Monday, December 19, 2011

just saying

FYI - You can order until 2pm today on for any of my christmas goodies and they will be delivered by christmas! Happy shopping.

Also, can we briefly discuss the Lexus "the season for giving" commercials where one family member gives the other one a beautifully wrapped lexus? These commercials have irritated me for years, mostly because I have never been so lucky to receive such a gift. In years past, its always been the husband who gives the wife the car, but this year they've changed it up to reflect both sides of giving.

Problem #1. Who gives a car? Seriously. Can you even take that back or exchange?
Problem #2. After the initial shock of receiving a car wears off, do you think they stop and think about how the giver paid for said gift?
Problem #3. Joint checking. Did you seriously just pay $60K of MY money for a new car for me? And if not paid in full, did you just weigh us down with more debt each month.

However, all of those problems can be overlooked if a blue RX300 showed up at my door christmas morning. Please make sure the big red bow and snow are included.


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