Monday, March 26, 2012

for the love of god - its zou bisou NOT zoo be zoo

If I read one more Mad Men recap that calls the French song Megan sang, "Zoo Be Zoo", I am going to SCREAM.

Well ya'll, Mad Men is back. How long has it been? It seems like eternity...and I for one met last night's episode with mixed emotions. Part of me was glad the show was back, but once it started it felt like my soul was slowly being sucked out. Back to the monotony of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Back to the repressed issues of all the characters. Back to the drinking and the smoking and the sex. Actually, I like the sex and the drinking.

The theme of this episode to me seemed that everyone was basically miserable inside.  Don, while married to a hot little girl, still hates himself. Lane, who I thought was adorable in his conversation with Joan, has his wife and child in America yet was drawn to a picture of a woman in a wallet. Watching him have the phone conversation with the "woman from the wallet" was painful and made my skin crawl.  Roger is also married to a hot little girl, but is miserable because his professional career is flailing and his wife isn't smart and is quite boring. Peggy is still Peggy - working hard for that money, but at what cost. Megan Draper tries to be positive and perfect, but deep down I think she is starting to question if she made the right choice marrying Don. Joan is post-partum with her nagging mother hitting on the help. She is miserable thinking  the one thing that made her Joan might have disappeared while she was having her bundle of joy. Oh...and then there is Peter Campbell. He is miserable at home, he is miserable at work. If there was ever a character I wanted to punch in the throat, it's him. He is a whiny, spoiled brat and that means something coming from a whiny, spoiled brat.

Despite all of the miserableness, it looks like everyone is moving on up to the east side. Don has a great new, modern apartment with white carpet. Betty has a new mansion with her political husband ("Say hi to Morticia and Lurch for me."). And Peter Campbell looks like he has assumed the Don Draper house of 5 seasons ago complete with train ride and train-wreck-ish wooden paneled cabinets. Really, those cabinets are horrible.

I'm interested to see where the rest of the season will go from here. Jon Hamm gave an interview a couple of months ago that hinted that maybe there would be some Don/Joan action this season which will sure make for some great tv involving Roger. Everything that came out of his mouth last night was hilarious. I especially loved when he asked his wife why she didn't speak french to him and she responded promptly because he didn't look like Don.  Oh Don Draper...would he have gotten half as far in life if he was ugly?


PS - Did you see the way AMC ran a million "The Killing" previews for next week? HA! are hilarious. Like anyone is tuning into that piece of shit just for you to pull the rug out again after I watch 13 hours of NOTHING.

PPS - Matthew Perry was on the Good Wife last night looking a lot better than when I last saw him in July. I'm not sure if it was a lot of make up and some botox or a lot of botox and a lot of make up, but he looked good. I hope they have him back. Per usual, Josh Charles was hot as hell.

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TGD said...

You know that zoo bee zoo got on my nerves during the show... but then i looked at that beautiful tormented man dd and forgot my troubles.... he sure is yummy.
bisous to you