Thursday, December 1, 2011

tis the season...#17

Happy December ya'll! Only 24 shopping days until the BIG day.  Sigh...I love christmas so much that you would think I am the baby jesus.

18. Scrooged

First, I love any version of a christmas carol. There is just something so rewarding about seeing Scrooge's black heart melt like snow. Second, I love anything Bill Murray is in, so automatically I loved this movie.  Third, Bobcat Goldwaith is in it, so you know it will be a winner. And finally, the piece de resistance - Robert Goulet and cajun christmas carols.

I would tell you the story line, but alas, you should know it.

Favorite quotes: "bitch hit me with a toaster", "go back to Jersey, you moron!", and my favorite "you're a hallucination brought on by alcohol... russian vodka poisoned by Chernobyl!"


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