Wednesday, March 14, 2012

who cares about David Cameron when George is in town

George Clooney is on the hill today discussing the Sudan. I could say many things about this, but I'm going to leave it alone. However, the grade A stalking prowess that I have, looks like George is staying (or was staying) at the Willard if any of you want to catch a drink and a glimpse.

I have met GC before when he was in DC to film the short lived HBO show, K Street. He did some filming in my building and I rode the elevator with him and Steven Soderbergh.  I wasn't knocked out by his looks as I was his height. I'm pretty tall and was in heels, and he made it to my shoulder.  If any of you fans start screaming that he is 6 feet tall, I will call you a liar and laugh in your face. Maybe 5'8. MAYBE.

I haven't seen C-Span in a couple of minutes, but last I saw, he was in Dirksen. So all you stalkers head on over...oh and hit up the sundry for some delicious chicken fingers. Sigh...I miss the Senate.


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