Tuesday, September 4, 2012

end of summer blues

Is it me or is everyone overly hateful and aggressive today? It's more than the end of a three-day weekend (which was 4 days for me! One of the only great perks of the job)...it's the end of summer and thus the end of slacking off for 3 months straight.  Congress is only in session for 8 days in September. Yes...you read that correctly...EIGHT. Don't you want to have their job? So this means that while we might work hard, it's only going to be for 8 days. And with my two day work week this week and my beach trip at the end of the month, I feel that I can find the strength to make it. I know you all are jealous.

Speaking of jealously, the fashion house of Lanvin and adorable pocket designer, Alber Elbaz have teamed up with Laduree to create a limited edition box of macarons (all bubblegum flavored). They hit Paris stores September 25th. I would ask if anyone is over seas to pick me up a box, but bubblegum? I think I'll pass.
I want to put Alber in my pocket and carry him around all day. He's perfection with his little bow ties and ascots. In a recent article in the WSJ Magazine, he was quoted as saying, "Sometimes you don't really need armor to feel protected. Sometimes maybe you need just a chiffon dress to hug you. And if you feel that the dress hugs you and the dress loves you, you feel strong and protected." What a great sentiment.


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