Friday, July 13, 2012

the wide world of Disney

Sometimes I really love the Huffington Post. They have completely made my day with this photo montage - "Politicians who look like Disney Characters". Yes, while sad, I will nerd rage because these are my people. Let's take a look at the best shall we?

Prince Eric from Little Mermaid and Rep. Paul Ryan (R - WI)

Having hosted Rep. Ryan this week in the office for a fundraiser, I will definitely agree on this one. The smile...the perfect coif of hair....the piercing blue eyes....the chin that could cut glass. Sigh. The man is a fucking dream boat. And he is a lot taller than he appears. Even though it's now de-funct, this tumblr about Paul is fantastic. Like the Baby Goose's Hey Girl, but better for policy nerds.

Mr. Smee from Capt. Hook and Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
HILARIOUS and so dead on. They even share black eyebrows and funky glasses. I bet Mr. Smee doesn't spit when he talks though. Or sounds like a muppet. Great story about BFrank: a co-worker lives down the street from him on the Hill. She is constantly behind him as he does his weekly dry cleaning run where he leaves a trail of ties and shirts as he walks. As he drops his tie, she runs up and picks it up and hands it back to him. He looked her dead in the face and told her it wasn't his tie. She laughed because OF COURSE it was his tie as there was no one in the vicinity with laundry. He didn't appear to be in good humor, ripped the tie away from her, and kept walking. I know this story is hard to believe because Barney and clean clothes is hard to believe.

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I - VT)

This is funny because not only is the photo perfect, Bernie Sanders is more crazy than the Mad Hatter. This pic of Bernie is flattering - most of the time his hair is in a constant state of disarray and he looks like he would murder you. And then maybe eat you. Yeah...Fun guy. Great date for a dinner party.

Karl Rove and Blankie from Brave Little Toaster
Little known fact that my brother, the Great Hambino, who is not known for his love of anything fru-fru or girly LOVED Brave Little Toaster as a child and Blankie was his favorite. I think I remember him crying on several occasions that Blankie and the Toaster might not make it back to their family. Seeing this photo made me smile. Mostly for Blankie himself.


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