Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I apologize for not keeping you up to date with the latest styles from NY Fashion Week and now from London, but other than the Burberry show, I really haven't seen anything that's blown me away. Let's talk later in Milan where I'm sure there will be something good.

Keeping on the theme of nothing to see in London, look at what we have here. My least favorite tennis player and my favorite editior-in-chief. Does Roger Federer know about this? I feel like she's cheating on Rog...and not even on the sly. She did it right on the front row! At Burberry! Have you no shame Anna Wintour? And have you no taste? Andy Murray? Ugh.
I hope AW is telling him how much she loves Fed and his no-sweat-ever hair.

Andy looks almost decent here....almost cute. eek!

Andy's girlfriend is precious looking, but here we are yet again with someone in white...in September. She's British, so I'll let it pass....and she's sleeping with Andy Murray so she needs all the passes she can get. Bless her heart.


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