only knows how to play backstabbing boy bitches. I'm not quite sure I was fully awake for the whole episode - so let me know if I missed something I need to know:
*Ned finally figured out that the eyeliner boy, Prince Joffery, is a product of incest and not King Robert's true heir.
*A pig killed the king.  However, the king's hand is a Lanister?  I missed that.  And do they think he is the one who set the king up to die?
*I didn't really understand the Jamie/father talk.  Dad seems to want Tyrion back, but I didn't understand what he was saying to Jamie.  I was too distracted with him carving up the cow/horse/sheep/whatever it was.
*I also didn't follow anything that happened at the wall.  A horse came back belonging to John Snow's uncle?

After watching Jersey Housewives, I decided that I would not spend the time talking about it.  I just can't bring myself to do it.  Even when T says things like "comein" for cumin, or "ingredientsts" or "fabulicious". T made a ridiculous amount of money this year, so I guess she can pronounce it however she likes. Nothing really happened this episode.  The battle continues to rage on between the siblings...though I'm surprised that gorgonzola joe (as he will further be known because he is cheesy and moldy) can think of anything else other than sex. Ya'll its been 4 whole days since he banged it out.  FOUR WHOLE DAYS.  The horror!  As his children pimento, ravioli and linguine almost drown in the bathtub because he wants his wife to pay attention to him! Joe need sex.  Give me it now.  He's like a gelled up caveman.  Ugh.  Makes me want to take a bath in purell.

I need to go get the thought of gorgonzola joe out of my head...

It's your girl B