Thursday, May 24, 2012

oh christ no

Ladies and gentlemen, apparently Willow Smith didn't read my previous post regarding her fashion attire. What in the god's name hell is this? And how did Will and Jada look at her and both decide that she looked okay enough to a. leave the house, b. be seen in public at a movie opening knowing full well there would be photographic evidence of this monstrosity?

Nevermind. Looking at their attire, Will and Jada didn't think anything of their poorly dressed offspring. This is a family of delusion. I can tell by their goofy looks that they all think "I'm the shit". Jayden always looks like he's 30 seconds from bursting into tears. I would cry too if I was wearing a ratty jean jacket with spiked shoulder pads. Lord - I hope he doesn't shrug his shoulders.

However, I will give credit when credit is due - Willow is throwing some mad eye sex around. She's a little young, but it takes awhile to prefect the perfect eye fuck.


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