Wednesday, August 22, 2012

why isn't it more in focus?

I know that everyone is gawking and gasping at the pictures that have surfaced of Prince Harry showing his beautiful red headed body in Vegas this weekend. Trust me - I'm gawking and gasping too, but I feel really sorry for him. The kid has come a long way in his twenties (remember the Hitler pictures?) and he did an amazing job traveling the globe touting his grammy's jubilee. Such a good job that most everyone was pleasantly surprised how grown up and mature he appeared to be. With all the focus on Will and Kate this was really his time to shine.

But then...strip billiards? Really? That's how you ruin your image? I just wish the photo wasn't so grainy. He's pretty tan for a red head.

Photo: TMZ (as if you couldn't tell with the huge water mark across the photo hindering my future husband's amazingly flat stomach)

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