Wednesday, November 16, 2011

um...bradley cooper?

I know you all went to sleep last night with visions of hot men dancing in your head. How could you not? It was the night before People's sexiest man alive. 

And who did People pick out of all the thousands of hunky mens out there...Bradley Cooper.  Here's the thing, I love me some BC - I really do. But to give him the title of "sexiest man alive"? I think its a bit of an over reach (sorry ESH).

The top 10 are a bit of a mess - you have Ryan Gossling (who barely made the top ten, which is sacrilegious), Chris Evans, Tim McGraw (whaaaa?), Stringer Bell (ok, I'll give you that one), Miley Cyrus' ex boyfriend Liam Helmsworth, Justin Theroux (again...whaaa?), Drago from Game of Thrones, and Joel McHale (ummmm). 
But you want to know who made the list a #7? Ladies and gentlemen it's MR. JOSH MFING CHARLES. Yay! You want to know how they celebrated his sexiness? But using the ugliest photo of him I have ever seen. You can bet this award will go to his head. How could it not. People has spoken.



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