Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tis the season...#24

24.  The Family Stone

The cast alone makes this movie worth watching.  Sarah Jessica Parker plays the up-tight (who knew?) fiancee of the palpably hot Dermot Mulroney and his lip scar (I don't know why it's so hot, but it is).  He takes her home to meet his very liberal, laid back family which consists of a stoner brother, a deaf gay brother, a knocked up sister, and a bratty Rachel McAdams. SJP is hated instantly so she calls her sister Claire Danes to come help her.  I never quite understood why SJP did this, but dramatics ensue. Please note that this is not a funny, feel-good movie but none-the-less, I like it.

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ricvamatt said...

worst movie i ever saw. chi made me watch it and she is over here crying behind the gay son. horrible. never getting that time back.