Wednesday, October 3, 2012

chanel - o

I was sitting around yesterday after viewing the Chanel show praying that someone would highlight the amazeball accessories so I could do a post. And last night my prayers were answered. Fashionista posted close up pics of all the deliciousness and while I'm not sure that Karl created these or if his accessories department did, I'm giving him all the credit. Shall we see what I'll be jonesing for come February?

I'm going to hit you first thing first with my FAVORITE piece. One, j'adore the color. Two, lego inspired? Yes please! Karl, you fucking genius you, this has me written all over it. Is that a button in the middle to open it? Like a secret treasure?

Next up, the crazy hula-hoop bag. I know what you are thinking, but haters gonna hate. Redirect your hate towards something else. This is innovative, adorable, and totally made me dead. I want the large version for my beach bag and the red one for everyday. TGD - this is calling your name!

Karl was obsessed with pearls this time around. I was with him until he started pulling out the jean dress  with pearls glued across the top. Yuck was the only word I conjured up. The third necklace down is straight up murder.

And finally, the 80s throw back to Rubik cube inspired quilted bag. Very United Colors of Benetton.

I love them all Karl...almost as much as I love you.


photos: Fashionista, Chanel

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TGD said...

you are absolutely correct. We'll have to order two of teh little red loopy loop...