Thursday, November 24, 2011

tis the season...#22

Did you think I would leave you without a post on this gluttonous holiday? Hell-to-the-no.  What else would you do than read this blog? Hang with your family and watch the macy's parade? That's just crazy talk. Everyone knows that once you've seen the giant snoopy and woodstock, its all down hill from there.

22. Love Actually

You can argue forever on if this is technically classified as a Christmas movie or not, but I say it is dammit because the first saying on screen is "5 weeks before Christmas".

Ten very different stories interlinked with each other. Everyone has their favorite - mine personally is the declining romance of Snape Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson.  There is something just so delicious about his voice and I always expect him to say "turn to page 394." 

No matter what your favorite storyis, I think we all should agree that the porn story never should have been included. It's weird and uncomfortable and boring. And I could also rid myself of the Milwaukee story. Please...there is no one dumb enough to pick Wisconsin in the winter as a travel destination.  Not even me...and I love certain people in Milwaukee.

XOXO, Bunny

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