Friday, January 20, 2012

tennis time

It's so cold outside that when I watch the Australian Open, I long for warm weather, sun...and Carlos Costa.  The good news is Rafa has won both of his games so far.  The bad news is it's going to be a tough year. The poor guy is never healthy - he's always hurt or his stomach hurts. But with the return of Rafa comes Carlos! And this picture posted on FB Wednesday shows my main man kicked back, relaxing (probably thinking of me) and wearing some kicks with cool laces. I like a man that accessorizes!  Because the photo is kind of dark, thanks to microsoft paint, I highlighted CC to make sure you didn't miss him.

There is also a great article, written two weeks ago, on Carlos' day job, working as Rafa's agent at IMF.  How cush of a job is that?? Little known fact that he also used to manage Roger Federer.

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New Girl said...

Now wonder you like Carlos - he looks a bit like BB!