Wednesday, January 4, 2012

time of death...2:32pm

Wellllll hellllllo! Have you missed me? It's been a long time...even longer if you count the fact that I wrote the movie posts mostly in November. I know, I'm a sly one.

Man - that holiday season just about did me in. I don't think I've drank that much champagne...well...ever, even though Poodle says my blood type is "champagne". December was a month of nothing but parties, booze, and hangovers. Not a pretty sight, but I'm sure it is exactly how the baby jesus would have wanted me to celebrate his impending birthday.

And so I'm back...I guess. I think with all the champ in my blood stream, I ended up catching some sort of virus. I would say it was the bird flu, but this was worse. On Christmas I was begging for death - not presents. And then on the 28th, it disappeared as mysteriously as it had come. However, its not really gone because I can only "be on" for about 3 hours before I'm exhausted and crawling for the bed.

The holiday was spent in the RIC. I didn't think I would last all 10 days there, but with the bird flu devil hosting in my body, most of it was spent in bed watching Downton Abby (which is exactly where I was for NYE). However, I did make it out long enough to catch the new Elvis exhibit at the Virginia Fine Arts Museum - which I highly recommend. The Louvre it's not, but when in Rome you know.  I also saw the new Mission Impossible movie. Granted, I hadn't seen the previous MI movies, but it was GOOD. And I don't even like Mr. Cruise.  But one thing I think everyone can agree on is the man deserves an Oscar for his running skills alone. How does he run so fast? Do you think its because he's 4'11? Man...he can pump those arms like nothing I've ever seen before.

Speaking of NYE, I know everyone has made their resolutions and most of us normally take until February to break them, but one of mine - to have more patience and be positive at work - died a glorious death yesterday.  I barely made it 72 hours.  A new record.  Other than the ones that everyone else has - to eat healthier and to work out more - I've decided to be nicer, to be more frugal (which is SO hard because I'm sweating the 'God Save McQueen' scarf like it's my fever), to give up Baby Boy, and to travel.  Speaking of working out, who doesn't love to roll into the gym January 2nd to see what new meat is there. Last night there was the usual 50 year old men who have a sudden realization that another year is gone and they are another year older.  They'll be gone by MLK weekend.  Then there was my gymesis - who everyone hates because he is a douche - and then the one new attendee, who while cute, ran for 7 minutes and then left. He didn't even bother to put his stuff in the locker room, which is always odd to me.  And yes - I did see how long he lasted, because at the 7 minute mark I was ready to call it a day too.

Tennis is back...which means Rafa is back...which means I will be a happier person. That is IF he wins. I'm not holding my breath, but just praying he makes it to Cincinnati in August.

Welcome back!

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