Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 is the year I turn back into a 14 year old girl

For some reason, inexplicably, the new Selena Gomez song is the shit. I can't seem to not stop listening to it.

I also have started watching Pretty Little Liars and got a rhinestones i-phone case. Oh...and I bought the new Lucy Hale (from PLL) song, which will be in high rotation on my "gym jams".

I'd be embarrassed if it wasn't all so awesome. Next up, I'll be passing notes to Fauxanna Wintour, playing MASH, and drinking my vodka in a water bottle mixed with kool-aid. Just like I did in 9th grade.


PS - Speaking of 14 year old girls, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby sister who is lovingly known as Filthy McNasty, Stinkerbelle, Sissy and a couple others that wouldn't be lady like to print.  She is the ripe old age of 23, however I remain a constant 22.

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Fauxanna Wintour said...

Does he like me? [ ] yes [ ] no