Thursday, January 19, 2012

choupette's papa

In today's installment of Lagerfeld Thursday....

Before Christmas Karl put on a fashion show for the Metiers d'Art 2012 collection in Paris.  The theme of the show is upscale Indian chic...and boy it is chic. I love it all and am desperately wanting one of the turban-esque headdresses the men wear. Yes, it might be a touch too much for the everyday person, but then again what everyday woman wears Chanel? If you take the pieces separately, they all are elegant perfection.

What's funny about this collection is Monsieur Karl has actually never been to India, but made the collection on what he thought India would be like - "fantasy is better than reality" he says.  And like everything with fashion and Karl, he seems to have forgotten that most of the world is in a financial rut. His solution: "The crisis shouldn't be over-emphasised...People have always responded to difficulty by dressing up in jewels." I couldn't agree more and hope that a benefactor will come to my rescue with the jewels.

The show is around 17 minutes long and if you dont have time to watch it all, at least watch it for a couple of minutes to witness the stunning stage. It's exactly how I picture my dinner with Karl in his "visitors" house. I think this dinner might also be where fantasy is better than reality.


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