Thursday, March 15, 2012

another state dinner I wasn't invited to

Maybe it's the way I eat soup? Maybe it's because I didn't have anything to wear? Maybe it's because George Clooney was pissed I told ya'll where he was staying while in town. No - those aren't it because everyone knows I'm an amazing dresser and eater. But whatever the reason, I was not invited to the state dinner with British PM David Cameron. It's fine...I'm not at all hurt...I didn't cry into my pillow at all last night.


Let's go down the list of who did attend in my place: Harvey Weinstein and beautiful wife, Georgina Chapman - head of Marchesa, George Clooney because he just can't remove himself from DC, Anna Wintour and boyfriend Shelby Bryant, Warren Buffet, and Carey Mulligan. Mumford and Sons was the entertainment - cute Mr. President.

Michelle wore Marchesa; Samantha Cameron wore British designer Alessandra Rich. While unusual, I really like Sammy's dress. What I'm not a fan of is the belt. The ever present blue belt. She wore the shit out of that belt...along with navy pumps for most of her stay in DC.


I thought Mrs. O looked stunning in her Marchesa dress, but can we talk about her choice of accessory? While I LOVE a large statement necklace and women who can pull them off, this came out looking almost drag queenish to me. Anyone else? It just seemed like too much with the dress. I might have paired it with a navy skirt suit and a white t-shirt. Don't get me wrong, she rocked the shit out of it and I'm not one to give compliments to MO that often. Maybe if she wasn't wearing the earrings....

Georgina in Marchesa, obvi. She really needs to help poor hubby Harvey clean up a bit. He's looking more slovenly every day.

Anna in Chanel rocking some open toes in March. Boyfriend Shelby Bryant behind her. Only someone as small as Anna could pull off this dot print.

photos: AP, Getty Images

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