Wednesday, March 7, 2012

“I throw yuckies on you”

I can't believe I am still talking about this little street urchin. It makes my stomach churn and I just had a delicious/expensive lunch at Fiola.

Seems the NYT has caught on to my dislike of Hudson Kroenig and decided to interview him/his dad to make me look bad. Haha - shame on you because it backfired, didn't it? Honestly, read the interview. I don't know who is getting better press out of it - Hudson or his dad Brad.
 I mean, for christ's sake, stop acting like a child and close your mouth.
You are in Chanel. Show some respect to the house please.
Some gems from the article:
-While baby Hud wants a hot dog, he actually has no idea what it is because his parents make him eat healthy. Jesus, Brad. Give the kid a hot dog.
-Hud likes to stab people with forks. It's obvious he will grow up to be a hot serial killer.]
-He says sentences like, "I throw yuckies on you!”
-Brad says his buddy Karl is "far warmer, funnier, more generous person than people might expect." Oh my head he is the end all, be all.

Speaking of annoying children, looks like Snooki is indeed knocked up. Let me ask a question - how do we live in a world where, not only is this news, but it's on the cover of magazines? Who actually cares about this? Or the fact that Jessica Simpson is as big as a house being preggers? The only thing I care about is how these kids ended up being so lucky. According to a flier I recieved, looks like Diane Von Furstenburg has entered the children's clothing market in conjunction with Baby Gap/Gap Kids. This is not to mention Marc Jacobs and Prada in their own labels. I guess the fashion world is telling me that NOW is the time to have that baby. How cute would little Tallulah (Lulu for short) look in that DVF wrap dress?! Someone be a dear and alert Carlos Costa that I'm ready when he is.


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