Wednesday, July 20, 2011

post hoc ergo propter hoc

I am exhausted with the celebrity sightings in DC.  In the past 10 days, I have seen Dennis Leary, Martin Sheen, the girl from the West Wing who played CJ's assistant - Carol, and Matthew Perry.
I didn't zoom in because I didn't want to get caught taking a picture, because I'm above that...unless its Tucker Carlson. So here's how it went down...New Girl, Fancy Nancy and I went down to the office bar, which is a lot like Cheers but without a Sam, or Norm.  Now, a word about the office bar. It's pretty fact its one of the best places in DC. However, we have gotten spoiled by just going down for a quick drink that most of us consider it a dump. An expensive dump, but a dump. So we were sitting around, doing a recap of the day, when this guy walks into the vestibule and he looks familiar...short...but familiar.  All of a sudden it clicks on who he is and I say to the group "holy shitballs, President Bartlett is about to walk in."  Mostly that sentence made the other two say "WHOOOO" because both of them suck at watching TV, but as you all know, watching tv is like, my life.  For those who didn't watch The West Wing, go rent it immediately. Republican, Democrat, doesn't matter. If you have any interest in politics or DC this is a great show. Well, until season 6 - then the shit is down hill from there.  So, where was I...POTUS Bartlett had just walked in the door, flanked by a bodyguard and Carol, the girl who played CJ's assistant in the show. For the nerds out there, did you know that "Carol" ran for Congress from PA?  She lost.  But that's not the story...anyhow, she walked in the door wearing an adorable turquoise and white summer dress.  However, it was not adorable on her.  It was really out of place, and her shoes were a.w.f.u.l. She seemed really nice and took pictures with people in the restaurant/bar.  So did Marty Sheen. So while we were dazed and confused watching these two "celebrities", I happen to look outside to the patio to see what idiots were sitting outside in 100 degree heat...and it was Matthew Perry.  Yep - Chandler Bing from Friends, just puffing away on his cig.  So MP was looking a little rough. As someone said, he looked like a walking PSA for sunscreen and say no to drugs.  But I thought he looked good. Homeboy needed a haircut, but still cute.  He ordered a diet coke, and New Girl reminded me that he had a slight problem with pain killers...yeah...who hasn't...but he wasn't drinking.  That's okay, because the 3 of us were knocking them back.  He seemed overly fascinated in our table, like he wanted to sit down and talk, which would have been fine. I can talk to anyone. True story.  The 3 of them were in town for a "drug court", which is a court that would deal only with drug convictions.  I don't know why that is something that they would petition for, but whatever floats your boat. None of us got pictures with them, mostly because, as they told me this morning, I was very adamant about no pictures and playing it cool.  Sorry guys.

I only wish that Bradley Whitford, who played Josh Lymon on the West Wing, would have been there. I would have freaked out. And it would have been amazing.

Also in the bar, were Sen. Coons (who called Marty Sheen "Mr. President), and Sen. Whitehouse, who talked about a private plane and going on vacation. Why isn't he republican?

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PS - 2 points to the person who correctly tells me what the title of this post means. Hint: its latin.

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You left out the part about you being a stalker.