Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh man...

I missed Lagerfeld Thursday again. I'm still not feeling very well (must be the bird flu) and planning for our bananas holiday party really had me busy yesterday.

Somehow, inexplicably, I missed the new Karl product....a makeup line.  Seriously, you guys. I'm almost over saturated with Karl. Almost.
I don't even wear any of these eye colors, but I would if it were Karl eyeshadow. The other goodies in this collection:
A Karl doll...just what my little heart always wanted.
A Karl snowglobe...because you know THAT goes with cosmetics.

Karl nail polish in black and gold.
So I got really excited about these new products and went to add them to my christmas list only to discover they are only available in Europe and Singapore. Um...what? Note: Jacques and Thao - be a dear and run to the nearest Sephora in Paris and pick me up one pretty please. And I'm still jonesing for the "Karlidescope" perfume. Because everyone wants to smell like Karl....I bet its like a field of roses.

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