Wednesday, March 28, 2012

like a rhinestoned cowboy..err...grrrrl

Please do not construe this post to be in any way, shape, or form about Treyvon Martin or his parents. No, this post is about something not quite as important...dress code.

DC is clothes stuffy. I admit it. Most of my closet is black, navy blue and the occasional gray with some pops of color here and there. Even if I didn't live in DC, this is how I would dress because dark colors are slimming. DC'ers are professional in the sense that we are a bit up-tight, only allowing our emotions to boil up in traffic and the occasional congressional hearing. Gossip - that we do - because it's a victimless crime like tax evasion or public indecency.

All of a sudden our eyes have been assaulted by first term congresswoman Frederica Wilson.  When she first came to DC, she was known for wearing the most ridiculous get ups you have ever seen.  When her petition to the United States House of Representatives to wear cowboy hats on the floor was denied, I thought she would just disappear and learn to conform to the monotony of DC.

Oh...but HELL TO THE NO. Yesterday, when Treyvon's parents came to town to discuss their son's case, this crazy dressed to impress.
Someone please explain to me how rhinestoned cowboy hats are appropriate in ANY situation unless you are at Senior Frogs having a margarita made in your mouth....let alone multiple in different colors.

Ugh...I just can't with her. Please, CNN, I beg of you to stop showing her during my gym time. It just makes me want to leave sooner.

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