Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 ideas for pris - prizes

Here ye, here ye...there are less than 72 hours before my birthday officially starts. Normally, I am not one to celebrate the day preferring to stay in bed with a bottle of champagne watching 16 Candles and dreaming of Jake Ryan and a pink Trans Am. But this year, I feel that I'm being selfish withholding the date and denying you the opportunity to buy me presents. So here is the list, in no particular order. Deviating from the list is not an option unless its Pucci, umk?

1. This AMAZEBALLS Lucite trunk. I'd use it for...uh...shipping. Yeah let's go with that.  "Shipping".

2. The "god save mcqueen" scarf I've been sweating like a fever. Watch your back, Nordstroms, when this goes on sale.  

3.  Isla de sa Ferradura - The island off Spain near Ibiza. Also near Mallorca which is also near Rafael Nadal. When it is listed as "price available upon request", you know it's a good deal.
4. Fat Karl Lagerfeld or skinny Karl...I'm not really picky, but I think fat Karl would be a barrel of laughs. ANNNND we could eat carbs together somuchfun!

5. Anything from Hermes. Again, I'm not picky. As long as it's an orange birkin. Ostrich or alligator not expected.
6. Carlos Costa....and his $500,000 watch. I'd preferably like him on the island (see #3). Best friend/client Rafa should also be included. Oh and throw Uncle Tony in too - why the hell not. It's my birthday! 

7. An afternoon of tea and shopping with Andre Leon Talley complete with fabulous cape. We could grab tea at Bergdorf's and walk along arm in arm down 5th Avenue. It would be the best afternoon EVER and maybe he would let me try on those Ferragamo pilgrim shoes.
8.  Since she's so hot right now, a private Adele concert where she sings Hall and Oates classics. ONLY Hall and Oates while the REAL Hall and Oates serve petit fours, cupcakes, and candy cigarettes on silver platters and refill champagne glasses.

9. A reenactment of the Designing Women episode where Susanne Sugarbaker attends the Miss Georgia World pageant years later and runs into Marjorie Leigh Winnick. Susanne must be played by Ms. Delta Burke herself, and Anthony can play the late Dixie Carter. Also, the baton must be "ON FIRE". THAT, ladies and gentlemen, will be the night the lights went out in Georgia!

10. And last, but certainly not least, Mr. Tom Selleck circa 1986.
Happy shopping!!

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