Friday, January 6, 2012

what happened to andrae?

What do you get when you take a group of 3rd place losers, give them some needles, thread, a hot glue gun and stick them in a penthouse suite in ny? Project Runway All Stars.
I used to be a huge fan of PR when it first started and was on bravo before they destroyed it by moving it to lifetime. Bad move Andy Cohen. You should have quit following all those dumb housewives and invested  more in Tim and Heidi. 

I saw previews for the show over christmas and became really excited, thinking they would have some great past contestants on the new show. Well...ehhh...I mean, okay.  Do you count Austin Scarlett as a "great past contestant"?  I wanted to see Wendy Pepper or Mychel Knight. I wanted to see Nick or Daniel V. Hell, I would have taken Santino. Instead, they gave me Kenley Collins. KENLEY COLLINS. Ugh. Just saying her name makes me ill. I had totally forgotten about what a awful person/train wreck she was, but in an instant all the bad memories flooded over me and the fire of hate consumed me.

I was really excited to see Jerrell and Rami - though can we discuss Rami's v-neck situation? If it were any lower I could see his belly button.  It's fine though, because he's hot. But speaking of the boys on the show, I didn't think it was possible, but they seem to have become gayer. That's not a bad thing per se, but when the contestants played the video from Giancarlo Giacometti, partner of Valentino, and a brief hello from Valentino himself, all the men started crying. I laughed for a good 2 minutes on that alone.
To make this show new and exciting, gone are the PR alumnus - Heidi, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia (which is pronounced NEEEEEEEEEEEEEna Garcia).  Instead we have the amazing Isaac Mizrahi and probably one of the most beautiful women ever, Georgina Chapman, from Marchesa.  These two alone I could watch for hours - even if they were just sitting on my couch eating cereal.  I'm excited to see what they will bring for the season.
Instead of Tim, Joanna Cole from Marie Claire is the mentor.  JC is like a mix between Tilda Swindon and Anna Wintour except nicer (on both accounts) and I didn't think her advice was really advice. I sure did miss Tim and his "holla at your boy"s and "make it work".

In the end, Rami won - which as soon as his dress hit the runway you knew he would win, and the crazy spitting lady went home....exactly what everyone at home knew was going to happen. 

Will I last the next couple of months to see the show through? Probably not, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching last night and reliving some of the past seasons. Next time, however, please put Andrae on the show. His drama and hysterics made for some killer tv.

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