Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a total coincidence

When I attend anything Rafa is at, I always joke that I should Thomas-Crown-like steal that Richard Mille watch he, Toni and Carlos Costa wear. You know the one - the absurdly expensive, $375,000 watch that Richard lends to the Nadal camp to promote the brand. Because if you love Rafa, then you will definitely love telling time on this unimpressive looking watch that costs as much as a home.

I preface this story by saying that I was home last night. There is no way I left Dulles on the 5:40pm, arrived at CDG at 6:40am, and returned back in DC by noon. No chance. No way. Just making that point clear, ya hear me?

But it seems some ingenious, Bunny prodigy was in Paris last night/this morning and hoovered the watch right out of Rafa's room. Not only would be getting to Paris be a trek, you can bet your sweet ass that IF I was in his hotel room, I absolutely wouldn't have left so damn quickly and with so little.

Paris police say no one broke into the room. Are they accusing the staff of having the knowledge of the cost of such a watch and then stealing it? I have this feeling that Raf must have misplaced it. In this telling video, it seems like Toni and Carlos seem to be sporting theirs....

Carlos looks amazing at the end.


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