Tuesday, March 6, 2012

don't make me sad, don't make me cry

Full disclosure: my lenten objectives are being X'ed slowly but surely. I'm down to two. I'll let you guess which ones. Annnnnd I am sick. AGAIN. I got 3 hours of sleep last night and there was no Australian Open on (read: Rafa, Carlos Costa) to keep me entertained. It's obvious that I am dying...that my body is rebelling and is slowly killing me. The only thing even remotely bright on the horizon was the Chanel show that walked this morning in Paris. I'm not going to let it depress me that A. I wasn't in Paris or B. am still not friends with Karl or C. this fucking kid is back in my life. Instead, I'm going to look at these amazeball outfits and dream about that black Amex that still has yet to arrive (with someone paying the tab)....

Even if you don't like Karl, you have to give him props for his creativity. I can't imagine creating all these outfits for multiple lines which are all so different. When we last left off, Karl was imagining what it was like to have dinner in India. Now, Karl is on Mars. Actually, I don't know where in the world he thinks he is, but the makeup on the models is god awful. Thank goodness the clothes make up for it and the shoes are MDK.

Looks very Lisa Bonet in a Cosby Show.

My favorite - a dress, pants and a scarf? YES PLEASE.

Hudson thinks he is the shit. Is it not enough that his parents are gorgeous, he has to be friends and WALK in Karl's show?
Ugh...with his cute little hair and even cute mini-Chanel bag. Makes me sick.


Photo: Monica Feudi/ Feudiguaineri.com

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