Friday, March 2, 2012

fashionable friday

It's doom and gloom outside, so sit back, look at some pretty and have your 401k company on speed dial - because I'm about to blow your minds and your wallets.

First up. the Christian Dior show. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you do a peplum that everyone can wear. From the great belt to the bedazzled top, the dress is amazing. I loved everything in this show, but pulled my favorites for you to peruse.

Now to the good stuff.  Pierre Hardy, not to be confused with Ed Hardy or Tom Hardy, is the Hermes jeweler...and we LOVE him. Good ole Pierre was obviously bored one day and decided that spending $25K for a crocodile birkin was for peasants. So he created a jeweled version of the iconic Kelly bag made from 11,000 diamonds...that's basically big enough to hold your cell phone. Of course, I want/need this bag immediately. Sales are confined to 12 bags and with the price tag of 1.5 million euros each (that's like a bijillion american bucks), I'm not sure who will actually purchase them. This is one of the occasions when I wish I was famous and could wear this bag (complete with body guard) to some awards show or to lunch at the Ivy. Just another occasion when I wish the dollar was stronger than the euro. Le sigh...


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TGD said...

Great taste displayed as always darling. The dollar is stronger darling on annoouncement of Spain's problems. It was in the NYT (that's New York Times for the great unwashed masses)this afternoon... and you know the grey lady doesn't lie.
love you
TGD (your yankee, pinko liberal NYT lovin' mama)