Friday, August 3, 2012

from the VA to the LA coast

The amazing marvel that is Ryan Lochte turned 28 today. Not too shabby to win a couple of medals to celebrate. Me, I normally just have a cupcake or two...(okay definitely two).

Lochte's sweet mom is trying to clear up her mis-quoted quote"one night stand" comment from a couple of days ago. She did mean dates and not that her precious son was just handing out fucks, but I think most people realized that. That's what moms do - they try to be cool, but just come off looking ridiculous and precious.

Keeping this post Olympic themed, can we talk about the micro machine Gabby Douglas? HELL YEAH VIRGINIA BEACH. Beat those Russians! Now normally I don't claim the beach as part of the VA, but last night I was cheering and crying from my couch screaming "you go viriginia beach!". I was waiting for her Sherri Shepard mom to jump up screaming "THATS MY BAAAAABY", but alas that did not happen. Maybe Sherri can play her mom in her Lifetime movie. But I will tell you, that Bart Connor is the most irritating commentator in the entire world. He ruins gymnastics meets for me and he makes me violent. I want someone to walk up to him in London and punch him in the throat (Jamie, I'm hollering at you).

Speaking of crying, am I the only one who weeps uncontrolably at the P&G commercials? Every. Single. Time. They are making me tear up as I post...and now you can cry too. Best commercials of the games.

Still on my USA! rant,

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