Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tis the season...#4

4. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Yes. You read that correctly. I love #2 more than the original. Maybe its the addition of awful, yet lovable concierge Tim Curry.  To this day I can still recite the 800 number to The Plaza...("guests of the new celebrity ding-dang-dong stay at the world-renowned Plaza Hotel, New York's most exciting hotel experience. For reservations, call toll free: 1-800-759-3000.")

Like the original, this one also gives an amazing amount of quotes:
-I'm 10 years old. TV is my life.
-Store wouldn't your stolen credit card?
-Get outta here, you nosey little pervert, or I'm gonna slap you silly!
-You've been smooching with everybody! Snuffy. Al. Leo. Little Moe with the gimpy leg. Cheeks. Boney Bob. Cliff. I could go on forever baby.

And my favorite....Two scoops? Make it three. I'm not driving.

This is the word of Kevin McCallister. Let us rejoice and be glad.


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