Friday, December 23, 2011

tis the season...#1

OH MAN. I bet you are so excited. I bet you woke up this morning thinking "what in the world did Bunny put as #1 on her christmas list!". Over the past months, I have received lots of feedback and recommendations of movies that I've never seen that need to be on next years list. Thank you all for the suggestions - and I will take them to heart - even the inclusion of Die Harder. So....ARE YOU READY?

Cue drum roll please......

1. Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

If you just outwardly groaned and said "nineteen ninety fooooour??" I don't want to hear it. I love this version and its a Bunny and Filthy McNasty tradition to curl up on the sofa after gorging on presents and watch this, much to the dismay of our brother and father.

Sweet little Mara Wilson, who you know from Matilda, plays Susan Walker, a precocious 6 year old who doesn't believe in Santa but really wants to.  Her mother is the head of ...well, basically Macy's...and will not have Susan walking around like all the other dopey children so she tells her that she's hired a man to pretend he's santa. But you know what...he IS santa! (Santa! I know him!)

Dylan McDermott and his amazing blue eyes really make this movie, as does the adorable Mara Wilson. Oh...and let's not forget the BANANAS Cartier diamond ring that mean ole mom gets....thinking about it brings a tear to my eye.  And the guy that plays santa isn't so bad either.



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