Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"In fashion, the future is six months" - KL

OOOH - Karl made some pretties when I was lounging on the beach.  I love this 2012 Fall Couture collection. It's ethereal and business all mixed into one. It's a lot of boucle - which is what the house of Chanel is known for - and it's all beautiful. Fall looks to be classic and refined with shiny tights. The only "ehhh" of the collection is the weird pink puff ball dress. I think that Karl just gave up on that one. There is no other explanation for it...unless he was thinking you could wear it as a fancy night gown. It even comes with a matching night cap.

Sigh - the bows as sleeves on the grey dress murder me. LOVE. Check out the whole collection at Style.


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