Friday, November 18, 2011

now THIS is a protest I can get behind.

The backlash against Bradley Cooper being voted as Sexiest Man Alive is starting to get ugly! Even George Clooney thinks Ryan was robbed.

There are now petitions all over the internet to right the wrong that People magazine made this week naming the totally-adorable-yet-not-quite-"sexy" BC instead of Ryan Gosling.  I have to say that after watching "crazy, stupid, love" this weekend, I am now a confirmed RG fan.

Take a look at these websites to be a RG convert.

Bunny Gosling


TGD (the only TGD) said...

I didn't think I would have to repeat myself and I'm sure it's your southern modesty that prevented you from it in teh first place. Of course you've been very busy and are probably just getting around to amending the two posts regarding people magazine to state:
The Duke (my second pap)is the sexiest most adorable man alive.

Please amend post to reflect such fact. No pressure but should you fail to update as requested we will have to write you out of our will.

New Girl said...

All this backlash makes me feel bad for BC.