Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it has recently come to my attention

Good lord...is it Friday yet? My boss is out of the country so you would think I could just slack off, take a 2 hour lunch every day, and leave early, but nooooo. The hell that is the holiday party has ended up in my lap and is certain to make me crazy or kill me.  Place your bets now.

Just a couple things I'd like to bring to your attention...

* Congratulations to New Girl for completing her very first marathon! Personally, I don't know why in the hell you would chose to run 26.2 miles....or what you think about for 5 hours except the extreme agony you are feeling. But anyhow - kudos! It lessens the pain a bit of you running five miles at 5am with Baby Boy...alone...in the dark...in a secluded location. Actually, not really...not even a little.

* It's now an epidemic.  This weekend marked the SEVENTH engagement of someone I know since September.  Seventh. While I couldn't be happier for all of you people, this shit has got to stop. It just has to.  At least until January. So if you get engaged before January 1, 2012 - congratulations - but do me a favor and don't tell me. Umk? Thanks.


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