Wednesday, March 14, 2012

mon ami dans le supermarché

Spring has come Lagerfeld Thursday will too.

Please. Don't even kid yourself. Karl...detergent shop? Ha. Right. It's so pedestrian it's laughable.

No, this was a photo shoot for the April issue of French Elle to promote his new line, Karl. There are apparently more pictures of a domesticated Karl, but this is the only one previewed. Says my bff,
"It's the first time I've stepped into a supermarket. It's crazy - fascinating what one can buy. There's enough here to easily gain 20 kilos". He's just so precious, what can you say? An afternoon with him would be a life time of quotes and stories.


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Lady Lala said...

It looks like he is reaching for hand soap. I didn't know Karl's hands ever saw the light of day. Why would he need soap when he never has any skin contact?!?!?