Thursday, June 7, 2012

oh-la-la-la flirted with a cool french dude named Antoine

The sun is shining, there is no humidity, and the panic is starting to build. Yep - it's that time of year again where my board CEOs come to beautiful DC for visits with Hill members. Just 31 members (read: white men) who aren't at all needy or hard to please (read: major sarcasm). Sigh.

But there are a couple of stories that needed attention, so CEOs be damned, I need to blog.

I wonder what they are cheers-ing? Perhaps the down
fall of the Euro?
First up, Mary Kate Olsen and her alleged relationship with ex-President Nicholas Sarkozy's brother Olivier Sarkozy. Olivier's ex-wife labeled this relationship, "grotesque". Um...bitch please. This is amazing. Now that Nicky is out of the Palace, she's the new Carla Bruni. It's so very 'Le Divorce' starring Kate Hudson and a red Hermes Kelly bag. MK, best known in Bunny world for her award winning song, "Brother for Sale, only $.50", has even dyed her hair brown to appear more grown up and sophisticated.

I love this couple. It's very oh-la-la French. I bet they have dirty, filthy sex. Can't wait for this sex tape to make its rounds.

Second, more evidence that my life sucks. Karl Lagerfeld's kitty, Choupette, has 2 maids devoted to her. TWO MAIDS. Please. I can hardly get mine to call me back much less clean my apartment. Not only does the little hairball have staff, she also takes all of her meals with Karl at the table. And, she now has a Twitter account, which is hilarious. Of my favorite tweets, I like the fact that she sleeps in last season's Chanel. As my father always says, "life isn't fair"...I'm starting to get that.

Third, Rafa made it to the French Open semi-finals. He plays fellow Spaniard David Ferrer who has beaten him before. Eeek. Just send him your love and support....and me too. These people will be the death of me.


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