Thursday, August 30, 2012

second verse, same as the first

Day two of the republican convention and it was pretty much just like the first night. Boresville: population 50. The Nader people were still fuming about something (I missed why they were upset - perhaps something about his eyebags?), the freak shows were still there wearing their cowboy hats, and I was bored to tears a hour in.

I got the impression it was trying to be ladies night with Gov. Martinez, Condolezza Rice...and Mike Huckabee, but then Paul Ryan and his devilish good looks ruined the whole evening. I'm going to put it out there - Susana Martinez might be my new favorite person. She was adorable talking her taco-talk and telling us about how she carried a gun. Man, us R's really do love their guns. I thought Condi did a great job though I feel like a lot of people were too fixated on the lipstick on her teeth. I would have been too had I been paying more attention. I would love to see Con kicked back, drinking beer, cursing - just letting herself go just a bit. She's so stiff and boring.

Now onto Paul Ryan. Oh Paul. What was with your wife and her weird mouth movements? She seemed to have a weird tick that involved moving her mouth back and forth. His mom and kids were cute ... the daughter with her sparkly hair bow made me smile (and think to myself I need a new fascinator). Speaking of cute, Paul looked fantastic. The pale blue tie was a good choice bringing out the blue in his eyes. What his speech was about was lost on me though...Casablanca was on and for the good of the resistance, I turned the channel to watch Bogie, Ingrid and Sam. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Mitt is on center stage tonight. So is South Carolina Gamecock football. Tough decision, but I think everyone knows I love any opportunity to scream "GO COCKS".


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