Monday, September 10, 2012

straight out of cape cod

How does that saying go? We came, we saw, we conquered? Yeah...well that's what basically happened at the Cape, except we came, we saw, and we destroyed that shit like the F5 tornadoes we are. We whirled into town on Thursday and by 2pm we were on our second bloody mary. And that's how the weekend pretty much went - we lived on bloodies and cold cuts and it was awesome.

those volleyball players were on their staff retreat at the Chatham Bars Inn.
the company? Bain Capital.
The bride was gorgeous; the setting amazing. And the dancing...well they played September by Earth, Wind, and Fire right off the bat. It set the scene for the night and I rocked my jam like never before. I was probably a hot mess.
Chatham Bars Inn...other wise known as heaven.
Next time I go back, I want it to be October with a crisp chill in the air. I will wear a large gray cable knit sweater, jeans, will sit on one of the adirondack chairs, sip apple cider (or a "donkeychino") and be happier than I've ever been. Until then Chatham...


PS - the night before I left, I had my first official conversation with my gym boyfriend. It was about 5 minutes long, it was informative and it was glorious and to know that he, too, loves tennis made the weekend even better. SIGH.

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