Thursday, January 12, 2012

see what happened was...

Yeah. I've been m.i.a. for the past week, but really it's not my fault. There was the board meeting in Florida that I did not get to attend, yet again, but still had all the work to do for it. Then there was this raging infection that has hosted in my body - host vs. graft for all you arrested development lovers. I swear I'm dying. Then there was the impromptu trip to DC from the Jolie-Pitts. Then there was....oh, wait. You don't care? You are still stuck on the revelation that the two wax figures know as "brangelina" were in town? too.

Lady Lala was supposed to write a whole entry about the sighting down at "the dump", complete with commentary on how Angie looked at her and it was instant love.  But Lala is a slacker. There. I said it. Actually, I think she just keeps reliving the moment over and over and can't come back to the real world.

Lala herself was the one to find out the "scoop" on the infamous dinner guests.  After enjoying a couple of cocktails with new girl (who isn't so new anymore) and packing it up to go, a mysterious informant (who might be pictured in the photo showing off his bodyguard skillz but cannot be named) tipped her off and then OH SHIT, it was on. Back to the table they ran waiting for a sighting. Being the poor, sick creature that I am, I had left earlier in the day to nap it off. I get a shrieking call informing me that not only is Angie here, but Brad - complete with cane - have arrived. Obviously, I slipped my uggs over my leggings, and high tailed it back to the office to see the messiahs myself.

I got to tell you the truth...I was unimpressed. I've seen her before once when she was in the Senate meeting with Joe Biden, but I had never seen Brad.  If you were to see him on the street, not surrounded by the paparazzi, you would think he's just a waxy hipster. Obviously, I am being crucified for not being more excited when I saw them, but after the past couple months of celebrities at the "dump", I just don't freak out over just anyone.  Give me a good Ryan Gosling sighting and I will shriek like a 14 year old girl (cause that's what 2012 is all about).

Brangie, as I am now calling them since we are so tight, were in town to promote Ang's new movie - In the Land of Blood and Honey - which I keep calling milk and honey (you know my title is better).  They were having dinner with some of the stars of the movie and Valerie Jarrett from the White House. Don't get me started on the last little detail of that sentence.  As they were headed out, I noticed this handsome guy, who bore a strong resemblance to a poor man's Daniel Craig, left before the group did and it occurred to me that they must be here for the movie (this was before we read about it the next morning).  I made a comment to the group that I had read an article about the actors from the movie. They all are from Bosnia and one was in the movie Taken.  Well all of a sudden this guy walks over and asks if he can light his cigarette with the candle on the table. We all said sure - though I'm not sure Lala and New Girl were breathing with the impending departure of Brangie - and he stood at the table, lit his cig, smiled, puffed away while in the restaurant and then walked away with some great fuck me eyes.  Well that guy? You know who it was? It was Goran Kostic...who was in ... wait for it...Taken. 

Man I hate being right all the time.


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New Girl said...

I really admire everything that you do...oh, and your charity stuff too.