Monday, September 24, 2012

fyi...I hate Lena Dunham

After a late summer beach trip, I just can't get into the bitchy mcsnotty this Monday, even after the Emmys.But I feel I need to share my thoughts, so here are a couple.  First, I loved all the bright dress colors. Second, I think we all can agree Heidi Klum is bananas beautiful and the aqua color looked flawless on her. Even after the whole Angelina Jolie-slit debacle she chose to pull off a risky slit and it worked.

Third, the big talk of the night was the red heads taking charge! And by "all the talk", I mean talking to myself in my living room. Louis CK, Damian Lewis, Julianne Moore doing work.

God, how much do we love this red headed terrorist?!?
PS. Homeland starts next weekend! Sqeelsoexcited!
Thoughts on JM's dress? I thought it was murder.death.kill but mostly because
 I wouldn't/couldn't be caught dead in yellow.
It makes me look a little heppy B.
Christina Hendrick's boobs were out of control, I thought Ashley Judd looked ridiculous, I loved Portia deRossi's pantsuit, and I am slowly starting to hate Julianna Margulies. But all that is sound and fury signifying nothing after you see this...


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TGD said...

Darling, Who's Lena Dunham? Is she John Hamm"s SO?