Monday, June 11, 2012

best day ever?

Yes, yes ya'll! We have a winner! And he is the adorable Rafael Nadal. Seven French Opens won - the most in history defeating Bjorn Borg six titles. I woke up early and watched with baited breath until the dreaded "rain delay" happened. But, I should have realized by now that rain delays only help Rafa...mostly because he is like a little rainbow. I was up early to watch today as well, fighting traffic to make it to the office by 7:30 so I could watch. Who knew my little man would crush it so fast? I barely had time to settle in before he won. My problem is I love Novak too - maybe not as intensely as Rafi - but pretty bad. I actually loved watching him throw his racket and beat up his chair. I like fiery emotion.  The one thing I didn't like was there were no shots of Carlos Costa until the very end when Raf jumped up in the stands. ESPN/NBC only showed up close face video of Toni, never zooming out for a glimpse of CC. Incredibly sad...but not to fear - this AP photo at least shows the back of his head filled with all that illustrious hair. Sigh. Wimbledon starts at the end of the month, so you'll get a nice tennis reprieve for a couple weeks.

In other news, no it's not Thursday, but my other boy, Karl Lagerfeld was honored in Germany with a wax figure at last week in Hamburg at the St. Pauli Panopticon, the country's oldest wax museum. I'm going to let you figure out which one is which. It's pretty hard to distinguish basically because the real Karl might be made of wax too. I still don't believe he lost 90 lbs eating fish and drinking Diet Coke.

And the piece-de-resistance to a sunny Monday, my favorite summertime drink Bud Light Lime (don't's refreshing and delicious) is blowing minds with this new delicious goodness - Bud Lime-a-Rita. BLL and a margarita mixed into one can? Holy amazing. Filthy McNasty - we're going to need about 1000 of these for the beach. Get on it immediately.

Daydreaming about booze, Rafa, and the beach...

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