Thursday, June 21, 2012

you're what the french call....gross

I've sat on this photo of Mary Kate Olsen and her french lover, Olivier Sarkozy for a couple of days. Partly because I'm a little jealous of her man...but mostly because it made me throw up in my mouth a little. Yes, I know it was me who professed my love for the couple just awhile back, but that I see that little stringy haired Michelle Tanner, all hugged up on him and his ill fitting pants, I just can't with them. I get that he's French and that their way of relationships is a bit different than Americans, but this just seems so wrong to me. To be introducing your, what looks like sweet, baby faced daughter to this munchkin disaster this early in the relationship gives off a "danger, danger will robinson" vibe to me. She looks more like MK's playmate then his girlfriend.

And I honestly cannot stop staring at his pants. Are they ill fitting as I originally thought or is he just weirdly built? Seriously, MK - stop smoking and leave your hair down. Oh and for the love of god, eat something.


photos: daily mail


Lady Lala said...

I think I wouldn't have a problem with the age difference if he didn't have a daughter who somehow manages to look older than Mary Kate. I'm so tired of the Olsen twins. Their 80-year-old bag lady schtick is really getting old. Weird for the sake of being weird is not cool, it's just stupid. Like they think they are so original but really they just look like they're trying too hard all the time.

Fauxanna Wintour said...

Yep when I first saw the pic I thought who is that guy with the kid smoking. It's gross on so many levels. MK just go away already.