Friday, September 30, 2011

a couple of things...

* First and most important: can someone please make Olivia Palmero disappear? She's been in NY society since before "the city" and has never changed her image.  Her background is suspect and now she is starting her own website.  The only thing she has going for her is her hot boyfriend and I'm pretty sure she pays him to hang around.

* If you love classic, preppy clothes please check out the Christian Dior show during Paris fashion week. MAJOR. BANANAS. DEAD.

* FLOTUS (Michelle Obama) stopped by an Alexandria Target to do a bit of shopping. I don't really mind this because I already fine-tooth combed the bitch for Missoni and found nothing. But, this Target is already over crowded at best and now that people know MO stopped by, I can imagine it will be a nightmare.  Thanks a lot.

* I haven't even seen the show "Whitney", but I hate it.  She's making people think that Whitneys are not funny and we all know that is NOT true.

* Shows to set your DVR to record for the season: Revenge, The Good Wife, The Secret Circle, Modern Family (natch), Happy Endings (its back!!). 


Thursday, September 29, 2011

let's go to the movies

There are a bunch of new movies out that I'm dying to see. "What's your number" and "Ides of March" are at the top of the list.  "50/50" also looks interesting.  Lion King 3D? No worries, I already saw it. Don't hate.

The trailer for Tom Hanks' new movie, Extremely Loud and Incredible Close, has been released. I know September 11th was ten years ago, but it still unnerves me to see the images. The movie looks interesting...though I'm not sure its a theatre see. Your thoughts?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

armani loves plums

Paris fashion week has started and in honor of that, I give you a brief recap of Rachel Zoe from last night. I missed last week's episode, but I'm sure it was all about "babe, baby, and joey" because that's what every episode is about.  It used to be that this show was about fashion and the celebrities that RZinc. dressed. But now the show has turned into Rachel Zoe television diary.  Not that she isn't beyond interesting - because she is - but I miss the dresses and I miss the celebrities.  Kim Kardashian doesn't count. I also miss that Rodger, "Rodge", had his own job and his own life and wasn't constantly all up in RZ's business. But those days are gone...

RZ tells you every 2.3 minutes that she is preggers. Knocked up. Bun in the oven. I keep thinking that maybe its the way the show is edited, but I honestly believe that she forgets and has to be reminded every 2.3 minutes that she is, indeed, pregnant. She also works a lot. Like, oh my god ya'll, A LOT. And she reminds us of this every 7 seconds.  So between being pregnant, working a more than full time job, telling everyone she is pregnant and working a full time job, the girl is exhausted.

If only she could just relax. She needs to calm down and relax. Not worry about anything and relax. And this is what Rodge tells us...over and over. There is a constant theme of repetition in this show. But Rodge throws all of that to the wind because he and his boyz are reliving the Hangover and doing Vegas big. Other than all his talk of RZ and the baby, Rodge and his boyz look like they would be fun to party in Vegas with. Yes? I mean, private jets, hot friends, suits at the Palms, presents from Hermes. Sounds like a pretty amazing 24 hours.  Homeboy can drink. I was seriously impressed.

Is anyone else annoyed by Joey? Other than Jeremiah? Joey has become super over the top this season and he reallllly needs to cool it with the botox. I need his forehead to move just a bit.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

bless her heart

Lord have mercy ya'll. Last night I came across the saddest little show called Hart of Dixie on the CW. My expectations were not high, but with Ringer and the Secret Circle, I thought we might have a winner.

Where to start on see, I liked many of the pieces - Rachel Bilson (adorable), Scott Porter (Blake from the Good Wife who is nothing like his character on TGW), Vice President John Hoynes (Tim Matheson), the hot redneck neighbor, an alligator named Mr. Burt Reynolds (they share the same skin), a sleepy little Alabama town and a house that looks like its straight from the arizona sweet tea bottle. However, the writing? Awful. The 'southern' names? Atrocious. Lemon? No one names their child Lemon. And I hate the voice overs. HATE THEM. We got the story Rachel; you don’t need to talk to us like we're stupid, though it is on the CW, so maybe half your audience is.

Rachel Bilson is Zoe Hart and from the moment she was 9 she has wanted to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. She tells you this about 100 times. Here is the first problem though. Rachel Bilson probably couldn’t even spell cardiothoracic surgeon, and yet here she is, running around new york hospital, trying to be a doctor while wearing some killer stilettos and has a poor bed side manner.

When she doesn't get the internship she thought she deserved, she heads on down to Dixie where an old man who saw her speak at med school graduation begged her to come and work in his general practice. So dressed in her $6000 Chanel jacket and those damn stilettos, she hops aboard a Greyhound and treks it down to Alabama to find out old man Harley is dead and has left his portion of the practice to Zoe. The other half of the practice belongs to VP John Hoynes from TV’s West Wing who hates Zoe because she is a woman and she is from new york city.

I really, really dislike shows about the big city person who knows best but somehow ends up in the South to warm, friendly people and thinks they are backwards bum-fucks. Ok, sometimes it's true that part of the south is like the 1960, but that's not a reason to be mean to people.

So Zoe heads off the Greyhound stop (which stops randomly along a street) and starts walking the 3 miles to town in 4 inch heels, when a hot southern boy in a pickup truck stops and offers her a ride. She declines because she is a yankee and they do not accept rides from hot men strangers. They go back and forth and of course she takes the ride. She finds out that George lived in NYC too! But he loved the quiet life, sitting on the verandah, sipping some sweet tea. Zoe is marveled at this - why would anyone leave the city for this! He drops her at her new office, she meets her assistant, an under-utilized Nancy Travis, and requires a soy foam latte to keep her awake because she wants to see her patients! Right now! But there is no starbucks in this sleepy little town! Ohhh no. The horror! The closest coffee shop is 13 miles away. I can't imagine this is possibly true and should move there immediately to open a store.

A lot of stuff happened in this hour – from meeting Lemon, the cut-throat debutante whose father is John Hoynes who is engaged (yes ya’ll! Engaged to George!), to the black former football player who refers to himself in the third person, to George saving Zoe from Mr. Burt Reynolds in the middle of the night down a dark, deserted road. There was the pregnancy, the making out with hot neighbor boy, Zoe’s mother, Zoe’s father, the secret confession of Lemon loving the football player, and the sexual tension between George and Zoe. I’m exhausted just thinking/writing about it. It was a lot to take in.

I’m on the fence with this show. If the writing improves, then it could possibly be cute. But I don’t think there is any writing in the world that will make people believe that Rachel Bilson made it thru medical school and is a doctor. True story.

Bunny the belle

Monday, September 26, 2011

I wish I played tennis and needed an agent

Sigh....I haven't written a post about Rafa in weeks.  Ok, more like days but it feels like weeks.  Today on the FB, "rafa's team" posted this picture of blah, blah, and Carlos Costa.  I love a man in loafers and no socks. It's very European to me. All he needs is a sweater around his neck. Carlos is looking tan and delicious here all laid back and relaxed. Look at that hair! Sigh. I'm still so sad he didn't come to Cincinnati.


ya'll - she is not that "good"

Well, well, well. I know you all were on pins and needles waiting for the Good Wife to return last night and boy did it ever. We start the new season in new office space - it looks like the old office but Dianne got new furniture and Alicia is moving on up. No more basement office for her. FYI - I really like Dianne's new chairs. Other things that are new: Alicia's weird new hair cut and Eli is now a part of Lockhart Gardner. Thoughts about Alicia's hair?  It was distracting. Was it a mullet? Was it fashion wings with bangs?  It really got on my nerves towards the end of the show. 

When we last left off, Alicia and Will were about to get it on. The writers faked us out a bit with the coy glances and the push back from Will. I thought for sure Alicia had done something to push him away, but then we see them in Will's apartment hallway, biting, kissing, doing the dirty up against the wall and America gave a scream of relief.  It was a pretty hot sex scene, no? I'm not really sure what the B story line was about - something with jews and muslims and video games- I only cared about W&A. I only know that Galinda is still wearing those effing boots, Alicia's saint routine is irking me and that I hate Carey more than ever...and we're only on episode one. Eeek.


Friday, September 23, 2011

if you love josh charles...




The first picture I saw of the D&G show, I said to myself "this looks like Versace". The second picture Hermes. The third Lilly Pulitzer.  I'm not really sure what Dolce and Gabanna had in mind for their 2012 ready to wear, but whatever it was, I am in love. I want everything in the collection including the every single color. Please take a minute to gawk and be amazed.

Dreaming of spring,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

lagerfeld thursday

Does this weather have you down? Are you tired? Over worked? Well, no one cares. Because the hardest working man in fashion is Karl. Not only does the Kaiser have his own line and creative control of Chanel, but he also is director of Fendi. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

I looked through the collection which was shown at Milan fashion week. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without, but I did marvel at the fact the man can think about two distinct houses and two distinct looks.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I changed my mind

Lady Lala found this amazing picture of the cupcake cars and I've decided I want the teal car with sprinkles. Can you blame a girl?


I'm trying to work my way through the DVR as fast as possible and in what I consider to be a feat of nature, I watched Glee, NCIS, Ringer, Castle (the last 10 minutes) and the New Girl all last night. As my father says, there are 24 usable hours in every day.

When we left off last season, Decetive Kate Beckett had been shot at her corrupt boss' funeral. Castle begged her not to die because he loved her.  This season, she is being rushed to the ER, where her weird but hot surgeon boyfriend just happens to be on call in the ER. His acting is the pits. So its a good thing they brake up during the show. Kate is fine (obvi) and returns to work to search for her mother's evil killer. But Castle, who has been kicked off the police force for not being a cop, is resolved to find her killer and make Kate love him.  It was an okay season opener.  This show doesn't have a lot of substance, but keeps me entertained.

I obviously missed a couple episodes or something, because I was completely lost. What happened to Quinn? Why is her hair pink? And because its pink that makes her a punk? What happened to the kid with the lips? idk. It's official that I hate this show. It used to be funny and dark. Now its all I love everyone and I shit sunshine and unicorns. The songs are corny and I hate, hate, hate Lea Michelle.

The New Girl:
Um...okay...I see what you were trying to do, but no. If you have turned on a tv or read a magazine or rode a bus then you have seen the boucoup amount of ads for this show.  I don't personally like Zooey Deschanel so that hinders my ability to like the show.  But its a cute premise. I'll probably watch the second episode and I'll see from there. Hate the title though.

No green screen this episode! All in all I thought it was pretty good. There are a lot of questions that need answers. Bridget is slowly but surely working her way in to Sioban's life and I would too with the closet of Hermes scarves. The dead body that Bridget tried so hard to hide (read: left under a painters cloth, packed in a trunk) disappeared. Who took him? Where did he go? What's up with her best friend with the red hair and her cheating husband? I don't know that I'm 100% into this show, but I'll stick around for the third episode.

I've got things to do, people to see tonight, but we'll see what ends up on the DVR.


he knows if you've been bad or good

A chill is in the air, it's officially fall. This can only mean one thing - christmas is coming. Yes, yes ya'll. There are only 94 shopping days left.  Have you started making your list?  Like a good little girl, I usually hold off making "the list", until the official book - the Neiman Marcus Christmas book - tells me what I need.

When I was just a tiny little babe with an extreme lack of a budget back in 1997, the book arrived mysteriously one night and filled my hopes and dreams.  The NM edition Mercedes g-wagon taped to my wall reminding me what was really important in life.  The next year it was hard to decide between the hedgerow maze NM would install in your back yard or the adult size tree house (tree house obvi). 

I also adored the life-size look like me Lego statues. It took weeks of leaving them lying around the house with post it notes before my parents told me to get a grip.

Last year, the book was scaled down...probably due to the economy...but I did find an adorable house boat which would have been an acceptable present. I can see myself now, sipping chocolat chaud, lazily staring at the tour de eiffel on the river seine.  Le sigh...

But, hands down, the best gift ever was the motorized cupcake cars. I am still jonesing for one! Can you imagine rolling around the neighborhood in one of these? DEAD. I want the one with the purple bottom if anyone is in a generous mood.

So get ready, because its only a matter of time before the end-all, be-all of christmas books arrives, and the commencing of writing "the" list begins.

Having visions of sugarplums and baby boys,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I see a red door and I want to paint it black

My Poodle and I exchange daily rapid fire emails on everything under the sun.  A review of Bill Cunningham New York - check.  How to live like a mexican drug cartel - check (minus driving a mazda 626. I mean, no way in hell would I be caught driving a mazda. Killing people, fine, but I draw the line at cheap cars). Red heads being turned away from making deposits at sperm banks - check but WTF.

If you don't know, I am a red head. Not a "ginger", but a red head. Like, full on red with freckles. More auburn than orange. The hair is a gift and a curse.  Just ask my brother and my sister, who both have red hair.  God has been kinder to my brother - the great hambino as I call him - by turning his hair browner as he grows older. But baby sister, Filthy McNasty, and I are looked at wherever we go.  And if we are together, people gawk.  I can't tell if they think we are freaks of nature or if they are jealous of our luxurious locks.

People have stopped me on the street to ask if its natural. One time a lady in the grocery store asked me what number I used.  I told her I didn't understand before she explained that her whole life she wanted hair my color and had searched every hair salon and hair coloring box in search of it.  When I frowned and told her I wish I was blond, she looked at me with daggers and said "people would die for your hair".  I laughed but I think she was serious.  I watched my back in the parking lot because she looked like a scalper. But people are also mean about my hair...calling me 'ginger' or 'red', which I hated growing up.  I don't remember being teased about my hair in my younger years, but in high school the boys were relentlessly mean my freshman year. They seemed to let the taunts die mid-year when they realized I didn't care.

Red heads have certain traits that a lot of people don't know about. Yes, it's been said we have tempers (I have no idea where that comes from), but did you know that red heads feel pain more acutely? Not only physically, but emotionally as well. And because of this, we need more anesthesia. In fact, we are less likely to visit the dentist or to have dental procedures done.  My dentist and I will confirm this is true. I don't even want to talk about the horrible surprise root canal of 2005 fiasco.

One of the links on the HuffPo piece links to this blog post - a girl also living with red hair. She writes...
"History has not been kind to the ginger people. At various points we have been hunted as witches, sacrificed to the gods and thought to be vampires. When it comes to art and literature, the biblically-themed, at least, red hair is often the mark of sin. The roster of corrupted redheads includes Eve, after she was been seduced by Satan, Cain, after he offed his brother, and everyone's favorite disciple, Judas. Redheaded Mary Magdalenes are also common, emphasizing what a harlot Jesus had the compassion to befriend. (legend also has it that we're sexually insatiable and morally depraved.)." I definitely can confirm the parenthesis sentence. Especially the morally depraved bit. Baby boy can also confirm.

So with sperm banks not accepting red donations, does that mean that in years down the road, red heads will be even less prevalent? Truly making us freaks of nature? Genetic mistakes?

Temper aside, who wouldn't want a red headed baby?

bits and pieces

The pain of Josh Charles and Louis CK not winning emmys, made me so depressed yesterday I couldn't even blog about it. Just kidding - work got in the way.

So while I am a day late, what did everyone think of the emmy's? Personally, I thought it was a snooze fest. Sue Sylvester was not funny (except that one line about why she was a lesbian and then introduced the cast of entourage. THAT was funny.) and her outfits were awful. Also, to point out, The Killing won nothing. I was super excited about that. See, AMC, even the emmy voters hated your stupid show.
I made some notes while I was watching the red carpet. Take them for what its worth:
"Elizabeth Moss - interesting but please wear some color"
"Lea Michelle - please die. cute dress"
"Melissa McCarthy - love the color, but too weird texture on skirt"
"Josh Charles - sprayed tan within an inch of his life. Girlfriend cute"
"Juliana Margulies - w.t.f. with that dress. it looks like dew drops on the front"
"Uh Gwyneth, FYI, you're missing half your dress"

In my never ending quest to watch new fall tv so you don't have to, I found a show I think I might be in love with. It's "Free Agents" on NBC (Wednesday 8:30pm). I couldn’t tell if I just thought it was funny (a la Happy Endings) or if others agreed, but my friend C said she thought it was funny too, so I think we found a winner. Backstory: Hank Azaria (who has obviously been working out) stars as a recently divorced PR guy who sleeps with his co-worker who is dealing with the death of her fiancĂ©e. There were so many funny parts of the show and I found myself laughing out loud for most of the show. Definitely watch!

I tried watching Will Arnett's new show, Up All Night, because I loved him in Arrested Development, but it's a no-go ya'll. Even with Maya Rudolph it's just not funny. At all. Backstory: Will and Christina Applegate star as new parents who can't believe they are parents. He - a stay at home dad who plays hockey on the play station.  She - a working mom for an 'oprah' like character. Even the plot isnt funny.

Because I like pretending I'm still in my late teens, I watched the CW's Secret Circle. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I really liked it.  Ok...well, a tiny bit ashamed. I'm going to see how the second episode goes before I give it a yea or nay. Backstory: Blonde girl's mom has a terrible "accident" where her house caught on fire. Girl is then sent to live with grandmama whom she barely knows. 5 kids immediately befriend her and then tell her the secret - they are witches.  Yes, I know it sounds like The Craft or something, but it's pretty good.

I taped Playboy Club and something else last night.  Anything else I should be taping?


Friday, September 16, 2011

will that hunk, josh charles, win an emmy?

The Emmys are on Sunday! Have you picked out your outfit? Make sure it sparkles and shines - just like Joshy Poo.

Here is the post I wrote back in July with the list of everyone up for an award and who I think will win.  Should we make bets? XO, Bunny

In other news --

Emmy nominations were announced this morning...and guess who is on the list...wait for it...wait....Josh motherfucking Charles. I obviously think that he got the shot out because of this blog and maybe a little bit of his acting. Let's go through the list shall we and pick the winners?

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Johnny Galecki, The Big Bang Theory
Matt LeBlanc, Episodes
Louis C.K., Louie
Steve Carell, The Office
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

This is a hard one because obviously its Alec, but with Steve Carell's last season in the Office maybe he deserves it. I personally love Louis CK and would die to see him win because his acceptance speech would be amazing.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
Hugh Laurie, House
Timothy Olyphant, Justified
Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Jon Hamm. I say this without a doubt because of a couple things...1. Boardwalk Empire stunk like New Jersey garbage. The first 4 episodes were interesting, then just fell flat. 2. I don't feel that Dexter did anything special this season to win an award. and 3. why is House still on this list? That show needs to be canceled. Its the same story every week.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries of Movie
Edgar Ramirez, Carlos
Greg Kinnear, The Kennedys
Barry Pepper, The Kennedys
Idris Elba, Luther
Laurence Fishburne, Thurgood
William Hurt, Too Big to Fail

Well you all know what a big nerd I am and how much I loved Too Big to Fail, so I'm going with Billy Hurt.
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy SeriesLaura Linney, The Big C

Melissa McCarthy, Mike & Molly
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation
Martha Plimpton, Raising Hope
Tina Fey, Liz Lemon

I'm going out on a limb here and say Melissa McCarthy. I've actually never watched Mike and Molly, but I thought she was hysterical on Bridesmaids.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Kathy Bates, Harry's Law
Mireille Enos, The Killing
Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men

If fucking Mireille Enos wins, I swear to the lord baby jesus, I will go carnival freak show on someone. I swear I will scratch someone's eyes out. I'm calling Julie Margulies on this one. After I found out Elisabeth Moss was a scientologist, I just can't seem to like her.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie
Diane Lane, Cinema Verite
Elizabeth McGovern, Downton Abbey
Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce
Taraji P. Henson, Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story
Jean Marsh, Upstairs Downstairs

I love Diane and I thought Cinema Verite was interesting, but I loved Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs. Mildred Pierce was a piece of crap and I wish I'd never watched it.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Chris Colfer, Glee
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family
Ed O'Neill, Modern Family
Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family
Ty Burrell, Modern Family
Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men

I'll be happy with any of the Modern Family guys.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones
Josh Charles, The Good Wife
Alan Cumming, The Good Wife
Walton Goggins, Justified
John Slattery, Mad Men
Andre Braugher, Men of a Certain Age

I was so excited to hear Josh had been nominated, but then I saw the rest of the men in his category. Holy shitballs...this is a good group of men. Game of Thrones is only good because of Peter Dinklage. Alan Cummings is amazing and John Slattery is the perfect drunk, cheater of the 1960s. Ugh...poor Josh.
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie
Tom Wilkinson, The Kennedys
Guy Pearce, Mildred Pierce
Brian F. O'Byrne, Mildred Pierce
Paul Giamatti, Too Big to Fail
James Woods, Too Big to Fail

Nerd rage again...but I'm going James Woods here. His character was a dick and he played him so perfectly. Paul was also excellent as Bernake, but I call it for Woods.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Jane Lynch, Glee
Betty White, Hot in Cleveland
Julie Bowen, Modern Family
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family
Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live
Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock

I am a huge Golden Girls fan. HUGE. My GG trivia knows no bounds. But stop. I'm sick of your old-adorableness. Jane Lynch will win, but I kind of hope Sophia Vergara gets it...I love her.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Kelly Macdonald, Boardwalk Empire
Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
Christine Baranski, The Good Wife
Margo Marindale, Justified
Michelle Forbes, The Killing
Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

Congratulations on your nom Michelle Forbes. You'll probably win for your misery in your miserable show. Calling it for Christine Baranski.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie
Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey
Evan Rachel Wood, Mildred Pierce
Meilssa Leo, Mildred Pierce
Mare Winningham, Mildred Pierce
Eileen Atkins, Upstairs Downstairs
I don't understand what the rage of Mildred Pierce was. It was a boring book, with a sub-par movie, and an dumb recreation. Yes, I get that it was racy in the 50s, but that's just standard today. I guess I would pick ERW because her performance as Vita made me want to jump thru the tv and strangle her.

Outstanding Comedy Series
The Big Bang Theory, CBS
Glee, Fox
Modern Family, ABC
The Office, NBC
Parks and Recreation, NBC
30 Rock, NBC
Modern Family.

Outstanding Drama Series
Boardwalk Empire, HBO
Dexter, Showtime
Friday Night Lights, DirectTV
Game of Thrones, HBO
The Good Wife, CBS
Mad Men, AMC
The Good Wife.

Oustanding Miniseries or Movie
Cinema Verite, HBO
Downton Abbey, PBS
Mildred Pierce, HBO
The Pillars of the Earth, Starz
Too Big to Fail, HBO

Too Big to Fail.

Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series
The Colbert Report, Comedy Central
Conan, TBS
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Comedy Central
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, NBC
Real Time With Bill Maher, HBO
Saturday Night Live, NBC

Colbert. Just once I want him to beat Stewart.

this just in...

A letter to the white house crashers/ former real housewives of DC "stars" (and I use "stars" very loosely).

Dear Michaele and Tariq Salahi:

No one cares about you.  No one cares that you are getting a divorce.  No one believed for a second that there was a kidnapping. No one would be stupid enough to do that - 1. you have no money and 2. you are creepy, weird, and annoying. 

And Michaele, Journey? Really?  Next time try to be a groupie of a band that isn't from 1984.

Please move to the West Coast and disappear from life. Both of you. Immediately.


random obsessions

I have an obsessive personality.  I am the first to admit it.  I also have an extreme jealously streak, but that's neither here nor there. Right now I'm obsessing over Chanel's peridot nail polish. It's a cross between green and gold and I'm in love.  Is $25 too much for a bottle of polish?  Yeah, I hear your collective gasps, but I really want it and will spend my weekend tracking it down. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year

Rerun season is almost over! The fall previews look promising and the first show off the block, Ringer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar started Tuesday night. I have to be honest that I didn't have much invested in this show before it started. I wasn't a Buffy fan (the movie, absolutely. the show, no) so I don't have the love for SMG that most people have.  But I was pleasantly surprised. And I'm going out on a limb by saying it's definitely DVR worthy.

The show centers around twin sisters, Bridget and Sibohan which is pronounced Chavaughn (you learn something new everyday) who haven't seen each other in 6 years, but suddenly are together again in the Hamptons and on a boat.  Bridget is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, she's also a former stripper and a witness to a terrible crime which you aren't aware of and flees FBI custody.  She's a bit of a mess.  Sibohan is a park avenue princess with an unbelievable collection of Hermes scarves. Honestly, I think I drooled for five minutes straight. I want everything in her wardrobe. She is the perfect image of a cold bitch.  I want to be her.

The episode jumps back and forth a lot which made it hard to keep up because it was the first episode and you were learning who everyone was and their back story.  There is apparently a step-daughter away at boarding school, a little boy who is maybe dead because of Bridget's drug issues, a best friend whose husband is cheating (with Sibohan!), a hot FBI agent played by eyeliner lover Nestor Carbonell, revenge, sister rivalry, and the worst green-screen use since 1982.  Truly, it was heinous.

But overall, I kind of liked it. SMG looks amazing and I think once they work out some kinks it will be a good show.


a year older, a year wiser

I was a horrible friend this week.  Two important men in my life had birthdays and I didn't properly celebrate it by writing about it. 

First up, celebrating his 78th birthday on September 10th, Karl Lagerfeld.  Karl tweeted yesterday, "Even a golden iPad (that exists) will never give the same pleasure to the reader as a beautifully bound book. Expensive books enrich us." Happy Birthday Karl! May you live another 78 years to keep me entertained.

a young, svelte Karl.
Second, my most favorite man in the world, my Poodle had his birthday on September 12th.  I would tell you his age, but like a lady, he never reveals the true number.  Happy birthday my love!

If poodle and I had grown up in Jersey and had both been girls.
Speaking of yankee ladies, Dennis Basso premiered his show yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL. Dennis has been a long time nemesis of mine, so for me to heap praise on him you know the collection must be good. Dennis is known for his amazing furs.  If you are a member of peta then just pretend they are fake.

I love anything navy. This dress with the fur stole is beautiful.


Photo: Marcus Tondo

spring 2012 = color

I fell a little behind on reporting about NYFW due to the craziness of my week, but just before it ends I thought I would bring you some highlights.  The theme is obviously color. Neons, pastel, and classic colors in patterns and stripes. Marchesa was the only real house that didn't get that memo. Every one of their dresses was beige, white, or cream. And in typical Marchesa fashion, there was nothing but ruffles. Everywhere.  Another boring runway was Tory Burch. I love TB and would buy most anything she put her name on, but this left me wanting more.  Maybe it was because all of her models were p-a-l-e, pale and the colors washed them out, but eh.

So here are some of the better looks for the season.
Badgley Mischka
I love the flower petals and the bright shoes
Nanette Lepore
I love anything with ruffles unless its Marchesa 2012
Nanette Lepore
AH! I love the pink/navy combination and am angry I didn't do more of it this summer
Nanette Lepore
I need that jacket.
Oscar dela Renta
While I'm not a big fan of the bodice, I love the kelly green skirt. It would look amazeballs on me.

Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia
Those pants just murdered me.

Alice + Olivia

Carolina Herrera
Everything she does is beautiful.  I love the plaid.
I've pulled about 100 photos, but realized it would take me forever to add them all. Check out for all the shows - and add it to your iphone - its bananas.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's my jam...

Hello, my name is Bunny, and I am addicted to itunes.  If this was a drug addiction, I would have OD years ago.  I once added up all of the money I've spent on music and it made me cry a bit. But never-the-less, it hasn't stopped me from purchasing hundreds more, mostly because I get bored of my music. Not only do I have a regular play list, but I have an AM workout and a PM workout play list - because the morning songs need to be so much harder and faster to get me excited (yes...I said songs). And because I'm always looking for new music, I want to know - what's on your ipod that I should have on my ipod?

I'm still listening to Bon Iver and his melancholy symphony of tears and misery and have added some Cary Brothers - Blue Eyes and The Glass Parade are my favorite.  I also downloaded the new David Guetta album for the gym. Ehhh...its okay.  I also downloaded some songs from the Kanye West/Jay-Z album that are good, an old Madonna song that Guetta mixed called "revolver" and a baller new Flo Rida song "good feeling".  Yes - I listen to Flo Rida and there is nothing wrong with that.

I wish I could say I was "good feeling" or feeling good, but thanks to the person formally known as "new girl" she destroyed my day, my life, and my dreams.  Congratulations.


another fashion show, another fashion disaster

The photo caption contest winner of yesterday's fashion fiasco is The Grand Duchess - not because they were really cleaver, but by the amount she submitted. Love you!
Obviously, this blind item was about the new "it" couple: "Which A+ fashion editor was overheard telling someone, "I have never seen someone try so hard for attention while looking so atrocious at the same time." (CDAN).  Sounds like something Anna would say, though I imagine it would have been harsher.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

let's play a game...

Best caption wins. NY Fashion Week. Nikki Minaj. Anna Wintour. Go.


You know what's frustrating? Target.

I've been talking about the Missoni line for Target for weeks now...waiting excitedly like a baby at christmas.  And the goddamn site goes down.  Um, hello - did you not think people were going to buy this? It was a national campaign with television ads, print ads, and a spread in Vogue that probably made Anna Wintour furious.

When you can get the site to pull up, most everything is sold out including the shoes I've been lusting after for a month.  The only thing not sold out is the patio furniture - which I'm taking as a sign from god.

So, if you are a lucky one that has made it on and the site is allowing you to put things in a 'shopping cart', do this girl a solid and add a silk scarf.

First Rafa loses, now this.  What have I done to deserve this?  I knew I should have called out sick today to go shopping.


Monday, September 12, 2011

"no one likes an angry bunny"


The words to live by are courtesy of True Blood last night.  And that sentence is about the only thing good to come out of the whole season.  I've tried to stay away from writing about this show, not only because I feel I've been so down on every show lately, but because the show makes my head hurt. But this...this is just ridiculous.  I admit that after season one I was hooked.  Season two came along with that crazy matador lady and Eggs and while I watched, I couldn't have cared less.  Season three brought the werewolves and Russel - the vamp king of Louisiana and his gay lover (who I thought was the best character last season).  Season four brought it brought some serious interior designs inspirations to me.

Petunia Dursley as Marni was a stupid plot line and she should have been killed off episodes ago. The Wiccan story line was also stupid. Jesus as a demon = stupid. Poor Layfayette being entered by ghosts and killing his boyfriend = sad AND stupid. Debbie getting back on V - who didn't see that coming, but I did not see the ending coming. I hate Tara and am interested where this story line is headed, but if she comes back next season I'm going to be pissed.

I think Pam said it right when she said "what the hell kind of name is Sookie?" The only thing I loved about the show this season was King Bill's house...and Jason and Jessica.  How hot was Jessica when she showed up as Little Red Riding Hood? I found my costume for halloween!

In other news, did anyone watch tennis this weekend? With all the 9/11 coverage, tennis was the only 'feel good' thing on - except the Federer match. close and so heartbreaking. I was really pulling for him.  Rafa plays today at 4pm - so my work day ends at 3:59pm. Please cheer for him and think happy thoughts as he goes up against Djokovic (who he's lost to 5 times this year). The next couple days are going to be bananas for me, so I'm apologizing for the MIA status already.


Friday, September 9, 2011

gone but not forgotten

As we come upon the 10th anniversary of September 11, sometimes it seems as if it was last week; other times it seems as if it was a lifetime ago.

People remember exactly where they were when they heard the news. I not only remember the morning perfectly, I also remember the whole day. The smell of coffee in the kitchen watching the today show.  Sitting around the dinner table trying to figure out what had actually happened. Watching a sober US Congress sing "God Bless America" on the front steps of the Capitol. The phone call that came alerting me to a high school mate who hadn't been heard from...and would never be heard from because she was one of the many who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 101st floor of the North Tower. The conversation with my father, a retired firefighter, who gently tried to explain why people were jumping out windows. I think about that image more than I should admit. In fact, I think about that day more than I should admit. Driving past the pentagon everyday keeps the memory fresh, as did working in the Capitol.

Flight 93 is over looked sometimes. They disappeared into a field in PA. But what they represent shouldn't be over looked. They were brave. They fought. And because of their fight, their plane, whose rumored target was the Capitol, saved thousands of lives. I didn't start working in DC until the summer of 2002. Security had been beefed up and the restricted air zone around DC more defined. I've written a couple of times about memories of evacuations...having to run from the senate office because of planes which had breached the restricted zone...all of which were small, private planes. The cops, holding machine guns, would scream "2 minutes! Incoming plane! Take off your shoes and run for your lives!" I did this on two separate occasions, both scaring me tears....taking years off my life probably. But the thought of a 747 breaching the airspace is almost too much to think about, even now. Three times as large; three times the amount of fuel. Would they have scrambled f-16s to shoot it down that September morning? Maybe. I'd like to think so. It helped me sleep better at night thinking so. Thought in DC, where do you bring it down without killing people on the ground?

On my recent trip to NYC, my friend Steve convinced me to take a trip down to Ground Zero. I dragged my feet a bit, but in the end surrendered.  Steve was actually part of my 9/11 as father to the children I was a nanny for at the time.  He was in NY staying at a hotel near the WTC. He had called around 8am to check in regarding his family, including his wife, Amy, who had just given birth 14 days before. Neither Amy, Steve's mom who was at the house, or myself connected his hotel with the images we were seeing on tv an hour later. It wasn't until Amy picked up the phone and saw the caller ID that read "WTC Sheraton" the pieces started to form.  As you know, cell service was nil. It wasn't until a couple hours later that Steve, who walked 70 blocks to the Plaza where his brother in law was staying, checked in.  It seems that he was in a conference room blocks away and no one knew what had happened outside.

Steve and I took a long taxi ride down the West Side Highway, he looking out the window while I on my cell phone frantically tried to get us train tickets back to DC before the hurricane. He wanted to see how the new buildings were progressing.  We came upon a museum across the street - which at $15 a head was highway robbery.  But he wanted to see it, so we went in.  I made it about 10 feet inside the door and immediately knew it was a mistake. The entrance way was filled with people - none of them making a sound.  It's was almost reverent. The first room was filled with pictures of the building over the years and quotes on the wall from people who worked there and people who survived.  I quickly made my way to the next room not looking at artifacts or the cell phones that went unanswered. I silently moved into the next room which was filled with pictures...fliers...desperate pleas of wanting to know something.  Anything. And the memories started to flood back and it was too much.  I grabbed a half dozen tissues and out into the sun I ran. The sights, sounds, smells of that day were too overwhelming, even 10 years later, to endure much more.

I know you all will remember in your own special way, whether it's seeing the new exhibit at the Newseum (which is free on Sept. 10th), watching the numerous tv specials or staying in bed all day, please also take a moment to think of the heroes, the firefighters and the "what if" of Flight 93. 

Twin Tower Cameos from Dan Meth on Vimeo.

Much love,

fashion. turn to the left.

The rain is still coming down in the nations capital and let me tell you how over it I am. OVER. IT.  But while I stare out the window at the gray, here is some pretty to brighten your day! First show up, BCBG Max Azria Spring 2012. I love the non-structured, geometric dresses. They are the perfect Spring/Summer dress.  What do you think?

The other runway show which was amusing was Imitation of Christ's.  Instead of a normal runway, they set it up to be a wedding, with "guests" in summer dresses. It's all very cutesy in a hippy, doesn't really make sense kind of way.


Photos: Yannis Vlamos, Filippo Fior /