Monday, October 24, 2011

forget suri's burn book....


I just...I can't...ehhhh...I don't know what to say. I am seriously at a loss for words.

Please read this article from The Coveteur about Hudson Kroenig, 3 year old son of the ridiculously good looking model and former Karl muse, Brad Kroenig. A tease of what you might find in said article:

"And it’s no surprise that as the face of Fendi, Hudson is repping hard—jacket, sweater, jeans, hat, shoes… you name it, he’s got it! Uncle Karl—who shot the Fendi campaign—really is like an uncle to Hud- gifting him stuffed mini Karl’s to cuddle with at night, visiting him in NYC and hanging with him in Europe."

“Hudson likes to get dressed up, especially in jackets & blazers. This is one of his favorites. He loves accessories and loves to layer items. Scarves are his new favorite.”

OMG. I hate this kid and now I have a new nemesis.

Yeah, yeah. He is a touch little cute. Maybe even a little presh. I'll give him that. But Karl bears? The Chanel suit? The shoes everywhere? Accessories and SCARVES? Ugh...I've never been so envious of a child before in my life. Thank god they threw in the picture of a wooden puzzle to make him a little human or I would have *been plotting an over throw immediately. (*I really wanted to put "or I would have cut a bitch" but it seemed a little harsh as we are talking about a 3 year old. But still, watch your back kid.)

This is the time I realize I am way behind in life. I need to find a boy, get married, get knocked up, produce a beautiful child, become friends with Karl, have him be the godfather of little Georgianna or Pascale, use them in a modeling campaign, and have neighboring estates in France.

Ugh...yes this has ruined my day and has made me physically ill.


photo: the coveteur

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