Wednesday, July 18, 2012

and the case to vote Republican

There is a decorum to the United States Senate. It is, after all, the "upper chamber" and should be recognized as such. As a staffer, I was not allowed to wear jeans even in recess or wear my Jack Rogers (the horror). This isn't necessarily the case for everyone, but for my crazy office it was.

I heard the whispers that Will Smith was in the building yesterday afternoon for lunch at "the dump". The whispers didn't quite get the reaction they should have because Friday we were visited by the US men's Olympic basketball team. I had no idea who any of them were, but I can scream "USA!" with the best of them. And they didn't get the reaction they deserved, because other than Fresh Prince, I could give two shits about Will and his ragamuffin children. Then I see this picture Willow uploaded to the tweetsies and I am horrified. I want the name of the staffer that let this happen.

And in the Senate Foreign Relations hearing room? Have you no couth Willow Smith? You should be too John Kerry. Foreign Relations is an important committee, unlike something stupid like Rules and Administration. I guess I should be excited she wore a least that was appropriate.

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