Monday, November 28, 2011

thank god that's over

A couple of things since I've been out of pocket since last Wednesday...

*If you can believe it, I haven't done a stitch of shopping today on 'cyber monday'. Nothing. Nor did I do any shopping on black friday. The economy probably went down a point just on my non-spending alone.

*Speaking of holiday shopping, I'm glad that stupid Kohl's commercial is now off the air. If I had to hear that girl singing "black friday" one more time, I would have become violent.

*To the lady who used pepper spray to ward off other shoppers: you are a genius. Yes, you might have hurt people and I'm not quite sure what was so amazing at wal-mart that you needed to use this or why you were even in wal-mart, but I bet when everyone heard this story they might have fained shock, but deep down inside they were amazed.

*My war against Bradley Cooper being voted sexiest man alive is officially over. Why you might ask? Because he said one of his favorite movies is "the diving bell and the butterfly", which is one of my favorite movies.  If you haven't seen it, watch immediately. Its beautiful and the story is haunting.

*Because you have probably missed my Lagerfeld updates because its been so long, I happened upon this AMAZEBALLS article on how Karl lives. 5 townhouses on the same street. One to sleep, one to eat, one to work on clothes, one to take photos, and one for guests because he doesn't want people in his house. Sigh...I really do want to be friends with him.


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